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2010 05 Django Con Django At The Enterprise Revised


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Vortrag von Jirka Schäfer für die Djangocon Europe 2010 zum Thema "Django in the Enterprise"

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2010 05 Django Con Django At The Enterprise Revised

  1. 1. DJANGO AT THE ENTERPRISE Jirka Schäfer, Tschitschereengreen Berlin, 24. Mai 2010
  2. 2. Tschitschereengreen ➢ Develops web apps for creative agencies ➢ 50% of all projects are Django based. In 2010 > 80% ➢ For nearly two years 95% of all projects were in time and budget ➢ Projects include online-journals, web portals, custom CRM and CMS systems, real estate portals as well as web services ➢ Django is one of the main sources for project stability due to high quality of libraries and precicious stack traces and error messages ➢ By the end of 2009 our customers started to pull us towards projects for large enterprises
  3. 3. DJANGO – THE BUSINESS PERSPECTIVE ➢ Nobody cares about Django ➢ Enterprise cares about budget, flexibility and IT guidlines ➢ Creative Agency cares about flexibility and budget ➢ Tschitschereengreen (subcontractor) cares about flexibility, speed and reliable technology
  4. 4. CONVINCE THE CTO 1) Do only projects which do have significant support by senior level management 2) Ask for requirement „runnable under J2EE and Oracle“ and get approved 3) Explain Django with „Some framework like Groovy, Spring etc.“ 4) Deliver the SQL-Create Statements as well as the WAR-File with the note „Just deploy as used to“ 5) Ensure that the initial deployment is successfull at the first attempt, so nobody starts asking. Be aware that the whole process ist highly political! DjangoCon 2010 – 4 Django at the Enterprise
  5. 5. RUNNING DJANGO INSIDE ➢ Used Jython as Wrapper in J2EE environment (server:Tomcat) ➢ Some native Python libs don't run under Jython (PIL etc) (!) ➢ Performance issues for larger Django projects with Jython (x10) ➢ Exceptions ➢ Jython PostgreSQL-JDBC interface rewrite ➢ Django Oracle 11g Standard E. Driver rewrite ➢ Implemented lazy JSON field ➢ User authentication via servlet ➢ Installation on Tomcat with WAR-file ➢ No special libraries on server required ➢ SQL migration with plain SQL statements ➢ Server access only by VPN+Webinterface DjangoCon 2010 – 5 Django at the Enterprise
  6. 6. CONCLUSIONS ➢ Among all other dynamic scripting languages Django is very easy to integrate into enterprise IT environments ➢ Main success factor for Django in „Big Business“ ist not the technology, its the things you do with! DjangoCon 2010 – 6 Django at the Enterprise
  7. 7. CONTACT Jirka Schäfer Tschitschereengreen +49 (0) 351 404 5507 DjangoCon 2010 – 7 Django at the Enterprise