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Patrik Piano Email News Press Cover Pg10


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Page 10 of the article in the Santa Barbara News Press on my Patent EZ/MUZIK

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Patrik Piano Email News Press Cover Pg10

  1. 1. FROM THE FRONT A10 SANTA BARBARA NEWS-PRESS SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2008 New writing method earns • Custom Tile Work G IN • Convert Tubs to Showers ELIN • Solid Surface Countertops Montecito man a patent D • No Subcontractors O • Fast, Nice Clean Service 7 M � PIANO • Handicap Specialist DAYS RE Continued from Page A1 • Cabinet Work Mr. Maiani came to realize that M sometimes it’s not the teacher or the student that’s the problem, but the O Weekend method. Classic Homes RO “With standard notation, you have Appointments License # 811536 to read horizontally and vertically at Welcome the same time, at a very fast rate, while bringing new life to homes H deciphering notes squeezed on and Ask for between 10 lines, which in turn are AT (805) 760-8181 divided into measures that break up Avi the natural flow of the music. I B (818) 880-0194 thought,” he said. “The kids are right. There must be a better way.” 2267852R The building of his “better way” began by Mr. Maiani eliminating, one by one, the standard features of tra- ditional notation — a bold blast to the past, considering the notation format commonly known has been around for 500 years. First, he threw out the idea of notes going up and down staff lines, then the lines themselves went, followed by notes, measures and all the other dif- ficult to decode elements. In their place, Mr. Maiani came up with letters and easy to learn symbols, which indicate timing, notes, sharps, flats and everything else found in tradi- tional sheet music, all arranged in phrase-lines of varying duration, like musical sentences). “Standard notation is a lot like intricate painting by numbers, and my method is more like finger painting with bright vivid colors on a big white canvas,” he said. “Which would you choose?” Mr. Maiani’s isn’t the only attempt made at notation-overhaul, but others, he said, have often been “way too complicated. “They’re often computer- generated, which takes you even fur- ther away from the instrument. And STEVE MALONE / NEWS-PRESS they definitely were not invented by a Patrik Maiani has received patent recognition from the U.S. Patent relaxed, happy, skateboarder, surfer Office for his method of teaching music. dude who grew up in Montecito in the ’70s and read somewhere that ‘Sim- plicity is wisdom.’ “ old system out of the ballpark, just “It’s a way for those who have tried An important footnote is that Mr. offer a new, and faster route to musical the old format and failed to gain Maiani isn’t trying to entirely kick the success. musical confidence, quickly,” he said. 1.949 2302555 Buying Coins GOLD • SILVER • PLATINUM BUYING JEWELRY Diamonds • Watches • Sterling ESTATE BUYERS 3601A State Street • 687-3641 2285326 Cachuma the 2333073 LAKELEVEL Weather Page and local rain totals 2329679R Dr agonfly Brooch in 18k White Gold Designed in Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires, Citrines and Tsavorites Price Upon Request 812 Stat e St ree t S a n ta Ba rba r a 966.9187 14 82 E a s t Va l l e y Roa d M o n t eci t o 2294761 565.4411 B r ya n tA nd S o n s.c o m AM 1290 Radio for Here. From Here. 2313135