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Patrik Piano Email News Press Cover


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Article front page of the Santa Barbara News Press on EZ/MUZIK a new Patented method of music notation.

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Patrik Piano Email News Press Cover

  1. 1. � USC DESTROYS NOTRE DAME 38-3, CLINCHES SHARE OF PAC-10 TITLE / SPORTS OUR 153RD YEAR $1.50 SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2008 METHOD MAN Suspects wanted in 3 S.B. robbery attempts By MARCI WORMSER NEWS-PRESS STAFF WRITER In the wake of a third robbery attempt in two nights involving a man with a knife, police in Santa Barbara say they are considering whether the incidents are the work of a “ring.”   The latest took place about 8 p.m. Saturday at a     Goodwill thrift shop in the 300 block of West Carrillo Street. The suspect is described as Latino, 30 to 40 years Burn victim old, about 5-foot-7, with a medium build and pock- marked face. The man, who was wearing a brown polo shirt and blue injuries jeans, brandished a steak knife during the robbery, said Sgt. Gary Wolfe of the Santa Barbara Police Department. Information on whether the suspect took any cash, or worse than the amount, was not immediately available. Sgt. Wolfe said it was not known if the incident was connected to two robberies Friday night, but authorities thought are considering the possibility that a robbery ring may be at work. The first of two robberies Friday took place at about   7 p.m. A man described as being in his 30s threatened a cashier at Rite Aid in the 800 block of State Street with a   4-inch knife and took off with about $500, according to Sgt. John Corre of the Santa Barbara Police Department. The   robber was wearing a blue-gray short-sleeved shirt, blue jeans, dark sunglasses and a white cap.    The second robbery took place at about 9:30 p.m. A man described as being in his mid-20s went into the manager’s   office at Petco in the 3900 block of State Street while she was counting receipts from the day’s transactions and threatened her with a 6-inch knife, Sgt. Corre said. The By SCOTT STEEPLETON store was closed at the time. NEWS-PRESS ASSOCIATE EDITOR “The suspect must have hidden in the store before closing,” said Sgt. Corre. The grandfather of a Tea Fire The robber stole money from the manager’s office and burn victim said this past week then forced her to open the store safe while holding a proved to be one of not-so-good knife to her throat, Sgt. Corre said. news for the family. The robber, who was wearing orange goggles with Initial reports that Lance Hoff- black rims, a black ski jacket and black gloves, made off man’s lungs were spared when he with $4,248 in cash, the sergeant said. and his wife, Carla, escaped early While robbing the store, the man yelled a tirade of from the blaze proved incorrect, racial epithets to a second store employee, who is black, said James Mills, of Santa Barbara. Sgt. Corre said. “Lance’s lungs got scorched,” he As the manager and the employee let the robber out of told the News-Press. “They’ll have the store, the man continued to yell racial epithets at the to keep him sedated for the next black employee and then punched him in the face, said Sgt. Corre. Please see VICTIM on A8 Details on the employee’s injuries, if any, were not available.      Because the basic description of the man in both                  robberies is similar and both stores were robbed at Fear knifepoint, police officials say the crimes may have been       committed by the same man. “It’s a big coincidence otherwise,” said Sgt. Corre. “He        discouraging had the same M.O.” Authorities say the man may have changed clothes Arizonans after robbing Rite Aid. Police will be reviewing video play music. By REBECCA MOODY surveillance tapes from Rite Aid and from local Big 5 Sitting at the grand piano in his NEWS-PRESS CORRESPONDENT stores to see if a customer matching the man’s description living room, Mr. Maiani, a classi- from visiting purchased apparel there. cally trained stage performer who It’s been said that Polish com- The man could face robbery charges along with kid- has been teaching piano for 18 poser Frederick Chopin was a napping charges for forcing the Petco store manager to Mexico years, explained the evolution of his complete original. He wouldn’t walk to the back of the store and open the safe. He may idea. “I invented EZ/Muzik because enter a room with his left foot, also face battery charges for punching the employee in my students were frustrated by couldn’t sleep unless his bedside the face, said Sgt. Corre. traditional notation. They clearly slippers were properly aligned and By ARTHUR H. ROTSTEIN loved music and loved to play, but once wrote a waltz for a dog. While ASSOCIATED PRESS the regular way was too difficult for composing, he did his own thing, many. I had some of the smartest neither poaching notes nor style NOGALES, Ariz. — A spate of Parents to toy companies: students a teacher could ask for, but from anyone. drug-related killings the past few every one of them hated reading Patrik “Piano” Maiani, a months in Nogales, Mexico, is music.” Montecito-based musician, who Stop targeting our kids keeping some residents in its U.S. “One day, I asked one of my studied classical piano with Irma sister city from crossing the border brightest, a prize math student at his Star, a third-generation student of as they have long been accustomed     high school, why he wasn’t excelling Chopin, inherited this originality to doing. in this area. He said, ‘I don’t relate gene (though fortunately only the Even lifelong residents of the     to the reading of the notes.’ “ part that relates to music). area are refusing to cross the line to This wasn’t the first student to Mr. Maiani is a modern-day see relatives or friends. Others are  wonder why there isn’t an easier musical entrepreneur who has going less frequently or restricting way. invented an entirely new notation themselves to daytime visits. It’s a system. EZ/Muzik, his creation, dramatic change for what have Please see PIANO on A10 By DAVID CRARY looks nothing like standard sheet long been close-knit communities. music as there are no notes, staff ASSOCIATED PRESS Shopkeeper Ernesto Chavez lines or bars; just an easy-to-read, YOU SHOULD KNOW said his wife no longer goes bowling NEW YORK — In a season that inspires earnest letters straight line of letters and a few or has lunch on Tuesdays with her about toys, one notable batch is being sent not by kids to symbols. sisters on the other side, a 40-year “Seven Songs You Should Know Santa’s workshop but by parents to the executive suites Or, as the patent states, the tradition. How to Play,” a book recently written of real-world toy makers. method aids in the learning of tra- Mr. Chavez, whose office supply by Patrik “Piano” Maiani is available in The message: Please, in these days of economic angst, ditional sheet music “by providing store sits a half-block north of the several local bookstores and on cut back on marketing your products directly to our an intermediary, more simplified Morley Avenue border crossing, “It would make an children. system of musical notation.”        excellent holiday gift,” he said. “And, With the Maiani method, he says, it’s red.”          Please see BORDER on A8 Please see TOYS on A11 if you can read the alphabet, you can SUNDAY NATION & WORLD / B1 LIFE / D1 STRONG SHOWING REINDEERGAMES VOICES / G1     BILL KOONCE OF SANTA BARBARA     QUESTIONS WHAT CAN BE DONE TO ALTER    THE DESTRUCTIVE TREND OF WORSENING      FIRE SEASONS     INSIDE OUTSIDE SPECIAL ON SUNDAY Books . . . . . . . D4-5 Crossword . . . . . D8 Lottery . . . . . . . . A2 Sports . . . . . . . C1-6  Books:            D4   Business . . . . . F1-4 Dear Abby . . . . . D8 Movies . . . . . . . . D6 Travel . . . . . D12-13 Business:              F1       California . . . . A6-7 Life . . . . . . . . D1-14 Nation/World . B1-6 Voices . . . . . . . G1-4 Travel:          D12 � Classified . . . J1-12 Local . . . . . . . . A2-5 Obituaries . . . . . B2 Weather . . . . . . . B6   B6 66833 00150 6 0