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Crisis Buster E Book


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How do you deal with tough times? How do you win, no matter what happens around you? read that
e-book to find out?

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Crisis Buster E Book

  1. 1. Front Page Content Tip #1 Tip #2 Tip #3 Tip #4 Tip #5 Tip #6 Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 TipPractical Tips to Help You Manage #11Your Way Through Difficult Times... Tip #12With a Smile on Your Face, and TipTrust in Your Heart! #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Written by: Patrick V. Valtin Conclu- sion
  2. 2. FrontPage Copyright © 2009 M2-TEC USA, INC. All rights reserved. Content Published by M2-TEC PUBLISHING, a division of M2-TEC USA, INC. Tip 1988 Freedom Drive #1 Clearwater, FL 33755 Tip #2 Crisis Buster is a trademark owned by M2-Tec USA, Inc. is a domain owned by M2-TEC USA, Inc. Tip #3 All applicable copyright rights regarding any other material or logo as used in this e-book are entirely valid. For more information on sources, please see page 35. Tip No part of this e-book may be reproduced without the expressed permission of the #4 copyright owner in writing. The copyrighted material contained in this e-book can only be used for personal use and application. No part of it can be used for com- mercial application without permission. No part of it can be reproduced, stored in a Tip retrieval system, copied or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, me- #5 chanical, photocopying, recording, scanning or otherwise, except as permitted under section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States Copyright Act, without either the prior written permission of the publisher, or authorization through payment of the appro- Tip priate per-copy fee to the copyrighter clearance center. Requests to the Publisher for #6 permission should be addressed to the legal department of M2-TEC USA, INC. Tip #7 Disclaimer This e-book is designed to provide information and education in salesmanship and Tip business management. It is provided FREE OF CHARGE as a promotional & educa- #8 tional support with the understanding that the publisher and/or the author are not engaged in rendering legal or accounting services. The content of this e-book is solely based on the author’s professional experience and observations, and does Tip not necessarily always reflect opinions or positions of any other quoted author(s), #9 companies or any other legal entities. This is not about a get-rich-quick scheme. Anyone whose income depends on selling Tip knows that the “no-pain-no-gain” principle invariably applies to this great profession. #10 While the publisher and/or the author have used their best efforts in preparing this workbook, they make no representation, claims or warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness of the content of this work. Tip #11 The advices and strategies contained herein may not be fully suitable for your situa- tion. Neither the publisher nor the author shall be liable for any loss of profit or any other commercial damages, including, but not limited to special, incidental, conse- Tip quential or other damages – resulting from the study of this workbook. #12 If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you may return this e-book to the publisher. Tip #13 First edition ISBN 978-0-9798586-8-0 Tip #14 Page 2 Tip You are welcome to forward this e-book to your friends. Simply #15 send them to and invite them to download their own copy! Conclu- sion
  3. 3. Front PageContent Tip THE 15 CRISiS BUSTER TIPS #1 Tip #2 1. Know Your History Tip #3 2. Disagree Tip 3. Ignore the Bad News #4 4. Share the Good News Tip #5 5. Be Your Customers’ Best Adviser Tip 6. Expand Your Horizon #6 7. Invest in the Most Profitable Asset Tip #7 8. Believe in Yourself Tip 9. Welcome the Complaints #8 10. Do More Than What Is Expected Tip #9 11. Pretty Up Tip 12. Forget the Bailouts #10 13. Promote Like Mad Tip #11 14. If You Don’t Like It, Don’t Do It Tip #12 15. Keep Smiling Tip #13 Tip #14 See Next Page for Special Announcement! Tip #15 Page 3 Conclu- sion
  4. 4. Front For Crisis Buster readers only! PageContent FREE (a $489 service value) Tip Speed up the expansion of your business, reduce overwhelm & frustrations #1 and get your employees fully commited to your company’s goals. Tip #2 Do the Business Powerizer Assessment™ Tip #3 A Business Performance & Potential Analysis Tip #4 T his powerful business & organizational effectiveness analysis evaluates 15 strategic management functions which may require Tip #5 Tip #6 your attention and energy, on a daily basis. Tip #7 The analysis is based on an IDEAL SCENE for each of these functions, measured against Tip the profile of thousands of successful en- #8 trepreneurs. Each of these functions should operate optimally and be well coordinated Tip #9 with all others. Tip To get your FREE access to this evaluation service, go #10 to our home page (click below) , enter your name and E-Mail adress to win the lottery. Tip #11 IMPORTANT: Use the same name and e-mail adress that you used to Tip download this e-book, you will automatically win the #12 lottery. A confirmation code will be sent to you within the same day. Tip #13 Tip #14 CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR BUSINESS POWERIZER TEST! Tip #15 Conclu- sion
  5. 5. 1 Front PageContent KNOW YOUR HISTORY Tip #1 Tip “It is not worthwhile to try to keep history from #2 repeating itself, for man’s character will always make Tip the preventing of the repetitions impossible.” (1) #3 Mark Twain Tip #4 Tip #5 If you know your history, you have no reason to worry! The current economic crisis is “just” a Tip repetition of the past. #6 Don’t you remember “Black Monday?” It refers to Monday, October 19, 1987, when stock Tip markets around the world crashed. The Black Monday decline was the largest one-day per- #7 centage decline in stock market history. But all world stock markets rallied in less than 1.5 Tip years. #8 Then, nobody has forgotten the 1991-1992 world crisis, right after the Gulf war: huge peaks Tip in oil prices, a steep decline in the commercial real estate market and a credit crisis #9 (featuring the infamous savings and loan collapses of the late 1980s). Tip This crisis ended in 1994 and world stock markets hit top values in less than 2 years. #10 Do you recall 2001-2002? The attacks had a significant economic impact on the United Tip States and world markets. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the American Stock #11 Exchange (AMEX), and NASDAQ did not open on September 11 and remained closed until September 17. When the stock markets reopened, the Dow JonesIndustrial Average (DJIA) Tip stock market index fell 684 points, or 7.1%, to 8921, a record-setting one-day point decline. #12 By the end of the week, the DJIA had fallen 1,369.7 points (14.3%), its largest one-week Tip #13 point drop in history. But recovery came faster than expected. World stock markets again hit unparalleled top levels within less than 2 years and continued to climb until 6-7 Tip months ago. #14 Tip #15 Page 5 Conclu- sion
  6. 6. Front PageContent So what is the moral of the story? Tip #1 Crises always bring recoveries and these come faster than many dare hope. I have personally lived and survived through 6 crises in 50 years. I have grown stronger and smarter from each of them. And so have you, I am sure! Tip #2 So just remember that economic trends operate on a cyclical basis. When it goes up, it will go down. When it goes down, it will come up. And we have not seen the last one yet… so Tip let’s get used to it. We just need to work hard at expanding, no matter what!!! #3 If you are interested in developing a strong understanding about the recent economic Tip #4 crashes, I strongly advise you to visit Chris Martenson’s web site and follow his crash course on economy. I have found this course simple and down-to-earth. (2) Tip #5 Most importantly, it gives you a very good picture of the few years to come. Tip #6 Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 6 Conclu- sion
  7. 7. 2 Front PageContent DISAGREE Tip #1 Tip #2 “Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.” (3) Tip #3 Mahatma Gandhi Tip #4 Tip #5 Tip #6 You will find that people who continue to do well during challenging times are not luckier or stronger or even smarter. They are mostly more persistent and they refuse to lose. In Tip other words, they disagree. The best examples are patients who were affected by some #7 “incurable” cancer and yet recovered – against all medical expectations. The only common denominator that could be found in these people was exactly that: they disagreed with Tip giving up! #8 Tip You can make your own future and you can win the battles of life to the degree that you #9 have the guts to disagree. Apply this principle: When trouble arises, it is just a test of your ability and willingness to make things go right. Just disagree! Tip #10 So, just for the sake of it, DISAGREE! Tip #11 Do not put your attention on what cannot be done. Focus on what you can do instead. The worst that can happen is to violate your certainty about your ability to make things go Tip right! Nobody else can handle your problems or your challenges but you. So do NOT under- #12 estimate your power to solve your troubles. If you got into trouble, guess what: you can get yourself out of it! Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Page 7 Conclu- sion
  8. 8. Front PageContent Tip #1 You have done this many times. Something seemed impossible and yet you did it! Can you Tip remember one instance when you did that kind of impossible thing? You did it against all #2 odds or against everybody’s opinion… but you did it!!! Look around and you will discover many people who just disagree with everybody else. And Tip they are surviving/succeeding better. #3 Tip Some people will tell you: “stop promoting your business; nobody is interested.” Some #4 people will tell you: “the economic crisis is going to eliminate our savings and there is nothing we can do about it”. Some people will tell you: “give up…” Tip #5 Well, just disagree! This is the most vital quality required of you right now. Try it and see Tip what happens! #6 And for the sake of inspiration, take a look at this beautiful story, and see for yourself the Tip amazing power of disagreeing. (4) #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 8 Conclu- sion
  9. 9. 3 Front PageContent IGNORE THE BAD NEWS Tip #1 Tip “The news media are, for the most part, the bringers #2 of bad news... and it’s not entirely the media’s fault. Tip Bad news gets higher ratings and sells more papers #3 than good news.” (5) Tip Peter McWilliams, #4 Author of “Life 101” Tip #5 Tip We are being overwhelmed with bad news every day. The “merchants of chaos” make #6 money by scaring the hell out of us. Don’t fall into the trap! Bad news brings bad news. One smart way to end the crisis for yourself is to focus on GOOD news. When was the last time Tip you got some? #7 Tip Try this: Once a day, Google those exact words, “good news”, and find some. Good news will #8 pump up your morale and thus your willingness to fight. Commit yourself to the following principle (or therapy): “Good news once a day will keep the trouble away!” Tip #9 I did this interesting experiment one day: I took 5 newspapers and I looked at the nature of the news provided. I circled all the good news with a black marker and I circled with a red Tip marker all the bad ones. Well, guess what the outcome was: #10 • 95% bad news, Tip #11 • 5% good news. Tip All right, we all know what consequences this can have on our mood, our morale or our #12 productivity. So the moral is: stop reading the bad news in the papers or stop watching the Tip bad news on TV. Get selective! #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Page 9 Conclu- sion
  10. 10. Front PageContent Here is a good example. We are all being threatened by this next epidemic... the swine flu from Mexico. How many hours of prime time TV are being spent to scare the hell out of Tip you? Twenty people died in Mexico from the flu over the last month (at the time of this #1 writing). And the whole world panics! Tip #2 Wait a minute. Did you know that over 50,000 people in the world died from the flu last year? How come we weren’t informed about that one? Why are we suddenly warned of the Tip “big swine flu threat” coming from Mexico – because less than 20 people died in a month??? #3 The answer to that question is not part of this e-book. But if you want to have a good idea Tip about it, listen to Congressman Ron Paul’s story. See how bad news can affect lives. (6) #4 Tip #5 Tip #6 Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 10 Conclu- sion
  11. 11. 4 Front PageContent SHARE THE GOOD NEWS Tip #1 Tip #2 “To ease another’s heartache is to forget one’s own.” (7) Tip #3 Abraham Lincoln Tip #4 Tip You know what your customers are mainly lacking? It is not money . . . it is confidence in the #5 future. If you want your customers to buy from you now, you must first help them improve their confidence in their ability to make things go right. Tip #6 So, make this a golden rule: every time you talk to a prospect or a customer, start by giving them some good news on any subject. Get them to recognize you as a source of Tip good news and you will be surprised at the results! And also share good news with #7 everybody who might affect your life. Tip #8 Sharing good news is the next best therapy for staying upbeat and willing to fight! Tip How much good news are you getting, every week? Any idea? I tested that… we receive #9 about 50 bad news items per week against maybe one that is good! Tip And you would think it should not affect us? #10 Tip I tell you what you can do about it: #11 • Once a week, google “good news” and discover one you like. Spend 5 to 10 minutes Tip enjoying it. It can be on any subject. Just find one you like. Let me tell you, it may not be #12 easy to find one every week. But work at it. Tip • Find 4 friends who can do the same. Ask each of them to find one item of good news on #13 any subject, every week. Tip #14 Tip #15 Page 11 Conclu- sion
  12. 12. Front PageContent • Get each of your friends to agree to send you their finding. If each of them sends you one item of good news once a week, you will get 5 items of good news in a week – one Tip for every working day. Coordinate who sends the good news what day of the week. #1 • You will thus get your daily good news on a daily basis for every working day. I promise Tip you if you do that, you will start feeling better!!! #2 Here is the secret: bad news is contagious, but so is good news! If you start putting your at- Tip #3 tention on good news, I promise you, good stuff will happen to you. Tip Try it!es #4 And to prove my point about the contagious impact of good news, watch this and see how Tip fast a good mood can spread amongst people! (8) #5 Tip #6 Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 12 Conclu- sion
  13. 13. 5 Front Page BE YOUR CUSTOMERS’Content Tip BEST ADVISER #1 Tip #2 “One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising.” (9) Tip #3 Jim Rohn, Tip Author of “7 Strategies #4 for Wealth & Happiness” Tip #5 You have knowledge about your customers’ businesses that is very valuable. Giving good Tip advice that can help them solve some of their problems will make you stronger and will #6 make your customer even more confident that you are not just interested in them for their money but you truly and genuinely care for them! Tip #7 The caring factor is the most important one in selling. Ask yourself what you can do to Tip increase your customers’ confidence and do something about it every day. When you care, #8 you earn the most precious gift available from a worthy customer: Trust! In times of difficulties, one must abide more than ever by the following principle: Tip #9 In order to receive, one must be willing to give! Tip #10 Did you notice this when you go shopping? So many store owners do not understand this basic principle: the most important sales tool they have is their smile. We all want to be Tip taken care of. We all like to be the center of interest. Yet, look at the retailers complaining #11 that the business is hurting. They show a face of complaint and that is exactly why nobody enters their shop or store. Tip #12 I have never run away from a sales person in a store who was offering me advice. I have Tip never told any of them I did not want to receive their advice. It is funny! Same thing in any #13 business: you visit a customer and the first thing you do is offer him advice. You don’t ask permission, you just provide him advice or a good tip for his business. Who on earth would Tip refuse that? #14 Tip #15 Page 13 Conclu- sion
  14. 14. Front PageContent Here is a good example: One day I suggested to a friend to change the way they were Tip visiting their own customers. My friend was complaining that his sales people were #1 visiting customers without good results. The closing ratio on customer visits was less than Tip 14%. I asked my friend: “what is the main complaint from the customers?” and his response #2 was: “they don’t like to be visited by my sales guys because they know they will have to buy something…” Tip #3 We implemented this principle, “give before you take”. We created a collection of helpful Tip suggestions or recommendations that my friend’s sales guys could use during their visit. We #4 then implemented the following principle: One visit = one recommendation. Tip Within less than 2 months, the closing ratio on visiting existing customers went up to 32% - #5 over 100% increase, just by implementing this simple principle. Tip Try it and make some happy customers! #6 Here is a nice article for additional reading: (10) Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 14 Conclu- sion
  15. 15. 6 Front PageContent EXPAND YOUR HORIZON Tip #1 Tip “When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed #2 of two characters. One represents danger and the other Tip represents opportunity.”(11) #3 Tip John F. Kennedy #4 Tip #5 Tip #6 You have an unlimited source of power. Some call it “brain power”. Others call it “inner power”. I call it “creative power.” In times of crisis and economic unrest, most people introvert Tip into their own problems. They tend to forget that challenging times always bring forth the #7 best ideas and technologies. So start putting more attention on opportunities until you create some. Use your “creative power” to discover new solutions to your customers’ Tip #8 problems, to propose new services, to sell new products and/or to sell new ideas to people around you. Tip #9 Creativity is the ultimate solution to challenges. Think of solutions, whatever you are facing. No one can resolve a problem by being stuck in the problem. Tip #10 Follow this great principle: Get out of the mental box and expand your horizon. Tip #11 Here is a good example of creativity: Tip #12 In January 2009, all US car manufacturers’ sales went down 40 to 57 percent. Even German car makers were seeing a drop in sales of 15 to 22 percent. This same month, sales of the Tip #13 Korean Hyundai Sonata surged 85 percent in January, making it one of the country’s top- selling vehicles. And Hyundai sold more passenger cars last month than Chrysler, which has Tip four times as many dealers. What happened? #14 Tip #15 Page 15 Conclu- sion
  16. 16. Front PageContent Tip A great marketing idea, out of the creativity box: last fall, the Korean car maker began #1 testing the idea of a return policy rather than simply piling more discounts onto its already low-priced vehicles. Tip #2 The program covers every buyer of a leased or financed vehicle who involuntarily loses a job, becomes physically disabled, loses a driver’s license for medical reasons, is transferred to Tip another country, is self-employed and files for bankruptcy or dies in an accident. #3 Tip This marketing ingenuity was praised in a New York Times article on February 5, 2009. They #4 did something nobody in the car industry had dared try. They struck at the core of what was bothering people: uncertainty about the future! Now after a few months of continuous Tip success, Hyundai has triggered extreme reactions from their rivals who started to realize #5 that creativity has no boundaries. Tip #6 Read the whole article. (12) Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip See the TV report on this great example #9 of marketing creativity and ingenuity. (13) Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 16 Conclu- sion
  17. 17. 7 Front Page INVEST IN THE MOSTContent Tip PROFITABLE ASSET: YOU #1 Tip #2 “The only foes that threaten America are the enemies at home, and these are ignorance, superstition Tip #3 and incompetence”(14) Tip #4 Elbert Hubbard Tip #5 Tip Do you want 1,000% return on your investment? Well, invest in yourself. Build yourself up. Find a way to be #6 more competent and more knowledgeable – about your job, your business and even about life! There is no stronger feeling than the feeling of competence. Tip #7 You can’t count on anyone else to help you beat challenging times, but developing more skills will develop your certainty and your confidence. Tip So many people have wasted their money in “promising” financial investments. They forgot that the only #8 guaranteed investment they can ever make is in themselves. You can’t lose by increasing your ability to do what you are doing for a living. Rough times offer the best opportunity to augment your qualifications and Tip become stronger. #9 Your customers will always appreciate your expertise in some field that can help them. This principle will be Tip your best ally! #10 Research by in 2004 reveals an interesting relation between education and Tip personal income: (15) #11 • The average full-time year-round worker with a four-year college degree earned 62 percent more than Tip the average full-time year-round worker with only a high school diploma. #12 • Those with master’s degrees earned almost twice as much, and those with professional degrees earned Tip over three times as much per year as high school graduates. #13 You did not finish school or do not have a degree? No worry. Self-improvement is not limited to school Tip years. Learning can be a continuous way of life – not necessarily in formal education, but in learning new #14 things, new skills, or in further developing skills that you already have. Tip #15 Page 17 Conclu- sion
  18. 18. Front Page Below is a good example of how focus on self-improvement and professional training can immediatelyContent impact personal and business results: Tip #1 Patrick Clouden is the founder of Consumer Energy, a leading energy saving Tip consulting firm that has enrolled over 2 million residential and 200,000 commercial #2 customers across the USA and Canada, in the last 9 years. (16) Tip Patrick attributes a major part of his company’s success to a unique #3 approach to employee training. Tip #4 Prior to developing this system, the company was losing up to 85% of their sales force every quarter. By Tip “cloning” their best performing sales reps through observation and thorough investigation of successful #5 actions in addition to using a unique study & training technology, the company was able to formalize what they call the “rapid R.O.I. (Return on Investment) Training System”. Tip #6 Results: Tip • Within 4 weeks, individual sales increased 177% and 226% respectively in #7 2 groups of 25 salespeople who attended this part-time program. • The company increased their salespeople’s loyalty by over 500%. Tip #8 More income for both the sales reps and the company, less time & money wasted in hiring continuously and a higher level of morale for all. This started with the willingness and dedication to improve Tip personal competences. #9 When you invest in yourself you are increasing your true personal worth. If you suddenly lost all your Tip material wealth – which happened to many people this last year, your personal competences and #10 knowledge would give you the power to overcome your adversity, to survive and to build your material wealth again. Tip #11 Want more inspiration? Check out Pat’s website on his training solutions. (17) Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 18 Conclu- sion
  19. 19. 8 Front PageContent BELIEVE IN YOURSELF Tip #1 Tip “Although there may be tragedy in your life, there is #2 always the possibility to triumph. It doesn’t matter who Tip you are, or where you come from. The ability to triumph #3 begins with you. Always.” (18) Tip #4 Oprah Winfrey Tip #5 Tip #6 Rough times can impose a heavy load on your morale and sap your self-confidence. Yet, your morale is your ultimate weapon as a sales professional or executive. You know too well Tip that when your morale is low, your sales or your production are horrible. And it will be #7 observed that the first reason why people lose their morale is: someone or something shook their confidence. Tip #8 Always believe that you can make things happen. Don’t wait for anybody to give you permission to think differently. If you can refuse to let anything or anyone shake or Tip challenge your confidence in the future, you have the ultimate weapon in sales – and in life. #9 Protect your morale at all costs. Believe in yourself! Tip #10 • Do not surround yourself with pessimistic people. Tip • Do something very pleasant at least once a day – anything that can boost your spirits, #11 even if it lasts only 10 minutes. • Learn something new every day. Tip • Do not violate your personal integrity doing things that you know you should not do. #12 • Watch a funny movie once in a while. Don’t get fixed on drama. Tip • Refuse the bad news and the rumors – from the media or from anyone. Stick to your #13 personal rule of concentrating on good news instead. • Do something personally challenging, like some new sport or activity. Tip • Read stories about people who did amazing things. There are a lot of them who are a #14 good source of inspiration for all of us! Tip #15 Page 19 Conclu- sion
  20. 20. Front PageContent There are indeed many examples of self-belief “addicts” who overcame all the barriers in the Tip #1 world to reach their goals or dreams. Tip One of them is Muhammad Ali, three times heavyweight boxing world champion. #2 When NPR (National Public Radio) asked Ali to comment on his essay presented in the “This I Tip believe” series, the boxing legend’s response was straight: (19) #3 Tip “I have always believed in myself – and I still do.” #4 Many credit his supreme self-confidence with taking him to the top. “My will was stronger Tip than their skills”, says Ali of his opponents. Now the same belief helps him cope with his #5 greatest challenge of all – Parkinson’s disease. Tip #6 “If there was anything that would strike at the core of my confidence in myself, it would be this insidious disease,” he writes. “But my confidence and will to live life as I choose won’t be Tip compromised.” ”... Nothing in life has defeated me. I am still the ‘Greatest.’ ” #7 Tip Click on the picture below to hear Mu- #8 hammad Ali’s wife narrate Ali’s message in “All Things Considered” radio show, broadcasted on April 6, 2009. (20) Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 And if you want to spend a Tip great moment with a bright kid, #12 or if you need to see another good example of self-belief, click on Tip this one: (21) #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 20 Conclu- sion
  21. 21. 9 Front PageContent WELCOME THE Tip COMPLAINTS #1 Tip #2 “Statistics suggest that when customers complain, Tip business owners and managers ought to get excited #3 about it. The complaining customer represents a huge Tip opportunity for more business.” (22) #4 Tip Zig Ziglar #5 Tip #6 When times are rough, when everybody is hunting for new business, it is the best opportunity to listen to your frustrated customers. Actually, the best time to find out how Tip you can improve your service is now – before they complain. #7 Tip You might have experienced this: you call a supplier to complain or to request that a #8 mistake be corrected. To your dismay, your request does not receive the follow-up or the response it should. You get the impression that they are overwhelmed with problems and Tip too busy trying to make money. What a wasted opportunity! Take every single complaint as #9 a great chance to make your customer more loyal than ever. Apply this principle religiously and you will leave your fiercest competitors in the dust! Tip #10 So here is the tip: Tip SURVEY your customers to find out how you can improve the quality of your service. Don’t #11 wait for complaints to stack up on your desk. Be pro-active! When everybody is desperately Tip looking for money, show that you care and demonstrate your absolute commitment to #12 make your customers ever happier. Tip • Make it a routine to call customers with a standard, prepared form. A maximum of 5 #13 questions should be asked. A satisfaction survey can be done every 2 or 3 months. Tip #14 • Ideally, do not limit yourself to e-surveys (surveys made on-line). Those can be beneficial but nothing parallels a direct, live communication with your customers. Tip #15 Page 21 Conclu- sion
  22. 22. Front PageContent Tip • Hire or use people who have a friendly tone and attitude on the phone – no matter #1 what feedback they get. Remember, train them to receive ANY kind of communication Tip from upset customers. No matter how tough or “nasty” a feedback is, the simple fact that #2 someone is listening can make a big difference and reduce the frustration. Tip • ALWAYS do something about the complaints. Invest the needed time and money to #3 handle and resolve a justified complaint. If a customer is frustrated, he must have been Tip expecting a lot from you. So you need to meet his expectations. #4 • Teach your sales force to always begin their communication with the question, “How are Tip you doing with our service? Can we do anything to help or improve our service?” Do #5 NOT think that asking such questions will make you lose sales. Not asking these ques- tions to frustrated customers is the best way to lose them. Tip #6 Tip In a few words: no survey = no feedback = no loyalty = no money! #7 Tip #8 Tip #9 See this link for some helpful ideas on e-surveys. (23) Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 22 Conclu- sion
  23. 23. 10 Front PageContent Do more than Tip what is expected #1 Tip “Quality in a service or product is not what you put #2 into it. It is what the client or customer Tip gets out of it.” (24) #3 Tip Peter Drucker #4 Tip #5 People like to feel well taken care of. When you show a genuine interest in them and do Tip something special, unexpected, they tend to remember you. When you treat a customer like he is #6 the most important person in the world, he naturally wants to come back to you. Tip This is especially true in times of uncertainty and economic struggle. The extra mile you go for #7 giving them more than what they expect is worth gold and is the best antidote to losing customers. Tip #8 Emotions always emanate from expectations. A customer’s feeling of delight and happiness derives from the fact that he received from you much more than what he expected. You made him Tip important by providing him with a special service, by doing something that most people would #9 not do. Tip So, surprise your customers. Exceed their expectations and you will have them for life! #10 asked their readers to share their most memorable customer service experiences. Tip Here are some good and bad examples of Service Sinners & Service Saints: #11 • BEST: COSTCO. A reader says: “I bought a mattress at COSTCO for about Tip $500. At the same time I ordered a custom made bed. I took the mat- #12 tress home that night and slept on it for about 2 months while wait- ing for the bed to be delivered. I loved the mattress, but it was about Tip 8 inches thick. When the bed came and assembled, the whole thing #13 was ridiculously tall. I am 5’5” and I could not get into it, even with a step stool. I called COSTCO, and even though my husband and I’d Tip #14 been sleeping on the mattress for several months, couldn’t find the receipt, and didn’t have the packaging, COSTCO let us haul the mat- Tip tress in and gave us a full refund.” #15 Page 23 Conclu- sion
  24. 24. Front PageContent Tip • WORST: TIFFANY. A reader says: “My soon-to-be fiancé and I #1 were at my favorite jeweler, Tiffany’s. We told the salesman we were trying to find something in the $5K range. He Tip began to show us rings in the $15K range. When we told #2 him we could not spend more than $8K he told us to think about what we really want and to COME BACK WHEN WE Tip HAD MORE MONEY TO SPEND.” #3 Tip #4 • WORST: COMPUSA. A reader says: “I purchased a computer Tip at Comp USA but changed my mind so I returned to the #5 store to return it. The manager was giving an elderly lady a really hard time. I asked him how he could treat an elderly Tip person so badly. The manager told me it wasn’t any of my #6 business. I was not going to let him talk down to me, so I told him I was going to report him. I then went to another Tip store. Next thing I know, I get tapped on my shoulder. I was #7 confronted by 2 policemen asking if “I was the guy trying Tip to return a computer.” I responded “yes.” They told me I was #8 being detained for “burglary.” The original manager lied, and said that I walked into the store, picked up the com- Tip puter and walked out. So I spent 2 days in jail.” #9 Tip #10 If you want to enjoy another 18 funny customer service stories, check on the and see how doing something special for your customers can win you a unique and long lasting reputation. (25) Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 24 Conclu- sion
  25. 25. 11 Front PageContent PRETTY UP Tip #1 Tip #2 “When everything goes wrong, this is what you should do: Go buy a new, expensive suit, or a new Tip #3 dress, so expensive that you will have Tip to sell… in order to pay for it.” (26) #4 Joe Girard, Tip Author of “How #5 to Sell Yourself” Tip #6 You know, this principle above helped me more than 100 times, as a sales manager and a sales trainer. I would see a depressed salesperson, or a totally desperate one. I would ask Tip them what their problem was. And, in every single case, this is what I would find out: their #7 biggest difficulty was their own lack of appreciation and respect toward themselves. Tip #8 I remember this one trainee years ago. He was doing poorly. He was mourning about life and not even making enough money to pay for his food. He was shoddily dressed and Tip very unprofessional looking. #9 I asked him when was the last time he had bought himself a nice suit. He looked at me Tip #10 with dismay and told me he could not remember. I told him: “go to a nice store and buy the most beautiful suit you can get. Put it on your credit card…” – promising him that the Tip bill would be taken care of. He did that and came back with the bill. #11 I then told him to go and find that customer who would pay for it! He stared at me, quite confused and embarrassed at the idea that he might end up paying for the expensive suit. Tip #12 I told him: “that customer is somewhere out there. Find him!” He left rather upset. Tip Two weeks later that same gentleman came back to me. He looked great. Enthusiastic and #13 truly classy. He explained to me that, having no choice, he started to work like mad and just focused on being professional-looking and on finding good customers. He made, in those Tip #14 two weeks, more money than he had made in the previous three months! Tip #15 Page 25 Conclu- sion
  26. 26. Front PageContent So, get pretty. Tip #1 Make yourself professional-looking. It doesn’t matter if you meet customers face-to-face or if you talk to them on the phone. If you look professional, you will act professional. Tip And you will like yourself more. Self-respect is a vital attribute of success in selling, in #2 business AND in life! Tip #3 For example, in these pictures, who would you say is the most successful woman? Yes, the answer is obvious. On the left is a Tip lady who was desperately searching for a job. On the right is a #4 very successful business woman. But guess what? These two Tip pictures are actually of the same lady! Only the picture on the #5 right was taken 10 years later! Tip Appearance counts and it can have a tremendous impact on #6 your morale, your self-confidence and your professional performance. Tip #7 Tip #8 Tip Jan Larkey, the lady in the above picture, calls this #9 appearance phenomenon the “7 seconds to impact image”. See her article, page 45 of the e-book “Developing Tip #10 Professional Behaviors” where she describes her life transformation after changing her look. (27) Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 26 Conclu- sion
  27. 27. 12 Front PageContent FORGET THE BAILOUTS Tip #1 Tip #2 “In the present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” (28) Tip #3 Tip Ronald Reagan #4 Tip #5 Tip Don’t wait for the Government to handle our societal problems. Don’t expect anything #6 from them. It is not that they are un-motivated to help. But if you wait for the Government to solve your problems, you will be disappointed and you will be broke Tip long before anything good comes to you. #7 This is not a politics-colored comment. From a pure business viewpoint, you can’t hope Tip someone else is going to solve your troubles. The bail-outs and Uncle Sam’s #8 interventions in our economic lives will inevitably lead to more taxes, more regulations – Tip and more bureaucracy. #9 Tip But the worst part of this bail-out mechanism is that it #10 invalidates people’s natural ability to take care of themselves. It reduces our aptitude to find our own Tip solutions. It creates a “need for assistance” mentality where #11 many citizens imperceptibly lose their creativity and their Tip natural “problem-solving” skills. Plus, over time, it will make #12 the wrong people richer and the right people poorer. Tip Don’t count on the government or on anybody else to help you survive and succeed #13 economically. Your life and your future depend entirely on what you do today – it is entirely up to you. If you get anything from anyone, accept it as an unexpected gift – a Tip cherry on the cake, which you were busy baking yourself! #14 Tip #15 Page 27 Conclu- sion
  28. 28. Front PageContent It is interesting to note how the mass media push the idea that there is no other solution Tip than using the government power to intervene more into our economic and social lives. #1 Tip Yet a recent poll by, done with 317,000 people online, reveals what #2 Americans believe about government bailouts: Tip • “Do you believe government bailouts are the answer #3 to America’s financial crisis?” – 76% NO. Tip #4 • Do you believe the government financial bailouts will Click on the above link to access the ultimately rescue our financial system crisis?” – 86% NO. whole survey (29) Tip #5 • “Do you believe American taxpayers should have to foot the bill for our financial systems mistakes?” - 69% NO. Tip #6 Tip When it comes to who should manage YOUR life, you need to remind yourself that the #7 only reason for governments is to protect your rights, not to decide for you: (30) Tip #8 Tip #9 Tip #10 Tip #11 Tip #12 Tip #13 Tip #14 Tip #15 Get your Business Powerizer Assessment- Click Here! Page 28 Conclu- sion
  29. 29. 13 Front PageContent PROMOTE LIKE MAD Tip #1 Tip “How often do you sit around and wonder how to make #2 more money and get more people to buy more from Tip your company? The answer is astonishingly simple: Your #3 income is definitely 100% affected by how Tip much promotion you do…” (31) #4 Tip Joy Gendusa, #5 Founder PostcardMania Tip #6 Many business owners make this terrible mistake when faced with economic trouble: they Tip #7 reduce their promotional budget. It is a “natural” reflex to fight the erosion of funds and a sudden drop of profits. What they do not realize is that the first way to gain business is to Tip promote, not to economize. #8 Economizing in promotional actions does not bring more customers. Whatever drastic Tip #9 action one can take to reduce internal costs, at some point the crucial question will rise: how do you bring in more business? Tip #10 I hear too often from business owners that this economic crisis forces them to reduce their marketing money spending. “We can’t spend any money on marketing or more money until Tip the economy improves,” they say. #11 Tip What a mistake! Your challenge during difficult times is to do whatever it takes to find the #12 money to promote your business more aggressively. Reduce costs in some other area of the business if you have to. But make sure to spend more on marketing during tough times, not Tip less. The day you stop selling the unique capabilities of your company to as many prospects #13 as you can is the day you should close up your shop and save the business from continued losses. Tip #14 Tip #15 Page 29 Conclu- sion