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10 Reasons Every Marketer Should Be On LinkedIn®


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LinkedIn® is clearly the more serious, "tuck your shirt in" option for marketing opportunities. No one goes there to find the snappiest insults of current TV shows or funny kitten videos - people want to build lucrative relationships. Therefore, these 10 reasons why every marketer should be on LinkedIn® will get you networking and promoting among more relevant individuals than you could possibly come across in person during your normal working day.

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10 Reasons Every Marketer Should Be On LinkedIn®

  1. 1. Association of Strategic Marketingwww.associationofmarketing.orgP.O. Box 509Eau Claire, WI 54702-0509866.226.0828January 2013© 2013 Association of Strategic Marketing, a division of Lorman Business Center. All Rights Reserved.10 Reasons Every MarketerShould Be On LinkedIn®
  2. 2. 10 Reasons Every Marketer Should Be On LinkedIn® page 110 Reasons Every Marketer Should BeOn LinkedIn®In the marketing sector of making anybusiness successful, the conversation beginswith the Internet, and ends with socialnetwork media. There are many obviousavenues you can work your way through onthe overpopulated cyber highway;Facebook®, Twitter®, Pinterest™ andYouTube® are clear destinations. But do notmake the false assumption that the moreformal, "suit and tie" cousin of these popularsocial networks - LinkedIn® - is only goodfor employment seekers. LinkedIn® isclearly the more serious, "tuck your shirt in"option for marketing opportunities. No onegoes there to find the snappiest insults ofcurrent TV shows or funny kitten videos -people want to build lucrative relationships.Therefore, these 10 reasons why everymarketer should be on LinkedIn® will getyou networking and promoting among morerelevant individuals than you could possiblycome across in person during your normalworking day.1.) LinkedIn® is Strictly BusinessYour LinkedIn® profile that you are using toget the word out about your business is notonly an integral ingredient to presentingyour brand online, it also tends to rankamong the first five Google® search resultsfor your name. This makes it extremelyimportant to have your LinkedIn® profile100% filled in. When potential customers orclients search for your name, or randomlycome across it, they should becomeeducated about your services and products.Do you really want them to have to leaveand seek secondhand opinions fromconsumer forums and random onlinebloggers instead?Be certain that your front page looks assleek and alluring as an engaging retailstorefront. Also, make sure potentialcustomers clearly know what it is that yourbusiness offers by establishing the "Productsand Services" tab on LinkedIn®. Aside froma comprehensive collection of products andservices, add images, detailed descriptions,the key features, URLs for the products,videos, contact information as well as aspecial spotlight on core products. This willmake marketing your business onLinkedIn® look and feel like both a resumeand a catalog.Do to the fact that LinkedIn® is already akey search location for business-savvy jobhunters, posting job opportunities on yourLinkedIn® page is a crucial decision. Apricier, but clearly classier and eye-grabbingapproach is to optimize your LinkedIn® sitewith a Careers page. If this professionalupgrade is good enough for Google®,Microsoft® and Louis Vuitton®, than thereis definitely substantial logic behind itsvalue.2.) Recommendations Attract ClientsRecommendations are one of the manydistinctive and useful features available onLinkedIn® that you will not find on theother social media networks. This givesclients and fellow colleagues the opportunityto convey just how professional and
  3. 3. 10 Reasons Every Marketer Should Be On LinkedIn® page 2way to push this process into motion andgenerate a fabulous rapport with others is torecommend your peers. With all of thatpositive energy getting generated from yourend, it is likely that these individuals you areraving about will also return the favor. Itfalls right in line with the old adage: "If youcant say anything nice, dont say anything atall." But be as sincere and genuine aspossible - generic and vague praise will notbenefit anyone.While you are busy recommending otherreliable and talented business associates onLinkedIn®, why not also take the time tomake valid and applicable suggestions aboutuseful products and services from others aswell? No one wants to just hear constantbragging and hyperbole about how amazingand sensational your own business is all ofthe time. By making the rightrecommendations, you can build a sense oftrust and brand loyalty, making you aproficient aficionado and tastemaker in yourindustry.3.) Have a Group MentalityThe obvious approach may be to connectwith only those individuals on LinkedIn®that you already know and can personallyvouch for. This may be beneficial when itcomes to making direct recommendations.But, it would be wise to swim outside ofyour business private pond and into a vasterocean of opportunities by inviting, andaccepting new invites from people towelcome them into your businessenvironment. The immediate benefit is thatyou will make new contacts that most likelyhave their own resources and abilities. Butyou will also gain the added benefit of beingable to multiply the amount of incomingtraffic that is heading towards yourLinkedIn® page - to be found by even morebusiness professionals.Adding new contacts via LinkedIn® makesfor acceleration of generated leads, and witheach new lead comes the added bonus ofexpanding your business database. Keepthis database growing, because LinkedIn®has the handy feature of being able to exportthe database of your contacts to other digitalplatforms. With this influx of new contacts,you will be able to increase yourrelationships, which leads to morerecommendations and more businessexpansion.Another big bonus of LinkedIn® is theability to create and manage groups topromote and endorse your brand and clarifyits identity within the marketplace. You canestablish multiple groups that revolvearound distinctive subjects that areapplicable to your business in order toinstitute each individual within that group asa "brand ambassador to expand positiveexposure for your company.Aside from creating groups and handlingtheir administrative obligations, it definitelymakes perfect sense to join other groups aswell. Being that companies are not allowedto join groups, it would behoove yourbusiness to have individuals from withinyour company join groups that are related toyour industry. When employees as well asadvocates for the brand interact in these
  4. 4. 10 Reasons Every Marketer Should Be On LinkedIn® page 3groups, by posting questions and engagingin discussions, they broaden the reach of thecompany.4.) Create EngagementIt is not enough to just grab peoplesattention; you also want to be able to keep it.LinkedIn® offers useful ways to engageyour audience once they have arrived atyour online location. For each LinkedIn®group that has been established, you cancreate a simple and informative poll that willestablish a method of receiving fast and easyengagement. You can have severalincentives behind the poll that you set up forthe group members: for the sole purpose ofinitiating engagement, to collect informationpertaining to group members, or todetermine the subjects that the group wouldlike to discuss.The difference between LinkedIn® and itssocial networking competitors like Twitter®and Facebook® is its focus on businessopportunities. Therefore, this offers yourbrand the opportunity to obtain relevantfeedback from a more concentrated web ofindustry leaders. As a representative for yourcompany, you can establish customizedquestions that are directly relevant to yourbrand to spark conversations and usefulinformation to learn more about the wantsand needs of your target consumer.You can build a bridge between the digitalworld and the real world by sponsoringevents and then posting them on LinkedIn®.This is a very highly productive way to pushattention and awareness towards your brandand establish face-to-face relationshipsoffline. Not only can you send outinvitations to your companys events, butyou are also able to view at a glance all ofthe upcoming events that every member ofyour network is throwing. Think outside ofthe box when you are planning events anddont just view them as mere marketingsolutions. They could also be charityfundraisers in conjunction with vital non-profit organizations that could use the extraresources and publicity. Let consumersknow that you are the brand that has a heart.5.) Questions and AnswersAs a LinkedIn® user, you are also able topose questions to your network, as well asanswer questions from other groups that youare a member of. It is important toencourage company employees andadvocates to answer questions as well,which helps to bring other LinkedIn® usersto your company page. When othermembers of LinkedIn® come across theseanswers, they will also be arriving at thegateway to finding your brand and learningmore about it.These interactions can happen consistentlyand rapidly when employees and brandadvocates follow the company LinkedIn®page. Once they are a part of yourcommunity, employees and partners will beable to effortlessly remain in tune with yourevents, company news updates, webinars,and the overall social media marketingefforts. This also makes it easily for them tobe able to share your company informationwith their individual networks.
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