Pulse social media pres - July 2012


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Pulse social media pres - July 2012

  1. 1. Social media - @pulsetoday @psmith 4/7/12
  3. 3. The two-minute guide (er… this isn’t a very good slide. I’ll email the guide and put it on Yammer)
  4. 4. Barriers to using social media1. What’s the point?2. Don’t have time, too busy3. Our readers don’t use Twitter and Facebook etc4. Don’t have the technology
  5. 5. Reasons you should use it re: What’s the point?Team-related reasons:• Get more traffic to the site – More people to read a specific story? – “ “ “ “ section of the site?• More registered users• Get more signups to newsletters• Sell more Pulse Learning subscriptions
  6. 6. Reasons you should use it re: What’s the point?Personal reasons:• Be a better journalist/sales person• Get better contacts, sources• Get better and more stories/sales leads• Get questions answered quickly• Have fun (no, really) *** Real answer = more engaged users ***
  7. 7. Real-time conversationYou need to know what readers are saying, so you can:-- REACT with relevant content-- ENGAGE them in conversation-- BE the centre for debate-- Talk about your PRODUCTS in an organic way @psmith
  8. 8. Tweeting matters!• Take your official account seriously• TWEET OFTEN! 10/15 a day minimum• Have variety, personality, interest• Reporters should engage and promote their own stories – there is an audience out there• Have a policy – even a simple one – e.g. Humour is fine within limits – Standard structure for tweeting link – Spelling/factual errors – don’t do it! – Be careful mixing personal and professional @psmith
  9. 9. “But our readers don’t tweet”“Those who believe that Twitter is mainly about “broadcast” formainstream organisations are not just wrong, they are wilfullyignoring the successes and failures of many others… Somepeople will work very hard to exclude the experiences of othersthat challenge their own preconceptions of their workingenvironment.I’ve called this “special pleading” in the past. Every single marketwe serve at RBI has given me reasons why social media won’twork in their market… Every single piece of special pleading hasbeen proved to be false.” - Adam Tinworth, RBI, Onemanandhisblog.com @psmith
  10. 10. Strat!1. Setting goals2. Measurement3. Think personality4. Think timing5. Think conversation and content6. Think product
  11. 11. Setting goals• Replenishment or growth?• Newsletter signups, unique users?• Set and review targets regularly– just as you would with site traffic. – New followers, unfollows, replies, @psmith
  12. 12. Think measurement** DON’T DO IT IF YOU CAN’T MEASURE IT** Tweetstats.com
  13. 13. Why not say more during these crucial times?Drs are busyworking here
  14. 14. Big opportunityfor weekendtweeting This means robots are doing the talking
  15. 15. Measure individual stories Topsy.com
  16. 16. Think personality ** IT’S NOT JUST A NEWSFEED! **-- Sure, tweet headlines and links but not JUST headlines-- For every headline, think of something else to say or RT-- Use the old RT function (sometimes called “quote tweet” toadd comments to links-- Talk about where staff are and what they’re doing today e.g.reporting from conferences, what they’re writing.-- Perhaps consider whether “breaking news” and “exclusive”drive usage. Trial period of using other words?
  17. 17. Think Timing ** TIMED TWEETS ARE YOUR BEST FRIEND **-- What are you saying to readers at 7am, 1pm, 5pm,10pm? That’s when people go on the internet.-- Make full use of the timed tweets-- Don’t worry too much about overtweeting: peoplehave signed up for your updates (but 4 or 5 an hour is probably the limit)
  18. 18. Think conversation and content ** YOU ARE WHAT YOU TWEET **-- Not just about your content – send people to goodstuff elsewhere-- Including your rivals-- EVERYONE LIKES PICTURES, LISTS, GRAPHS, GUIDES,REPORTS…. And it doesn’t matter if they’re yours.
  19. 19. Think product ** PROMOTE STUFF THAT MAKES MONEY **-- Collaboration between sales, marketing and editorial-- Journalists can chip in to help promote events,subscriptions, signups – it helps everyone.-- Real missed opportunity not to promote products
  20. 20. Ask…And you will receive! ?(Apart from this guy)
  21. 21. Read these slides in full, plus lots more slides onjournalism, marketing and social media, at… Slideshare.net/patricksmithjournalist