City Journalism - Magazine MA - week 4 - Community strategy


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City Journalism - Magazine MA - week 4 - Community strategy

  1. 1. Community Strategies POST City University, Magazine Journalism MA workshop 9 November 2011
  2. 2. What well do today-- Talk about why you need a community strategy-- What the hell a community strategy is-- Identify what you need to be doing with your community-- Decide what content youre going to produce that meets theneeds of your readers-- Whats this about? COMMUNITY-LED JOURNALISM
  3. 3. What does the assignment require? ● Understanding of literature on community management ● Community management strategy ● Content strategy (thats what were doing today) ● Use of Twitter, Facebook, comments and other platforms (credit will not be given for only using these for one-way broadcasting) ● Consideration of copyright, libel, contempt, data protection and other laws where appropriate ● Consideration of online ethics where appropriate ● Consideration of commercial and market context (what are the business opportunities in this field?) where appropriate
  4. 4. POST means....People - whoObjective - whatStrategy - how (long-term)Technology - how (now)
  5. 5. PEOPLE-- where do they live-- what jobs do they do?-- what sort of income do they have?-- how will you reach them?-- maybe create one or fictional reader profiles
  6. 6. OBJECTIVEWhat do you want? ● Get to stories first? ● Get exclusives and scoops? (Not always the same) ● Write fuller, deeper stories with greater impact? ● Be able to talk about the great engagement stats on your site? ● Be able to boast of high visitor numbers? ● ...or something else?
  7. 7. STRATEGYMissionWhat is it? This is your pitch to new members of yourcommunity and is likely to relate to their objective, e.g. ‘make ourlocal area better for young people’, or ‘make more money, faster’, or‘become a better skateboarder’.Opportunities:Why would someone join and contribute? What mighthappen? That might be obvious from the mission, but it may need to bemade more explicit, e.g. ‘Increase local pride’; ‘Perform well at a sportingevent’, etc.
  8. 8. TECHNOLOGYNow think about community-driven stories-- It should be a question thats already been raised by the community-- Something that only your readers can help you solveYou may need to spend a bit of time looking at what your community is talking about onlineto identify an appropriate issue first. For example:-- Why are there so few gay sports teams?-- Where are the best car boot sales in London?-- Whats the best way for indie book shops to increase revenue?-- Where are the best Middle Eastern cultural events?-- Which screen/stage writing school is the most successful in terms ofworks commissioned?-- Which country has the most UK foreign students and why?
  9. 9. NOW GO DO1. People - Write a list of characteristics of your audience:2. Objective - Decide what your goals are3. Strategy - Whats your mission statement?4. Technology - Think of a community-based story you candoDEADLINESHAVE A MISSION STATEMENT ONLINE BY THE END OFTHIS SESSIONPUBLISH A COMMUNITY-LED STORY BY NEXT SESSION
  10. 10. Independent study ● Draw up some simple terms and conditions for your site. What behaviour is encouraged? What is unacceptable? ● Write at least one post about the community-driven story you are pursuing. Continue to post updates as it develops. ● Make an effort to provide feedback to your community over the following weeks. Think about the following: ● Respond to comments, emails and other contacts ● Recognise contributions through showcasing the best in a regular post; commenting on it; or just paying a simple direct compliment. ● Revisit people you haven’t heard from in a while ● Review what’s happening on the site and give users an input ● Relate the latest news across the network
  12. 12. General housekeeping things● Bylines - your FULL NAME● Pictures - on EVERY POST● Spelling, grammar, punctuation - NO EXCUSES● URL structure - change it so its WORDS not code● Use Creative Commons licence notices properly: "Picture via (link: psmith) on Flickr on a Creative Commons licence)● Get a proper About page● CHANGE YOUR TAGLINE FROM "JUST ANOTHER WORDPRESS SITE" !● Put your twitter/facebook address on your homepage
  13. 13. cont... ● TWEET MORE (and follow more people and TALK TO THEM) ● TWEET LINKS TO YOUR CONTENT ● READ MORE (RSS reader?) ● Learn to link properly: ○ Highlight the words you want to be linked text, click the link button and paste in your link like this. ○ Or know the html (its easy): <a href="link">text thats visible to the user</a> ● Think about headlines - i.e. not boring!
  14. 14. Questions?