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Here's Patrick Rafter's Best Practices for LinkedIn Success:

The Six C’s:
1) Check it Out
2) Connect
3) Communicate
4) Contact
5) Community
6) Continue

It’s no secret formula… Do these regularly and you’ll succeed.

Happy Linking,
--Patrick Rafter
Boston's LinkedIn Expert

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  • Copyright 2010 Patrick Rafter/Valuecasters --- All rights reserved. © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved Contact Patrick Rafter:
  • To be successful with LinkedIn… you’ll need to do these 6 “C’s” regularly 1) Check out (Surf through LinkedIn and discover what’s there, what’s changing, who’s doing what” 2) Communicate with your Connections and others, as well as Groups You Belong to 3) Contact people you know and those you want to know 4) Connect by asking people to become one of your Connections and accepting their invitations to become their Connections 5) Participate in and Grow Online Communities 6) Continue, Continue, Continue
  • Remember Alec Baldwin’s classic scene in Glengarry Glen Ross where he chews out his team of loser salesmen? 3:29 minutes into the 7:22 minutes of his monologue, Baldwin’s character “Blake” points to his flip chart and reads: " A-I-D-A … Attention, interest, decision, action…” While the AIDA approach worked when Mamet’s play came out in 1992, it doesn’t fit with today’s service-driven need to connect and establishing value with prospects, customers, and partners.   Today’s successful companies creating valuable, sustainable relationships with customers, Now more than ever, your marketing, sales and customer service efforts should focus on “ engaging ” not selling.
  • Valuecasters’ recommended Best Practices for LinkedIn--The Six C’s: 1) Check it Out. 2) Connect, 3) Communicate, 4) Contact, 5) Community, 6) Continue. It’s no secret formula… Do These Regularly and You’ll Succeed
  • LinkedIn Best Practices

    1. 1. LinkedIn Best Practices: The 6 C’s Patrick Rafter Chief ValueCaster Valuecasters © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    2. 2. LinkedIn is a Continuous Process Valuecasters’ 6 “C’s” of Online Social 1 Networking Check Out 2 Communicate 6 3 Continue Contact 5 4 Community Connect © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    3. 3. 1) Check it out • Use LinkedIn’s amazing search functions to discover People & Groups • Advanced Search Find by searching key criteria: People, Companies, Locations, Groups, Keywords • The LI Profile: Awesome public source of free info TIPS: – Track People & Groups of interest in Word or Excel – Use Google & company websites to “fill in the blanks” – Create Outlook Contact files & paste info on your “targets” into them – Copy essential contact information for prospects into © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    4. 4. 2) Communicate • Through your Profile: – Post Updates and new content • Communicate with others – Participate in LinkedIn Questions & Answers – Start a Group conversation, post news (seen by all in the group) © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    5. 5. 3) Contact • Who do you want to contact? – Your Contacts – Contacts of your contacts – Members of a Group – Others • Before YOU contact them, ask yourself: “Do they want to hear from me?” © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    6. 6. 4) Connect “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it.” Benjamin Franklin When appropriate: Connect thru LinkedIn with those who know and respect you and who will see value in the connection LinkedIn Connections = A Trusted Network © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    7. 7. 5) Community • Online networks are like your hometown: – People who’ve come together – Places to do things and get things done – Rules govern what you do & what you shouldn’t do • The best online networks are communities – Members can all participate – Privacy is respected, Good behavior--expected – There’s a culture of giving and sharing © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    8. 8. 6) Continue: Practice these Six Steps for LinkedIn Success 1. Create a powerful Profile 2. Upload Contacts to LinkedIn 3. Explore LinkedIn & Connect with colleagues, classmates, partners, those who know you 4. Join LI Groups that fit your goals: Professional, Industry, Peers, Associates 5. Communicate, Contact & Connect with those who will see you as relevant & valuable 6. Continue to network and add value – Every day! © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved
    9. 9. Your Formula for LinkedIn Success + + Contact with = Respect Reward © Patrick Rafter-2010– All rights reserved