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10 Tips 4 Business Model Innovation


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How can you best do business model innovation? We selected 10 tips from our client work in the last 2 years to share with you. Njoy business modeling!

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10 Tips 4 Business Model Innovation

  1. 1. 10  tips  for  business  model  innovation  
  2. 2. In  the  last  2  years  we  have  been  working  with   more  than  40  international  clients  from  start-­‐ ups  to  corporate  organizations  on  business   modeling.  We  put  all  our  experiences  together   and  came  to  the  following  list  of  tips  for   business  model  innovation.   Njoy  business  modeling!  
  3. 3. 1   Tip  #  
  4. 4. Map  your  current  business   model  on  a  large  poster   with  3M  post  it  notes.  
  5. 5. It  is  important  to  start  with  your  current   business  model  first.  This  will  create  a  shared   language  with  your  team  members  AND   more  than  70%  find  opportunities  for   improvement.     Post  it  notes  that  stick  are  helpful  working  on   the  wall.  Sorry,  3M  works  best.        
  6. 6. 2   Tip  #  
  7. 7. Don’t  try  this  alone.  Let   your  colleagues  help  you!  
  8. 8. You’ll  get  much  better  and  faster  results  if  you   map  a  business  model  with  other  people  like   your  colleagues  or  team  members.  Different   perspectives  offer  new  interesting  insights.    
  9. 9. 3   Tip  #  
  10. 10. Visualize  your  business   model!  
  11. 11. After  you  have  put  the  post-­‐it  notes  on  the   business  model  canvas,  it  is  hard  to  explain   the  results  to  others.  Visualization  of  your   business  model  will  support  your  optimization   and  innovation  discussions.    
  12. 12. 4   Tip  #  
  13. 13. Translate  3  trends  into   your  business  model!  
  14. 14. Source:  
  15. 15. We  know  what’s  going  on  in  our  market  place.   But  do  we  translate  trends  and  developments   into  our  business  model?  Can  we  transform  it   into  value  for  our  (potential)  customers?   Translate  3  trends  into  your  business  model!  
  16. 16. 5   Tip  #  
  17. 17. Learn  from  other  business   models!  
  18. 18. Do  not  think  you  need  to  re-­‐invent  the  wheel.   Easyjet  learned  from  SouthWest…     If  you  model  other  business  models  in  to  the   canvas,  you  will  be  amazed  how  much  you   can  learn  from  them.    
  19. 19. 6   Tip  #  
  20. 20. Do  not  rely  on  1  model,   built  prototypes.  
  21. 21. The  world  is  not  predictable.  You  do  not  know   if  your  business  model  will  work.  Built   prototypes  to  shorten  time  to  market  and   learn  by  doing  building  business  model   prototypes.    
  22. 22. 7   Tip  #  
  23. 23. Apply  business  model   patterns  
  24. 24. What  happens  if  you  apply  business  model   patterns  to  your  business  model?  Does  the   longtail  affect  our  model?  What  happens  if  we   we  offer  things  for  free?    
  25. 25. 8   Tip  #  
  26. 26. Built  a  (self)  sustainable   business  model.  
  27. 27. Built  a  (self)  sustainable   business  model  
  28. 28. In  this  business  model  from  a  saw  mill  in   Tanzania,  the  chopped  wood  is  re-­‐planted.  By   this  means  the  business  model  is  self   sustainable.   Can  your  model  be  self-­‐sustainable?    
  29. 29. 9   Tip  #  
  30. 30. “Show  me  the  money!”  
  31. 31. If  your  business  model  will  not  make  any   money  today,  it  most  probably  won’t  do   tomorrow.  So,  “Show  me  the  money!”      
  32. 32. 10   Tip  #  
  33. 33. Consider  Beyond  Profit  
  34. 34. profit! potential! +! new school of old school conscientious corporations! entrepreneurs! social impact! −! +! potential! old school not- for-profits! −!
  35. 35. Nowadays  there  is  a  new  school  of   entrepreneurs  emerging.  Profit  with  a   purpose.     What  is  your  purpose  besides  profit?      
  36. 36. Ooops!  
  37. 37. Use  the  business  model   canvas  ;-­‐)  
  38. 38. The  
  39. 39. Try  to  explain  a  business  model  without  the   canvas…  This  one  might  look  obvious,  but  it   isn’t.  Use  the  business  model  canvas  for   business  model  innovation.    
  40. 40.