130130 luxinnovation -europeana cip ict psp workshop


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130130 luxinnovation -europeana cip ict psp workshop

  1. 1. The National library ofLuxembourg and Europeana Patrick Peiffer Bibliothèque nationale Luxembourg 30/01/2013 CIP ICT PSP Workshop – Chambre de Commerce Luxembourg
  2. 2. Plan Intro What does the National Library do in Europeana? Why do we participate in European projects?
  3. 3. Intro Job 1: Manager of the largest digital scientific library in Luxembourg, hosted an managed by national library: www.findit.lu , http://blog.findit.lu/start • Free public access to 50k eJournals, 80k eBooks and 350 reference platforms Job 2: Legal issues in digitisation and open access publishing: www.eluxemburgensia.lu • This is the link to Europeana
  4. 4. Europeana – the platform for digitisedcultural works www.europeana.eu Thousands of members: museums, archives and libraries Repertoire of 20+ million digitised works online Key player for standard setting and legal issues Very large and active Open Data platform
  5. 5. What did we do with Europeana? Started as passive participants in 2006 Active role 2009-2011: Leader of IPR Team Established licensing framework for Europeana • Public Domain policy: Charter/ Mark/ Calculator • Plenty of workshops and stakeholder consultation • Open data policy, live since 2011 • 2009-2011 results: http://www.europeanaconnect.eu/results-and-resources.p
  6. 6. www.outofcopyright.eu Goal is automatic calculation of copyright protection terms Analysis of 30 countries
  7. 7. What do we do with Europeana? Current project: “Europeana Awareness” 2012-2014 Member of same IPR team Tasks: Continuous refinement and of Europeana Licensing Framework, Guidelines and FAQ: http://pro.europeana.eu/web/guest/licensing Our focus is on “20th century black hole”: Pragmatic cross border solutions for rights clearance
  8. 8. Why do we participate in Europeana? Long term strategy Member of innovation network • Important to “land” results in own organisation • We “import” knowledge, add value and “export” it Exposure to many different stakeholders • Informs own implementations and national networks • www.eluxemburgensia.lu (note: new version in mid-February)
  9. 9. Next steps Building on “Extended Collective Licensing” report 2011: http://www.ivir.nl/publicaties/guibault/ECL_Europeana_final_report092011.pdf In-depth research on cross border solutions for rights clearance: 2013-2014: Europeana is financing a legal expert 2014: Publication of final report written by IvIR (Institute for Information Law), Amsterdam
  10. 10. Thanks for your attentionpatrick.peiffer@bnl.etat.lu@patrickpeiffer
  11. 11. LinksEuropeana Licensing Framework, Guidelines and FAQhttp://pro.europeana.eu/web/guest/licensingPublic Domain Calculatorwww.outofcopyright.euEuropeana Connect, coordinated by the Austrian national library, Results of WP lead by National library Luxembourghttp://www.europeanaconnect.eu/results-and-resources.php?page=8Europeana Awareness, coordinated by Europeana Foundation, current project of National library Luxembourghttp://pro.europeana.eu/web/europeana-awareness“This Painting is not available in your country”, Paul Mutant, CC BY-NC-NDhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/paulmutant/4992725876/2011 Cross-border extended collective licensing: a solution to online dissemination of Europe’s cultural heritage?, J. Axhamn and L.Guibault, http://www.ivir.nl/publicaties/guibault/ECL_Europeana_final_report092011.pdfNational library of Luxembourg digitisation websitehttp://www.eluxemburgensia.luNational library of Luxembourg digital scientific libraryhttp://findit.lu http://blog.findit.lu/start