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A brief set of slides presented to the attendees of the East Midlands Ecademy networking event in Derby in July 2009

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Ecademy Presentation

  1. 1. How to make the most of Ecademy from our “Making Plans” series of talks
  2. 2. I don’t work there... I can’t answer questions about: •Payments •Subscriptions •The owners •The future of Ecademy •Complaints about structure •Why things are the way they are... making plans
  3. 3. Tonight’s format • Assumptions – On Ecademy or can find Ecademy – You’ll be a PowerNetworkers – You can follow the on-screen instructions • 15 minutes • Question-and-answer session making plans
  4. 4. Membership levels - quickly FREE £10 a month plus VAT £140 a month including VAT Full list of features making plans
  5. 5. What’s the point...? Why bother with Ecademy? •Networking further and wider •Market your business to a wider audience •Use it as part of your SEO strategy •Gain knowledge, support •Sell stuff! making plans
  6. 6. Profiles • Social rules apply! • Think it through • Make it visually appealing and interesting; get help if necessary • Photo – of you • SEO Keywords & Description • 50 Words (see also Most popular 50 words page) making plans
  7. 7. Your signature • Appears after blog posts, articles, comments and other content that you add to Ecademy • What does your signature look like? making plans
  8. 8. Other settings • Privacy and Display • Email and Notifications • Your status and location – See also Everyone’s Status page • Twitter authorisation making plans
  9. 9. External web content Manage your external feeds and appear more frequently on Ecademy home page making plans
  10. 10. Commenting • It’s a social network • Comment constructively or appreciatively or don’t comment • Don’t comment just to get a link • Use saved searches to find blogs to comment on making plans
  11. 11. Spotlights • Your own spotlight • Whose spotlights are you in? making plans
  12. 12. Marketplace • Public listings • Don’t just sell, give away • Two marketing truths • Add a listing making plans
  13. 13. Own your own club • Give it away – yes again! • Name • Free entry • Get all contacts in • Let people know that they can contribute • Have a presence making plans
  14. 14. Blogs • Blog effectively • Blog what you know • Tell people • Forward links to relevant media companies • Add information at the bottom about contacting you to reprint or reproduce making plans
  15. 15. Conclusion • Takes effort • Ongoing effort • Rewards are worth it • It’s about networking so it’s about building a name and building trust making plans
  16. 16. UnderDesign Ltd Ecademy is only one of over 400 social networks on the Internet; UnderDesign is a social media management company that exists to help you make sense of it. Talk to us; you’ll be surprised what we can do for your business. making plans