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XP3 - Category Management Solution


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XP3 propels Category Management initiatives by organizing strategic intelligence, reducing efforts and combining shopper insights with Category Management. Full integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel eliminates workflow redundancy while uniquely enhancing the creation of customized dynamic reports and presentations.

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XP3 - Category Management Solution

  2. 2. NO ONE HAS TIME You have your hands full Your employees have to-do lists on their to-do lists Your family called Your client called The world called
  3. 3. IN A PERFECT WORLDWould you rather spend your time…Performing repetitive tasks? or Generating creative ideas?
  4. 4. THIS IS WHERE WE COME INInteractive Edge has been a leading solutionsprovider to the Consumer Goods industry forover 17 years and have built & improved aplatform that continues to meet the changingneeds of your market. We understand the evolution from data to strategy to action and present a faster way for your organization to get there.
  5. 5. The XP3 SOLUTIONXP3 Suite is a platform of dynamic dataprocessing, analysis and authoring tools that canbe the pathway to getting your entireorganization to act in a morestrategic, creative, and efficient manner.
  6. 6. What Is XP3?XP3 Suite is a Microsoft Office based presentation and reporting solution thattransforms data into actionable insights. Combining a powerful data analysisengine with flexible, easy-to-use front end tools, XP3 improves the quality anddevelopment speed of data intensive Excel reports and PowerPointPresentations.This gives business users the ability to quickly, efficiently and effectivelyleverage virtually any data to create, apply and distribute best practiceanalytics to capitalize on insights that lead to increased sales and profits.
  7. 7. YOUR COMPANY + XP3Analytic intelligence with dynamic, one-click information updates. This allows you to meet increasing demands while simplifying effort.Ability to access & interpret data from virtually any stream, andoutput customized reports and presentations. The growing diversity of information will no longer pose a challenge.The tools to structure business data & marketing resources in anintuitive manner, with flexibility and easy updates. This eliminates redundancy in data and productivity.Full integration with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel. By leveraging software that your team already uses, we ensure a narrow learning curve, while simplifying workflow and empowering output.
  8. 8. WHAT ARE THE RESULTS? Clear comprehensible visibility into key MANAGEMENT areas of your business Robust analysis, automating redundantBUSINESS ANALYSTS tasks, delegating updates, smart text, one-click refresh, multiple presentation generation Dynamic content updating, one-click SALES TEAM refresh, access to best-in-class analysis and brand standards Standardizing data presentations and CUSTOMERS reports, custom-tailored to each objective
  9. 9. XP3 CUSTOMERSOur customers consist of consumable goods, automotive and durable goods. Bump Williams Consulting
  10. 10. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING“This tool saves me hundreds of hours every month! As a vendor representing a broadportfolio of products, it is important for Newell Rubbermaid to efficiently analyze massiveamounts of data and serve up business insights that are relevant to our retail partners. XP3helps my team do exactly that by taking the manual work out of creating analytic content andpresentations and giving non-technical users almost unlimited flexibility to drill into businessissues on-the-fly. The speed and quality of the insights we can deliver when leveraging thiskind of technology is a true competitive advantage.” Steve Sigrist, Vice President of Sales Operations Walmart Division“XP3 provides seamless data flow between corporate and remote users and delivers highlyflexible and customizable reports with an easy to use, intuitive interface that allows end-usersto change data on-the-fly.” Rob Conder, Director Business Analytics and Data Integration
  11. 11. WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING“Having an engine that sits atop multiple data bases that enables compelling stories to bepresented with great speed is the start to an insight deployment strategy. Without having thistype of engine, a support person may spend a week or more building a compelling sales deckfor a retailer. With this type of engine, that same deck can be both built and populated as wellas being 80 percent analyzed in just minutes versus days which is truly a Best Practice.Interactive Edge is the leading company that has developed this type of engine. It is the BestPractice within the CPG Industry in being a focal point of any Insight Deployment Strategy.” Craig Hodnett, Senior Director Category Insights“The Strategic Insights Team is able to spend more time on value-added customer activitiessince XP3 began rolling through the organization, allowing for more face time with thecustomer on collaborative planning. They are thrilled that some of the analytical heavy liftingis now being done centrally. The increased focus on the customer allows them to not onlydeliver more and deliver better insights, but they are building better, mutually beneficialrelationships with the customer.” Carol Stephany-Burns, Category Insights Analyst – Strategic Insights
  12. 12. Built to Reflect The Way You Do BusinessIRI Panel Shipments POS ACNielsen Spectra Data Updates Presentation Updates Data Analysts Category Managers, Presentation Account Executives, Customer, Retailer Business Support, IT Developers, Business Support Field Sales, Brokers Distributor Integrate & Develop Insights & Customize Manage Data Recommendations & Present
  13. 13. XP3 Presentation BuilderCharting, analysis and presentation component fully integrated with MicrosoftPowerPoint. XP3 Presentation Builder helps category managers and businessanalysts create best practice, turn-key presentations that include dynamiccharts, graphs, maps and Intelligent TextIntelligent Text – Easily create robust, logical statements that automatically interpret key findings and dynamically update along with data selectionsPresentation Generation – Automatically populate multiple data-driven presentation scenarios with unique insights for the specific retailers, distributorsXP3 Turbo Templates – Leverage the extensive library of expertly defined analysis slides
  14. 14. XP3 Quick PicksEliminate workflow redundancy and provide greater accuracyin presentation contentExpert data knowledge from top level strategists is easily delegated across teams • No need to understand the naming convention of diverse data sources • Default competitive selections and retailer logos are automatically selectedCombine Category Management with your Shopper Insights to create ready to use presentations with fact-driven insight as well as qualitative intelligence such as research and marketing material • Presentation content is tailored upon specific strategies in order to address current retail situations
  15. 15. XP3 Data ToolsXP3’s back-end consists of powerful tools for the loading, integration andmanagement of data.XP3 Data Integrator – Facilitates the creation of mapping databases which are used to integrate multiple data sources into combined cubes so users can incorporate multiple data sources on a single chart, graph or reportXP3 Data Workshop – Load and manage custom data views with hierarchies and segments that accurately reflect the different views of the dataXP3 Dimensional Data Loader – Easily load, transform and aggregate data from virtually any format without pre-processing or cleansing
  16. 16. XP3 Report Builder OverviewBuilding Queries – Build complex queries using an intuitive wizard interfaceDynamic Pivot Tables – Construct enhanced Pivot Tables that are based on exactly the data you wantOne-Click Refresh – Update your entire report with the latest data with one clickGlobal Selections – Create reports customized to individual brands with a single mouse clickReport Generation – Automate creation of whole categories of reports from a single location
  17. 17. XP3 Brand BuilderImprove the efficiency of sales presentations and the speed to insights forretail partners through Flash-based PowerPoint templatesMarketing Calendar - Dynamically displaymarketing programs from national to retailer-specificSell Sheet Builder - Intuitively build sell sheets that join various shippers or displays with corresponding promotional materialsVisual Merchandiser - Easily build displays through drag and drop functionality in various retail environments by selecting shelving options and product imagesVideo List Builder - Create video playlists of marketing collateral and view them within your PowerPoint presentation
  18. 18. Industry RecognitionConsumer Goods Technology Reader’s Choice Award 2012 – Named by CGT readers as Top 10 Provider for Demand Data AnalyticsSAP TechEd DemoJam Winner 2007 / SAP DemoJam Presenter 2008 – The winning presentation demonstrated how to leverage XP3 to connect data-intensive Microsoft PowerPoint presentations directly to SAP NetWeaver BI and automatically generate insightful and visually attractive customer-specific sales decks including charts, graphs and analysis based on real-time dataSelected to Be Member of SAP Industry Value Network for Consumer Products – The IVN brings SAP together with SAP customers and partners to focus on key priority business needs and opportunities in the consumer products industry and based upon SAP customer feedback and nominationsMicrosoft Certified Partner – Partnership is based on the demonstrated commitment to delivering value to clients and the successful completion of third- party compatibility testing of XP3 – Participation in the program allows Interactive Edge to develop and present advanced data analysis and business intelligence solutions for clients utilizing Microsoft Office applications in integration with Microsoft Analysis ServicesContinuous Category Management Whitepaper – Written in collaboration with Brian Harris, Co-Founder of The Partnering GroupSAPPHIRE Presenter – Presented with Newell Rubbermaid how XP3 has driven bottom-line growth with their key leading retailersGartner MarketScope for Sales Force Automation in the Consumer Goods Industry – “Interactive Edge is a mainstay of the technology-enabled category management and product category data analytics space with its XP3 product.” – Rating: Positive
  19. 19. GET TO THE IDEAS! Reach out to us & Let us change the way you work! v. 646.429.1618