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Videos: The get codestatic Video getVideoByUUID(UUID videoId, Keyspace keyspace){ Video video = new Video(); //Create a slice query. Well be getting specific column names SliceQuery<UUID, String, String> sliceQuery = HFactory.createSliceQuery(keyspace, uuidSerializer, stringSerializer, stringSerializer); sliceQuery.setColumnFamily("videos"); sliceQuery.setKey(videoId); sliceQuery.setColumnNames("videoname","username","description","tags"); // Execute the query and get the list of columns ColumnSlice<String,String> result = sliceQuery.execute().get(); // Get each column by name and add them to our video object video.setVideoName(result.getColumnByName("videoname").getValue()); video.setUsername(result.getColumnByName("username").getValue()); video.setDescription(result.getColumnByName("description").getValue()); video.setTags(result.getColumnByName("tags").getValue().split(",")); return video;} You can implement the set…

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