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Labor Ready

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Us Sales Folder Rev

  1. 1. WORK.We put people to 365
  2. 2. Partner with the nation’s hardest-working labor company. We’ll supply the elbow grease to help your business grow. Every day, thousands of Labor Ready temporary employees help businesses succeed. And each day, our Labor Ready branch staff provides jobs for people willing and able to perform an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. That’s what we consider our greatest success: We put people to work like no 225K other company, and we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth to everyone involved. Labor Ready perfected the on-demand business model for temporary help, establishing the world’s largest general labor work force. Because of our expert management of this resource, Labor ReadyWe serve more customers annually can respond to your general labor needs. Our capabilities include: than any other labor company. ■ Quick response, including early mornings and weekends. __________________________________________________________________________ 450K ■ Placement of large numbers of people in general labor positions for all industries. __________________________________________________________________________ ■ Specialization in tough-to-fill, high-turnover positions. __________________________________________________________________________ That’s how many workers weput to work every year – more than any other labor company. When it comes to labor, we know one size does not fit all. Each year, Labor Ready dispatches approximately 450,000 temporary employees to jobs in waste and recycling, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, auto services, events and hospitality, construction, retail support and more. More than 225,000 businesses of all sizes throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico use Labor Ready when they need a dependable source of labor. We take pride in quickly matching the right temporary employee with the right job. That means not only knowing our workers strengths – it also means knowing the business needs, policies and working styles of every one of our customers. When you work with Labor Ready, your account team will ask the questions and do the homework necessary to know your business at a level that helps ensure that the temporary employees we send are the ideal fit for your company. Whatever your line of work, your Labor Ready team will make sure that all temporary employees are selected according to your criteria and are prepared and ready to meet your particular objectives from the minute they arrive. We put people to work. 800-24-L ABOR
  3. 3. When we filla pair of boots,we know who’s in them. Right Match Dispatch We do not send out workers first come, first served. Our application process identifies the past work experience of every prospective temporary employee. This allows us to make sure that we are matching the right workers and abilities to your job requirements. Behavioral Screening Labor Ready utilizes the services of American Tescor, Inc., the innovative leader in electronic pre-employment screening, to effectively reduce employment risk. The 73-question Tescor survey assesses behavior, not personality, and screens for violence, drug use, theft, lying and entitlement mentality. The Tescor process meets all state and federal hiring guidelines and provides instant results – 24 hours a day. Background Checks and Drug Screening In addition to our standard screening process, Labor Ready has the resources to provide companies with background checks and drug screening upon the request of the customer. By working closely with the customer, Labor Ready can custom-design the background checks and drug tests to meet all customer requirements. These tests are provided by Labor Ready at a cost to the customer. ICE/IMAGE Partnership Labor Ready is committed to meeting all U.S. employment eligibility and identity requirements. Our branch staff is trained to properly complete I-9 forms and ensure that temporary employees present the necessary documents. Labor Ready, and its parent company, TrueBlue, have been recognized by Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s IMAGE program as a leader in setting standards designed to prevent unauthorized employment in the United States. As an IMAGE partner, Labor Ready is implementing guidelines and best practices designed to ensure that workers are properly documented. We put people to work. 800-24-L ABOR
  4. 4. Over 600 locations to serve you.In all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, youre never far from a Labor Ready team that can supplythe dependable labor and expertise you need for any job — from on-demand to planned staffing, Workers ready to go. Expert staff ready to help. Customized Labor Solutions Labor Ready provides more than just one staffing option. We partner with your company to discover the right labor formula to optimize your business. Often that is a combination of our three1 worker or 100, at a single location or many. Visit and use our branch locator major find a branch near you or call 800-24-LABOR to be connected to your closest branch. ■ On-demand Labor - Workers available 24/7. Our workers are available every day to help businesses like yours with immediate staffing needs. __________________________________________________________________________ ■ Temporary Help - Plan ahead for the expected. Labor Ready can fill your anticipated labor needs for events such as vacations, holidays, planned absences, special projects and seasonal work so your business doesn’t have to slow down. __________________________________________________________________________ ■ On-going Staffing - As your business partner, we can recruit and hire the workers you need to staff on-going and hard to fill positions. Well complete all your company’s necessary background and drug test requirements and save you time and money by providing centralized billing and ordering. __________________________________________________________________________ Online Account Management We offer complete online account management through our website, Our online services include the following: ■ Order workers online and monitor your orders. __________________________________________________________________________ ■ Invoices available for review. __________________________________________________________________________ ■ Make your payments online by credit card. __________________________________________________________________________ ■ E-billing: Have your bills e-mailed to you instead of getting them by mail. __________________________________________________________________________ We put people to work. 800-24-L ABOR
  5. 5. We careabout our workers. Safety At Labor Ready, we make the safety of our workers a top priority. All temporary employees are sent with the required personal protective equipment (PPE) for their jobs as described by our customers. When workers fill out an application, they must also take a safety test. Safety films are also shown daily in all of the Labor Ready branches. Temporary employees must call in or report daily to the branch prior to their scheduled work assignments. Branch staff can then assess the individuals and ensure that workers have the necessary PPE. We also have a team of highly trained Field Safety Specialists who work with our branches and our customers to ensure a safe environment for everyone. No Hiring Fees Labor Ready firmly believes in doing everything in its power to help our workers grow both personally and professionally, and we do not stand in the way of their success. If one of our temporary employees is fortunate enough to be offered a full-time position, we do not charge any fees to the worker or our customer if the worker accepts the position. Worker Testimonials Johnny Mitchell, Temporary Employee, Seattle –“If it wasn’t for Labor Ready, there is no telling where I would be – probably unemployed or still looking for a job. Labor Ready is all about giving you opportunities to prove yourself.” Phil Paradisio, Temporary Employee, Fullerton –“The thing I like most about Labor Ready is they’re behind me. If, for instance, I was laid off at a temporary job, they would work hard to find me another job. There’s a lot of security in that. Labor Ready has allowed me the opportunity to get back on my feet and get a full-time job – a job I love.” We put people to work. 800-24-L ABOR
  6. 6. We stand tallbehind our promises. President’s Guarantee “If you are unhappy with any temporary employee, for any reason, notify Labor Ready within the first two-hour period. You will not be billed for that temporary employee, and we will send out a replacement immediately.” – Wayne Larkin, President of Labor Ready Customer Service We view our customers as trusted partners and are committed to providing the best service in the industry. To monitor our service delivery to our customers, we have implemented an ongoing service tracking program. We have hired an independent third-party research company to conduct dozens of phone and online interviews each month with randomly selected customers. The input we receive from our customers is used by our team to continually improve and customize our services. Customer Testimonials Lary Edgell, Hickory Farms –“The crew we had was very good. They arrived on time, took directions very well, worked hard, and looked for tasks constantly. We were able to unload the truck and stage the product in just under an hour and a half. They were professional and seemed to really care about what they were asked to do. Additionally, I had the area supervisor from Labor Ready contact me during their shift to see how things went. The program worked great and made my first setup with Hickory Farms very smooth and efficient.” Andy Lazar, Trooper Transport –“Thanks to Labor Ready, my business of delivering and setting up medical equipment is booming. Not only has my gross increased, my net (the number that counts) has doubled. Where in the past I had to pay one person to ride for 500 miles to a delivery and work for four hours and pay them to ride home, now I’m sending one person out to do the driving and utilizing Labor Ready for assistance once we get to the delivery city. That also allows me to use the other person to make more deliveries somewhere else. Thanks again!” We put people to work. 800-24-L ABOR
  7. 7. OUR MISSION:We put people to WORK.The company was founded as Labor Ready, Inc. in 1989 in Kent, Wash. It started as a smalloperation with a vision to provide companies of all sizes with dependable temporary labor.The company expanded to Canada in 1994. We have grown to become a publicly traded,financially strong, multinational organization with headquarters in Tacoma, Wash. In 2007,the parent corporation was renamed TrueBlue, Inc. to reflect the company’s expandingfamily of brands.Our Mission and Values guide our day-to-day business dealings and are helping usachieve Our Vision: “To be the leading provider of general labor and be recognized forthe positive difference we make.” | BE TRUE OUR V AL UES: | BE PASSIONATE | BE RESPONSIBLE | BE CREATIVE | BE RESPECTFUL
  8. 8. Labor Ready WORKis proud to be part ofthe TrueBlue family.TrueBlue offers the blue-collar marketplace a go-to staffing provider. With three lines ofbusiness – General Labor, Light Industrial and Skilled Trades – the TrueBlue family provides Let’s get to work.individuals with opportunities for growth and businesses with the help they need to succeedin today’s competitive environment.The companies in our family are known for their market leadership in everything fromgeneral labor to specialty services. This includes more than 20 years’ experience indelivering a dependable work force and outstanding customer service. TrueBlue is committedto growing stronger by focusing on what we know best – the world of blue-collar work.For more information, visit
  9. 9. Our workers performhundreds of jobs inindustries that include:Waste and RecyclingManufacturingWarehousingLogisticsAuto ServicesConstructionRetail SupportEvents and Hospitalityand more 01757_0510