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Bls reports january retail growth


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In higher-than-average numbers, the economy added 33,000 jobs in retail last month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. January’s retail employment growth reflected hiring trends on

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Bls reports january retail growth

  1. 1. BLS Reports January Retail Growth, Reflecting Jobs Data onSellingCrossing.comIn higher-than-average numbers, the economy added 33,000 jobs in retail last month,according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. January’s retail employment growth reflectedhiring trends on, CA (PRWEB) February 09, 2013 -- The retail industry added 33,000 jobs last month, according tothe Bureau of Labor Statistics. January’s higher-than-average job gains reflected hiring trends employment rose in January, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. January registeredhigher than normal numbers, with 33,000 jobs added in retail, compared with the 2012 average of 20,000 jobsadded per month. Sectors that did particular well included motor vehicle and parts dealers, which added 7,000jobs; electronics and appliance stores, which added 5,000 jobs; and clothing stores, which added 10,000 jobs.The fact that these gains came in January, after the holiday season, is a positive sign that the jobs added weremore permanent fixtures, and not the result of seasonal fluctuations. Retail hiring tends to go up at the end ofthe year as stores hire temporary workers to meet the holiday rush. January is typically a month when thesenumbers drop off again. The fact that retail employment actually grew in January is a signal that the gains werefor long-term positions.The BLS figures mirrored hiring trends on, a top job site for sales and retail positions. Asof this week, a total of 288,331 retail jobs were listed on the site, a staggering number that represents nearly 10percent of the total jobs currently listed in its affiliate sites. Within the listings, the greatest demand was formanagerial-level positions, with 69,045 openings for retail managers and 22,084 jobs for retail store managers.The demand for higher management retail employees disputes the common misconception that retail jobs areonly for entry-level workers. While the retail sector can be great for those seeking temporary or summeremployment, or for those launching entry-level careers, people forget that it can and often does lead to morelucrative positions. Many people in senior management, even CEOs and company presidents, started off asretail workers at some point in their careers. Companies often promote from within their entry-level employeepool when finding talent for more senior or managerial positions. Job seekers considering long-term careers at aparticular company should not neglect the potential of starting off in a retail position. Employees who arewilling to work hard and prove their worth are often rewarded with long-term, extremely viable careers.Retail job gains are also a positive sign that consumer confidence is returning and people are more inclined tospend money. “The fact that retail is bouncing back is a great signal that the overall economy is improving,”noted Harrison Barnes, CEO of “If this trend keeps up, we can expect it to translate into alot of job growth in the retail industry.”About is a job search site based in Pasadena, CA. It is a part of the Employment ResearchInstitute and owned by A. Harrison Barnes.PRWeb ebooks - Another online visibility tool from PRWeb
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