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Breakkie with a_techie_program_schedule

  1. 1. Griffith High SchoolTechnology Support Program DER NSW
  2. 2. Shift HappensClick the image to view an informative outlook on Technology
  3. 3. Schedule Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9
  4. 4. Week 1, 12 OctoberIntroduction to integrating technology web 2.0 tools into the classroom.
  5. 5.  Try to keep the same usernames and passwords when creating web accounts. It saves time and your memory but please remember to never give your account details to anyone and if you need to keep a list of your details keep them in a safe place. See next page for sites to create.Create usernames and passwordsfor the following sites
  6. 6.          GHS Moodle= MUST BE CREATED  Audacity
  7. 7. Week 2, 19 October Using wikispaces and widgets Click here to watch this video about using wikispaces +Resources
  8. 8. Widgets and Wikispaces You would have previously created these accounts. Now open your wikispace and create another page. In edit mode we will be inserting a widget from This is the link to my wikispace. I have used this all year for all my classes including PLT at GHS and TAFE classes
  9. 9. Widgets and Wikispaces cont…Widgets are usually video files, slide shows, power point presentations and otherMedia. To insert a widget click the edit button on page then widget button.Your inserted widget will look like this until the page is saved.
  10. 10. Week 3, 26 October Smartboard tools with laptops For example lessons click the link below Click here to watch video on several features of smart software. ter/flash/scs_online_res_collection/scs_online_resour ce_collection.htm
  11. 11. Smart Clickers This link provides a demonstration of the Smart Response PE system to create quizzes and other features. /responsedemo/index.html This software can help create and evaluate student progress and manage classroom data. Check out the rest of the page for templates and resources for your classroom ideas.
  12. 12. Week 4, 2 November Microsoft wordCreating Table of contents Bookmarks BibliographyThese tools can be beneficial for middle to seniorclasses in all faculties.
  13. 13. Week 5, 9 November Create a Glogster account ( A glogster account provides a poster-like page that allows you to upload links, and other multimedia content. This resource is also a also a cool site for students to load their portfolios. Click this link to view the glog I have started hie/ Also look at other glogsters for more teaching and resources ideas.
  14. 14. Week 6, 16 November Microsoft OneNote You will create a lesson using OneNote and insert categories and tabs as well as add in multimedia features. Watch the tutorial for ideas. tutorials/266- 0.html?AWKeyWord=office&gclid=CIH69eO926sCFY VV4godbHjLNQ
  15. 15. Week 7, 23 November Moodle sites are a managed by the department of education. At present they are not as attractive or interactive as some of the web tools we have explored but their content is safely managed Create moodle and class content. Embed widgets. Manage class content, embed quizzes you have created and any other content you wish to include in the learner managed system.
  16. 16. Week 8, 30 November Web 2.0 Ipad Resources for the classroom These links contain comprehensive lists of ipad resources for your specific faculties. Add them to your own diigo site
  17. 17. Week 9, 7 December This site provides an electronic based delivery and records similar to a wikispace but provide more functionality for reporting and step by step delivery. Options include: Week by week or lesson by lesson views, completion date functionality, widget uploads, and student uploads.
  18. 18. Week 10, 14 DecemberAdobe Captivate (Screen capture software and simulation creator)