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Patrick Kramer Starbucks Mobile Marketing Proposal


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Quick concept for a low cost integrated mobile marketing campaign to introduce a new Starbucks app in Switzerland.

Patrick Kramer Starbucks Mobile Marketing Proposal

  1. 1. INTEGRATED MOBILE MARKETING PROPOSAL FOR THEINTRODUCTION OF THE NEW MYSTARBUCKS MOBILE APPPatrick Kramer, Independent Digital Marketing ConsultantPresented to: Alberto Benbunan, CMO, and Marketing Team Starbucks SwitzerlandDate: 16 March, 2011
  2. 2. AGENDAClient Profile and Mandate 3Target Product 5Target Market 7Proposed Media Mix 10Performance Measurement 13
  3. 3. Starbucks Switzerland In March 2001, first continental Starbucks coffeehouse was opened in Zurich. By 2008 44 more had been opened in various Swiss cities and towns. Starbucks plans to open further coffeehouses wherever people regularly get together. Mission Become the “third place”: after home and office, and be the third most important place in people’s lives. Be a haven of comfort and wellbeing in the midst of hectic everyday life, allowing visitors to relax. Offer a wide range of drinks including coffee together with a variety of pastries, sandwiches and snacks. Promote Fair Trade-certified coffee brands.
  4. 4. Mandate Support Starbucks to introduce the new MyStarbucks Mobile App in Switzerland • Target Segment: Women, Age 18 to 36 • Budget: US$ 20,000 • Other Media used: Print/Online Goals Redefine direct marketing strategy by considering a more integrated approach based on both traditional and digital advertising media. Use this opportunity to assess Starbucks´ overall media mix.  Leverage mobile media as instrumental component of the marketing campaign.
  5. 5. Our product…
  6. 6. The Mobile Starbucks App 1. Choose your favorite 3. Join us and share with friends  Branded app to manage and maximize the relationship with customers by providing added value  Prepare the ground for Starbucks Mobile Card
  7. 7. Our target market…
  8. 8. Women, Age 18-36Anna: 19 year old Student. Loves to spend her study and spare time at Starbucks.Judith: 25 year old Graduate. Gets everyday a nice Latte on her way to work.Pia: 31 year old Professional. Just got married and loves to meet friends at Starbucks.Claudia: 36 year old full-time Mother. On Saturdays her hubby takes the kids so she enjoys some relaxed quality time at Starbucks.  Who is missing?
  9. 9. HubbyUrs: He is also a Starbucks fan and shares many special and proud moments of his life with his friends network on Facebook and sometimes also more broadly using Twitter or YouTube. He is quite into technology gadgets and loves his smartphone, always looking for the latest apps…
  10. 10. Proposed Media Mix…
  11. 11. Integrated Media Mix Traditional Digital Mobile • Face to Face • Online • SMS/MMS • Print • Email • Tweets • Point of Sales • Search • Coupons/Vouchers • Coupons/Vouchers • Coupons/Vouchers • Geotargeting • Loyalty Program… • • CRM • Social Media… • Social Media… High Cost of Conversion Low  We need to optimize the return on the given budget…
  12. 12. Media Student Graduate Worker Mother Hubby CostVerbal @POS: Baristas @POS: @POS: @POS: @POS: No incremental Baristas Baristas Baristas BaristasPrint @POS: @POS: @POS: @POS: @POS: No incremental Loyalty cards, Loyalty cards, Loyalty cards, Loyalty cards, Loyalty cards, Receipts, Receipts, Receipts, Receipts, Receipts, Displays Displays Displays Displays Displays Articles in Articles in Articles in No incremental commuter Lifestyle mags Technology mags magsOnline WIFI log in, Facebook, E-Newsletter, Homepage, WIFI log in, No incremental Homepage, Tweets, Tweets E-Newsletter, Homepage, Facebook, E-Newsletter Facebook, Facebook, E-Newsletter Tweets Tweets Interview in Interview in Interview in No incremental influential blog influential influential (exclusive) with beta blog with beta blog with beta download download downloadMobile Push SMS to Push SMS to Push SMS to Push SMS to Push SMS to US$ 5,000 club users club users club users club users club users (20,000@2,5ct) Check in @SB Check in @SB Check in @SB Check in @SB Check in @SB US$ 15,000 (Win and share the and share the and share the and share the and share the Free coffee for a best drink/ best drink/ best drink/ best drink/ best drink/ full Year or 2 refer app refer app refer app refer app refer app coffees for 1 e- competition competition competition competition competition coupons)  Goal: Increase Number of App Downloads!
  13. 13. How we will measure ROI…
  14. 14. Performance ControlPerformance of the campaign will be measured based on ROI metrics using off- andonline research and analytics:Overall ROI:Number of App DownloadsTarget Audience Impact (survey of communication recognition and recall amongtarget audiences) Brand Impact (customer awareness, trial and satisfaction) Sales Volume in target marketDigital Media ROI: Participation (conversions: number of consumers downloading app andparticipating in competition, click through rates, number of unique visitors on brandedhomepage and Facebook fan page) Sharing (number or percentage of consumers who forward information to theirsocial networks and type of networks.) Receptivity (number of consumers who opt-in to receive brand information ) Level of Buzz (number of likes/dislikes, comments, feedbacks, social bookmarks,feedbacks, pick-ups, references, referrals etc.) Co-creation (number of customers postings to website)
  15. 15. Need help to implement this proposal?Contact Patrick Kramer at