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GYC + SiG + thmvmnt


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GYC + SiG + thmvmnt

  1. 1. There is a better way to tell the inspiring story of a community, and to continue that story through action. The side effect is the ability to measure & understand the change happening around us.
  2. 2. 20 x GYC SiG The Players Audiences & Actors Community Leaders Change Enablers Action leads to under- Conditions are ripe, Change without refer- standing contrary to people are ready, tools ence is like a star with- popular belief are needed out a solar system The jury is in. Action comes before thought. We don’t need to make leaders, we don’t need Business knows to improve something you We tend to justify our actions after the fact, to make communities. We need to work with need to measure it. If social impact and which highlights why activating a community these existing networks and individuals to involvement is measured effectively, then we around betterment is such a crucial endeavour. inspire effective action. can pioneer models for application in other situations. In many cases this is already happening, but A leader’s main role is to say what everyone is we know that a crowded restaurant only gets thinking, to listen then voice the values of all. Organizations funding change need metrics to more so, and a quite one lags behind. Commu- The web accelerates our ability to listen, low- guide their decisions. Leaders need feedback nity actors, and those with the potential to act, cost rich media allows a leader to convey an as to how to improve their approach. The com- need to see what others are doing, they need ongoing narrative of challenges & accomplish- munity needs authentic input into decisions. to be inspired. We can’t force people to act, ment. The tools exist to connect people with This is achievable. The web offers us a track- nor do we want to, but we know that visibility both action and each other. But they need to able source for quantiative interactions, and a of action will inspire others. be applied iteratively to make it work. conversational space for qualitative feedback.
  3. 3. Audiences At the GYC you’re working on some- & Actors thing that matters, we want to help. Betterment Enablers A lot of other people want to help too. this is where we work …along with a few people at your organization and a section of community lead- ers, so that we can make an impact for the grassroots Community youth collaborative. Leaders
  4. 4. When people are inspired by the You tell the story of the GYC. story of others, they get involved. We build a tool to inspire action. The audience views stories, but also The community becomes a become actors in the ongoing story. valuable contributor, inspiring Through usage patterns we see what’s missing. We address a others to do the same. problem by formulating a knowingly simplistic solution then revise. We gather qualitative feedback from the people who have been participating. Flag improvements, and begin the next iteration.
  5. 5. As an enabler you need... As a community leader you need... be aware evalute outcomes encourage success ongoing narrative ...surface opporuntity ...inspire action You need to know Inputs, outputs, conse- Encouragement comes Update the community Connect people to Follow up stories with what’s going on right quences, impact. in many forms: Money, through the web each other actionable options now. As an enabler, you need to know the best place time, resources. Its as simple as making a video every couple of Often as a leader you are a bottle neck. There Inspiration is not the same thing as action. to intervene. Plotting what the catalysts were days. When you let others know what you’re are so many demands on the person in the There is a gap between the two which is only Twitter, facebook, and all the other networks in a larger ecosystem can be very difficult if When you begin to measure involvement by working on, and how they can help, they will. centre, that there are sure to be missed oppor- filled by opportunity, and often encouragment. have brought one thing to bear: the activity of not impossible. seeing who is doing what, you can see where The first step is transparency, the second is tunities. As a leader, you need to pull the people from others. When we can understand what others impact is really happening. This means you can engagement. just being an audience to being players in are doing, we can check oursleves, and either By using the web to keep a constant trace on scale up successes and mitigate failure. From Use the web to profile people. When you talk these stories of success. join in or do something different. what is being done, and by allowing continual microloans to advise, there are many ways to Though the web is accessible to all, it takes about specific people, what they’re working on, feedback, tracking progress can be helpful for encourage success. Understanding what suc- some novelty to get people involved. Creat- and what they can do, others pay attention. After showing stories of current and past This activity also acts as a back-stream to all involved. Whether at the beginning, middle, cess looks like is the first step, and for that you ing compelling messages can be done through Introductions are the first part of a conversa- initiatives, make sure to provide a space for understand a year later what actually occurred. or end of a project, we can add in measure to need eyes. passionate voices. Creating a compelling con- tion, and that holds true online as well. people to act. And when this action is taken, It is not a replacement for reports, but rather monitor the pulse of this initiative. tainer can be designed for these messages. remember to profile those involved. to aid. Micro-encouragement can come on a daily We can create a place for the community to basis both from the enablers and the commu- We can pull content from existing introduce themselves to each other. We can create a place beside each story, so nity itself. Most social networks build in a way networks(facebook, youtube) and customize it that those inspired can action their intent. to give kudos, digg, or like contributions. This to the purposes of the GYC. gives an overall understanding of what’s worth investigating.
  6. 6. 7 The Methodology Final 5 Artifact Group 4 Activation 6 Behaviour Measurement detail demo 1 2 3 Intervention explain & Analytics document The final artifact of this process Draw Facilitate Summarize elicit espy could be a book, website, build- ing, or event. We detail that to Interest Conversation Insight intend We explain how to use the new record report the larger world, and demo it for adoption. To share the learning, invent process in the community. Implic- review we document the process and the innovate itly we elicit behaviour we’d like to see. We can now observe and final outcome. invite congregate recount Each intervention has metrics To begin improving this issue or espy how this innovation works in recorded along the way. This is investigate inspire converse converge relate represent community, we must carve out a small behaviour to encourage or the real world. the stage where we report those Unexpected metrics, whether they be views, You can’t do open design without Conversation is at the heart of Crucial to engaging people is reinforce. It is this small inten- tion that can start us on the right Community actions, attendance, or funding. Outcome people. You can’t approach com- understanding the problem, an showing them how their effort Reviewing is the most crucial step plex problems without the right a problem well understood is has helped the overall project. track. Using the web and in-person Feedback to understanding impact in a com- plex system. Without metrics we people. That’s why our first step in largerly solved. Here we recount what hap- methods, we invent a tool or cannot compare, and as such can- any project is to invite the right To have this conversation, we pened in the conversation. recognize process which can be used. We not improve our approach. people involved, and invite their bring people from offline and/or Having time to reflect, we look respect then find innovative ways to spur larger communities. online and congregate for a fixed for relations between different chatter relay adoption of this process and to We do this investigation through period of time. In this time, ideas, discussions and points of inter- comment understand its impact. the web and in person. The stage understandings, and perspectives est. Finally, we represent the criticize The expected artifact is clear, but is set to inspire possibility, but are shared. Groups converege on conversation in a way that can here we try to recognize unex- also ensure that something con- a specific out come, leaving also a be easily understood. Throughout the process we pected developments. We respect crete will be created. possibility for a grander impact. encourage chatter and comments and appreciate what is unique in about how the process is working. this community, but try to relay In the end of the intervention we repurposable practices. invite more in-depth criticism.
  7. 7. Methods + Measurement For each project we apply specifc methods which are relevant and work with the group to define relevant metrics. These are some broad design methods for both the facilitation of groups and methods for the creations of a final artifact. Measurement should be done both on a quantitative level and a qualita- Let’s get tive one. These are some metrics we could use for either. Facilitate Create Ask Measure working with a ensuring a quality + qualitative quantitative Started groups & people final outcome personal feedback measurement Story Telling Mood Board Survey Custom Metrics Issue Cards Prototype Interview Web Analytics Mind Map Mock up Testimonial Like / Not Specification Use Cases Video Responses Web Views & Sessions Group Sketching Poster Sketches Contribution Personas Diagram Forum Online Profiles Touch Point Matrix Book Sumbit Feeback Goal / Click through Back Casting Visualization Twitter & Messaging Membership User Stories Web Site Phone Calls Referrals Contest Widget / Mashup Black Board Revenue Role Play Video Blog requests Press Visual Thinking Case Studies Focus Group Online Activity
  8. 8. A Each of the 20 groups makes a 3 minute video explaining who they are and what they are working on option 1: Follow Each group is assigned 3 other Flocking Patterns: Through groups to track over a month simple behaviour comes Watching a weekly update (a total complex intellegence of 9 minutes), contacts, links, and ideas are contributed Analytics are collected for each groups contribution and the links, contacts, ideas themselves
  9. 9. B A beautiful short film is made about each organization, detail exactly what they are working on option 2: Assign Tasks are associated with the film, People = Content: Inspira- ready for viewers to engage tion leads to action when The audience becomes an actor, opportunity is presented and a new film is made Analytics are kept on views, and the ability to drive to action
  10. 10. C A group presents an ongoing story about what they work working on and toward option 3: Profile The community becomes aware of Visible Activity: People are each other, and where they fit in already on social networks, Overlap becomes apparent, and make what works better collaboration becomes possible The outcome can be evaluated on connections made, and qualitative judgement based on interviews. A backlog of progress is available
  11. 11. A task is shared. Either something D currently in the works, or something needing help to accomplish option 4: Credit A task is completed by the person The Gift Economy: Much who created it, or someone willing to help out of this work is done in the spirit of giving. Allow A completed task, seen by all, is appreciated if felt worthwhile people to say thank you. Analytics are available for views, tasks, completion, and appreciation
  12. 12. Technical Details (condensed): facebook. A/B/C/D FB+YT =? Choose an We will build on an We’ll measure intervention existing platform involvement youtube. The interventions layed out in this document We know there is no sense in building some- Google analytics plugs into youtube and face- are simple to implement and straight forward thing that might not work at all. We can start book provides analytics as well. We can use a to use. Its important to pick only one, so that where the people are. 1 million people in service like to solicit quali- we can begin very basic. Toronto are on facebook, youtube is the larg- tative feedback. If we make the experience Depending on how the first intervention works est video site on the web. Both of these plat- seemless, we can aggregate the measurement google. out, we will revise our approach. forms provides an open api. as well. The goal is to make adoption as easy as pos- sible, while also tracking contribution.
  13. 13. 1: Learning: Creating a complex behaviour like community participation cannot be done in one swoop, it takes many interventions to truly understand. summary 2: Purpose: To increase awareness, collaboration, and credit within the community, and provide tools to mea- sure & undstand participation. 3: Action: Design & Implement a series of interventions using existing web-platforms and existing spaces within the communities.
  14. 14. thanks!