DimEye Corp Presents Revolutionary VLS (Video Laser Scan) at SS IMMR 2013


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DimEye Corp. Introduces the Revolutionary VLS (Video Laser Scan) to the Subsea Survey IMMR audience in Galveston Texas (November 2013).

VLS™ (Video Laser Scan) by DimEye Corp. is a revolution in Optical 3D Measurement. VLS Provides High Definition Visual Inspection, As-Built 3D Modeling of Industrial/Subsea Equipment, 3D High Density Mapping of Deformations and Defects (for example: Cracks, Dents, Bulges, Corrosion)

VLS™ is a unique combination of photogrammetry and Laser Techniques which provides the Advantages of both technologies without the disadvantages. VLS™ can also be operated by your existing technicians.

VLS™ is a High Accuracy Metrology Tool Linked to NIST (National Industry of Standards and Technology) that provides High Redundancy through volume of data collected (1000s of stills can be captured from HD video in seconds rather than individual photos taken manually at each location). VLS™ provides Reliable Accuracy Estimates (thanks to advanced processing and calibration algorithms developed by DimEye after years of industry experience in multiple measurement environments and scenarios).

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DimEye Corp Presents Revolutionary VLS (Video Laser Scan) at SS IMMR 2013

  1. 1. A Video REVOLUTION in 3D Modeling Changing the Landscape of Subsea 3D Modeling
  2. 2. DimEye Corp. Arnauld Dumont - President ! Patrick Raymond - Business Development
  3. 3. Agenda Company Introduction A Brief History and Introduction to Photogrammetry The VLS Case Study: Flex Joint 3D Modeling Additional VLS Applications
  4. 4. Company Measurement by Optical Techniques 20+ Years of Close Range Photogrammetry and Laser Technologies Experience Active R&D Program
  5. 5. A Brief History...
  6. 6. Etymology Photo Light Gramma Drawing Metry Measurement Definition ! The process of computing 3D information from the 2D measurement of photographs.
  7. 7. Timeline Photography: Niepce & Daguerre, France Photogrammetry: Aime Laussedat, France Close-Range Photogrammetry (Duane Brown - GSI) I-Photogrammetry by DimEye
  8. 8. Basic Principles Free Network Bundle Adjustment with SelfCalibration! (Bundle on Points, Lines, Cylinders, Circles, Planes, Spheres)! ! Image Processing! Sub-Pixellisation! Automatic Correlation!
  9. 9. 3 Schools Duane C. Brown 1929 - 1994 Wielfried Wester-Ebbinghaus 1947 - 1993 The “French Touch” Invention and Application
  10. 10. The VLS VLS: Video Laser Scan HD Video + Laser Benefits of Both Technologies without the Limitations No Stability Requirements, Data Capture “on the fly” Highly Automated Image Processing Developed for Oil & Gas applications In Use Today
  11. 11. Video: Pipe Dent Inspection
  12. 12. Case Study: Flex Joint GoM Flex Joint 3D Inspection and Modeling Experience: 60 of Approx. 140 In Service FJs on Multiple Campaigns From: 2011 - 2013
  13. 13. Case Study: Flex Joint Pre-2010 - Camera on a Stick, 2D 2013 VLS 2010 - 2011 - Stereo Photogrammetry 2011 - I-Photogrammetry 2012 - VLS Concept
  14. 14. Case Study: Flex Joint 2 DimEye Personnel DimEye VLS System 5 Minutes Per FJ Data Collection Time (Assumes an FJ Prepared for Visual Inspection)
  15. 15. Case Study: Data Collection Photos Data Collection Time VLS 2013 3hrs 2011 - 2013 36 - 72 0.08hrs
  16. 16. Case Study: Point Cloud Points Processing Time 100,000+ VLS 2013 40hrs + 2011 - 2013 200 12hrs
  17. 17. Additional Applications Damage Inspections Mooring Chain Measurements Jumper Hub Alignment / Spool Hub Measurements Valve Inspection and Modeling Seachest Modeling Hull/Thruster Inspections in Water As-Built CAD / Reverse Engineering
  18. 18. Video: Mooring Chain Measurement
  19. 19. Summary Efficient (Onshore / Offshore) Cost Effective Flexible High Accuracy 3D Modeling Better IM Decisions
  20. 20. Summary If You Can Fly It… We Can Model It…
  21. 21. Booth 109 DimEye Corp.