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Easy Ways To Build A Wbsite


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Easy Ways To Build A Wbsite

  1. 1. Choosing The Right Web Host Is Critical! The right web host can make all of the difference when it comes to making money from yourwebsites. Nobody wants to waitlong periods of time for websites to load, nobody wants error messages and, as the webmaster,you need a good hosting serviceto make sure your good work is seen by your customers and prospect.The web hosting company you choose to to host your web site with must be your friend as well asyour business partner. In fact,your web host needs to put your interests first, making sure that your site is available worldwide24/7. After all, if your webbusiness soars to success, your web host shares in that success with your ongoing business (andhosting fees!).If youre having success with your site, you arent going anywhere. Youll stick with the host, thekeywords, the site architecture -you wont want to change. Youre a web success so dont rock the boat. How do you know if yourweb host is truly your friend orjust a service provider that charges your business credit card every three months. Its not alwayseasy to tell, but you can tell alot by looking around a little before you sign up.* How long has the hosting company been around?Look for a long history of web-based success. Look for a company thats been delivering hostingservices for more than 10 years and hasmanagement in place to handle an expanding client base efficiently. A provider that looks after itsclients sticks around and a companymanagement with years of experience knows how to treat clients. They even know how to helpclients achieve web success - something goodfor the client and good for the host - a win-win.* Does the web host move you to a more expensive pricing level when you need more capacity?You rent disk space from your provider. Most hosts have pricing tiers based on the amount of diskspace you take up on the server( a server is nothing more than a big ol hard drive that has a bunch of web sites stored on it) andwhat "features" youre willingto pay for. Some hosts think its unfair to force you to pay more for space and features that youdont need or intend to use. So,
  2. 2. many top hosts have created a system that allows you to grow at your own pace without paying fora few more gigabytes that you wontuse, even though youre paying an extra $50 a year for that dead zone. Instead, buy space a gig at a time. And when it IS timeto move up big time, you move to the next tier and actually save money. A good web host knowswhats good for web site owners, andthese hosts customize their services to suit you, not the other way around.* Does your web host offer free SSL security?If youre selling products or services, or if youre collecting sensitive customer data (like credit cardnumbers) you need a secureweb site - one that sends and receives data thats encrypted so hackers cant steal it and use it tobuy and sell stolen stuff boughton the web. A web host that DOESNT much care about the success of your business will makeyou obtain your own SSL certification tocreate a secure web site capable of taking and keeping secure sensitive client data. And that costsmoney. On the other hand, a webhost thats rooting for your success helps you achieve that success by letting you piggyback ontheir SSL certification. Your serveris secure so your site is secure, thanks to a friendly web host and a pro-active partner in yoursuccess.<br>* Does your web host require you to sign a long-term contract?That tells you something right there. These companies want to lock you in for three months, sixmonths, a year, knowing that you mightnot hit that home run. Even so, youll be paying those hosting fees for the full term of the contract.If your web host is your friend -a partner that delivers value - theres no need for a long-term contract. No need for any contract atall. Buy your server space andyour features a month at a time. As you grow, you can add more space. Or, if you move on tosomething else, a client centric host isntgoing to FORCE you to keep paying for services you no longer need.* Real People When You Need HelpIf youre just starting out in the web world and launching your first e-venture, wouldnt it be nice tohave someone you could callwith questions? Someone with endless patience? Someone who recognizes that your websuccess is the basis of the web hosts success? And
  3. 3. you want access to that friend, or a friendly, helpful sub, 24/7. You want someone to explain howto install a blog or to walk youthrough installing a secure checkout - one-step-at-a-time, even if it takes all night. A provider thatwants to be friends offers thatlevel of service for as little as seven bucks a month! Web hosts that are less "friendly" limit accessto certain hours, they make youpay for the call and some dont even have telephone customer or tech support. If you have aquestion or problem, you have to drop theweb hosting company an e-mail and theyll get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime,your web site isnt getting built andyour waiting for a long-distance email response from tech support - and guaranteed, 50% of thetime the email answer doesnt solve theproblem.Do a little research before you register your web site domain name and sign a long-term contract.Any new venture is a risk so workwith a company that puts you first, answers questions (even the really stupid ones), providesdownloadable guides to help you build andmanage a quality web site.* Does your friendly web host put you first in all things?This is a question of corporate culture. There are web hosts who are in it for the short term (see#7) and web hosts who recognize thatyour success is the basis for the web hosting companys success so you always come first. Theseweb hosts deliver quality services,100% uptime, a toll-free number and a human to help you with questions. These hosts provide allthe tools you need to build a web siteand the human touch - a person to walk you through the process - even if it takes hours (it neverdoes when you have knowledgeabletechies and customer support personnel who are empowered by company management to fixthings so youre happy.)There are a lot of factors to be considered before you start your on-line businesses. Do theresearch to find a web host thats goingto be your business partner for profitable years to come.internet