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130 160

  1. 1. Underworld: Persephone (L) and Hades (R) in temple, Orpheus (w/ lyre) singing in lower right (for the return of his wife Eurydice)
  2. 2. Underworld Who’s Who: Persephone (with double/quadruple torch) & Hades in Temple, others see below Hermes and Heracles w/ Cerberus Sisyphus Tantalus Orpheus w/lyre 3 Judges of UW: Minos, Rhadamanthys, Aeacus
  3. 3. Hades w/ Cornucopia-Fruit of the Earth, Persephone w/ bow-shaped plow
  4. 4. Attic grave with pomegranate flowers to show dead person was an initiate in the Eleusis Cult
  5. 5. Pomegranate Flower (mark of Eleusis Cult Membership)
  6. 6. Cave at Eleusis where Persephone supposedly returned from the Underworld
  7. 7. Persephone (far left) returning from the Underworld with Hermes standing next to her (note woman in center w/ torches)
  8. 8. Eleusis Mystery Box on head of woman statue from temple door of Eleusis – note pomegranate flower and grain symbols: Persephone & Demeter
  9. 9. Side of slide 142, showing torch as well
  10. 10. Hermes, pre-450BC (b/c of beard): note wing-boots, hat (Petasos), stick (Kerykeion/Caduceus)
  11. 11. L  R: Dionysus, choir of nymphs (note excess limbs), Hermes
  12. 12. L  R: Dead friend of Odysseus, sacrifice to the dead, Odysseus, and Hermes (even though Hermes is not mentioned here in Homer’s account)
  13. 13. Hermes, post-450BC (b/c no beard, young) behind a satyr (follower of Dionysus)
  14. 14. Famous Statue of Hermes delivering baby Dionysus: done by the sculptor Praxiteles
  15. 15. Hermes Psychogogue (collecting only one soul)
  16. 16. Lekythos (death offering vase) Painting: Hermes Psychogogue dropping dead woman’s soul at bank of Styx
  17. 17. Charon (off the reverse of the Lekythos in slide 150)
  18. 18. Hypnos (Sleep) and Thanatos (Death) collecting dead hero
  19. 19. Roman Hermes (aka Mercury) portraying defining, mysterious phallus
  20. 20. Satyr and person bringing offerings to a Herm (note the Caduceus indicating Hermes)
  21. 21. A Classic (pun) Herm
  22. 22. Phallic Hermes (note wing attribute)
  23. 23. Birth of Dionysus: Zeus sitting, Dionysus’s head emerging from Zeus’s thigh, Hermes standing by to take baby Dionysus to garden on the island of Naxos
  24. 24. L  R: dancing Satyr, Island Dionysus (older version, w/ beard) holding kantharos, dancing maenad (mainland Dionysus female worshiper), with ivy or vines in background
  25. 25. Dionysus’s Garden at Naxos: Satyrs (spirits of fermentation) are making wine while Island Dionysus waits with kantharos; note satyr playing instrument (double-flute?) in Dionysus’s ear
  26. 26. Mainland Dionysus (right): beardless (newer version), holding thyrsus, dressed in women’s clothes, looking at a woman (maenad?)
  27. 27. Later Dionysus: beardless/younger, women’s clothes, holding tambourine (maenad instrument) and thyrsus, grape-cluster wreathe on head, sitting side-saddle (effeminate) on panther (attribute animal)
  28. 28. Island Dionysus in Garden at Naxos: sitting, drinking from kantharos, surrounded by grapes and little satyrs