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Holiday In Mumbai For Kids


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Summer camps serve the purpose of spending a memorable holiday and kids feel no problem of staying out of the house for those few days. They do not even bother about being home sick as they are given all the amenities like their home.

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Holiday In Mumbai For Kids

  1. 1. Holiday In Mumbai For Kids Mumbai offers touring spots for individuals of all age groups. During summer holidays families plan to go out to spend some time together with kids. There are many hill stations like Mahabaleshwar, Lonavla, Khandala, Matheran etc which remain crowded during the summer and also during other months of the year. Besides these fabulous tourist destinations, kids like to go to various summer camps arranged in different parts of the city. Mumbai is one of those cities that arranges for fun summer camps when there is a holiday in schools. A large number of families send their children to summer camps to explore their kid-like wilderness. Besides helping the children in exploring various forts, forests, mountains, birds and animals, these summer camps help them to explore their own self. They learn to be independent and to do their own work perfectly by themselves. Summer Camps can be a perfect Holiday in Mumbai and kids enjoy summer camps to the fullest. In the camps children participate in various activities and discover their skills in the process. They are made aware of the nature and they are taught in the whole process of camping. But here the learning is a little more different than in the schools. Here the children learn things as a part of the game. They learn while playing so it never becomes boring. They discuss and debate topics like resource conservation, saving tiger’s habitat, doing social work etc. Summer camps help children to perform in a platform where they can expose themselves without any fear. It helps them to overcome their inner fears and inhibitions. There are also many adventure sports for the kids like water rafting, river crossing, trekking etc. In the summer camps kids learn to help each other and learn to bond together to become wonderful team players. So, Holiday in Mumbai surely enlists holidays spent in summer camps. When the children return from summer camps they develop many good habits and their parents stand awe stuck seeing them transformed into young men and women who can do their own work themselves which their parents needed to do for them earlier. Parents are happy when they see that their children have grown good habits instead of the many distractions that children at this age fall prey to. Parents sending their kids for summer camps in Mumbai can ensure a safe holiday in Mumbai for their kids. Only problem is that parents cannot stay with the kids during the holiday while the kids are in the camps. There is no need to worry as the instructors are always present in proximity with the kids and no kid is left alone. Each kid is given special attention by the teachers and instructors. If any child falls sick on the camp, he is immediately taken to the nearest medical centre and the parents are always kept informed about the children’s well being. Apart from these summer camps Mumbai also arranges for various kids workshops where they are given lessons on various extracurricular activities like baking, cooking, music and dance.