Analyzing is organizing


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A quick and dirty themetic analysis on the question; What is imagineering.

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Analyzing is organizing

  1. 1. Analyzing isorganizing Thursday, 17 November 2011 Patrick Heesen
  2. 2. Analyzing is organizingWhat is thematic analysis?Thematic analysis is a qualitative researchmethod of analyzing data by indentifying patternsand organizing them into themes. It’s used insocial science for studying the contentof communication and is an empirical approach tothings that seeks to be categorized and coded toorganize and indentify the major themes.
  3. 3. Analyzing is organizingHow does it work?
  4. 4. Analyzing is organizingLet’s do a quick & dirty thematic analysis on thequestion what is imagineering?Step 1) Google what is imagineeringStep 2) Select what is relevantStep 3) Find code, theme, count and analylizeStep 4) Make a map and analylize what matters
  5. 5. I•mag•i•neer’•ing (i-maj’e-nir’ing) n. 1a. Analyzinga blend of creative imagination and is organizingtechnical know-how. 1b. Such combinationutilized in creation, usually of Disneytheme parks attractions. See Disneyland(CA), Walt Disney World Resort (FL), TokyoDisneyland (Japan), or Euro Disneyland(France). [ME imaginer <Imagineor <LatImaginaritor < Imagenium, design skill.] Imagineering is a fusion of imagination and engineering that helps learners visualize problem solutions using existing scientific knowledge.syberworks.comImagineering is a blend word between imagination andengineering. Imagineering is value creation and valueinnovation from the experience perspective, is anapproach towards value creation attuned to thecreative economy. It is a way to create a new,appealing ‘lens’ to find ‘a blue ocean of uncontestedmarket space’ that inspires all stakeholders to co-create. In other words, Imagineering is the designprocess by which an imaginative artifact is broughtinto existence that can mobilize people in agenerative way.
  6. 6. Disney theme parks are born from what Walt Disney AnalyzingCompany calls "imagineering." The Walt Disney is organizingImagineering (WDI) subsidy of the company dealswith creating parks that are functional,innovative, creative and artistic. Walt Disneyhimself described imagineering as "The blendingof creative imagination and technical know-how."WDI is responsible for creating the first ridethat included animatronic characters--Pirates ofthe Carribean. It is also credited with creatingthe first monorail system in the United States,and it was behind much of the magic that broughtDisneyland to life. Imagineering is a portmanteau word which combines imagination and engineering. The term is most often associated with the Disney corporation, which maintains an enormous staff of imagineers to design new rides, resorts, water parks, hotels, theme parks, branded cruise ships, and other Disney real estate holdings. It also applies to other industries where staffs of highly trained individuals work together to develop and execute a concept, usually on a large scale like a theme park or branded hotel. Imagineering is a demanding, fun, and interesting career, and people with all sorts of skills can become part of an imagineering team.
  7. 7. Analyzing Thematic Map is organizing Creativity (3)Imagination (5) Artifact (1) Experience (3) Design process(2)Engineering (5) Knowledge(3) Value Creation(2) Co-creation (1) Innovation Problem Solution (1) (3) Concept (3)
  8. 8. Analyzing is organizingRealize!Thematic analysis heavenly relies on the researcher’sinterpretation and how he codes the themes based on thelens through which he sees the world. Language plays aprominent role in the way we order the themes and givesense to it. technical know-how = Knowledge or engineering ?
  9. 9. Analyzing is organizingOrganize based on theme’sto Analyze what matters! Thanks for your attention