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Evaluation: Question 3


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For my A2 coursework

Published in: Education
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Evaluation: Question 3

  1. 1. Evaluation Question 3
  2. 2. Analysis of Audience Research In our audience research, our first set of questions were mainly about our audience, our intentions were to find out the demographics of our audience 23 of the people we asked were aged 16-18, making the results less varied as we would have hoped. Meaning that the results in the questions we asked could be slightly more biased where the answers provided would tend to be more favoured towards a teenager or a young adult’s point of view. 22 out of the 31 people asked were Black/African/Carribean/Black British, this might have some implications on taste in music as they may be influenced by culture. However as most of the participants are of the younger audience, meaning that they could be the second or third generation in their family, their tastes may differ and may not be as culturally influenced, and that their tastes are more influenced by their own judgement, trends in social media and influences within their social groups. 67% of the people we had asked were Female. This could have an affect on our results as it is stereotypical of girls to be more favoured towards lighthearted movies, typically movies from the comedy genre or romance genre, whereas boys tend to like films from the horror genre or adventure and action genre. This is only theoretical as what is stated above is an overgeneralisation. But in the prompted question where we ask for opinions about horror films, if there are some participants who cannot answer, we are able to explain as to why.
  3. 3. The top three answers wereTV, Social Media, andWord of Mouth. We expected these results when we saw the amount of teenagers that had answered the questionnaire as most modern teenagers expose themselves a lot toTV and their mobile phones. Also a lot of emphasis is put into social groups which can explain as why theWord of Mouth is an important method of ‘advertising’ In my honest opinion, this question should have been earlier on in the questionnaire as it lets us know more of our audience, but looking at the statistics, we have people who In simpler terms, love watching movies, so we can say that the results we obtain from them are reliable
  4. 4. I liked what the people have said regarding on what they expect however it was nothing new to us because most of the members in my group are regular watchers of horror films, also our genre research included, there was not much we could get from their comments, but it was still very good feedback as it did solidify what we already new and had made us more confident in the direction our trailer was going at the time, and incited any development it needed.
  5. 5. Explanations of the results such as the number of females being more than males, in all honesty that was expected as the college we go to, there are more female students than male students.This also explains the massive amount of a teenagers in the survey, as most of the people we asked had come from the college and were friends of ours. So in the future if we were to do more audience research in the form of a survey, we would ask a larger number of people and that there was a more variety in terms of demographics (age, ethnicity etc.) However I am not saying that the results are useless because the answers which they gave, were what we were looking for; they knew what to expect from a typical horror movie and they seemed like a good sample because it illustrated how most teenagers consume a lot of film. So from all of that we then concluded that our target audience were to be towards teenagers and young adults. I did not believe that the other demographics such as ethnicity played a part in what type of movie people liked watching. As movies tends to be a product that almost everyone has consumed, whereas age typically is what ‘determines’ the type of film you would watch. So with that thinking, we them made it so our trailer resonated with the teenager to young adult audience. I do believe we were fairly successful at that as in our audience feedback where we showed our trailers to some students, they enjoyed the trailer and have said that they would watch it.