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Beat the Tsunami with a WAVE

Presentation from Toronto's #DevTO monthly meetup on Sept 20, 2013.

Presentation was a 10-15 minutes talk aimed at introducing developers new to digital accessibility how to use and test their content using the various versions of WebAIM's Wave.

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Beat the Tsunami with a WAVE

  1. 1. Beat the TSUNAMI With A @patrickdunphy #DevTO September30,2013
  2. 2. Transplanted Newfoundlander Embarrasses wife At Sporting Events proud father
  3. 3. The REAL Beginning The Beginning The Present
  4. 4. AODA WCAG 2.0 CVAA Section 508 BS 8878 Accessibility Standards Baby boomer= silvertsunami
  5. 5. Introduce free testing Tools That are availableto anyone And are eaSY TO USE
  6. 6. WEBVersion toolbar Api
  7. 7. • Provides different views •Determine target goal •Summarizesresults •instant Documentation •Code inspector *Wave is a tool to assist with evaluation, it’s not used to verify content is 100% accessible.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. •Currently firefox only(Chrome release TBD) •Evaluation includesscripting
  10. 10. •v.1 releasedin march 2013 • minimalcost ($0.04- $0.025/credit) • returns XML or JSON • Stand-aLone BETALICENSE (mac/windows/linux) • Tools:Spider, URLManager, Scheduler, etc.
  11. 11. Your keyboard Screen readers FANGS plugin WAT Toolbar (ie) Colour contrast analyzer FireEyes Diagnostic.css NoCoffeePlugin Firebug, WebDev Toolbar HighContrastMode
  12. 12. •Youarethemostimportanttestingtool •Don'tjustsayno, offersolutions •Engage the community(#a11y is your friend) •BE A SPONGE •Share your knowledge
  13. 13. @patrickdunphy
  14. 14. Register Online November 16,2013 Ontario College ofart &Design (OCAD),100 McCaul st.