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Strategy Book, the result of 4 month of BootCamp of Account Planning @Miami Ad School Madrid

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Strategy Book

  1. 1. !"#$%&()*"$#+(,%-.+%$" !"#$%&#()*$++&+,($+-(-#.&,+
  2. 2. LA ONCE - SpainCampaign ObjectiveLa Once is a Spanish non-profitable organization with the mission to increase the lifequality of those who are blind or suffer from some visual disability. Their biggest revenuecomes from lottery games, in which almost 110.000 people are beneficed from.They offer a variety of product ranges, each one adapted to a market context.The objective was to develop a solution to the instant lottery called “Los Rascas”, ascratch ticket based on simple and fast mechanics with prizes ranging from 0,50€ and10.000€, depending on the product. This range of games have a short life, demandingconstant use of advertisement and development of new mechanics to keep sales.Client Campaign Objetives:1. Expand the range of products in the Instant Lottery, or,2. Create a new concept of Instant LotteryInsights and findings:1. The usual buyer of Instant Lotteries is younger than traditional lotteries and luckygames. They buy the product waiting for a fast and easy profit hopping for a smalleconomic happiness. The non buyer is looking for higher prizes or don’t believe in luckgames.2. This kind of product has a short time life due to its simplicity and passiveness. Itdoesn’t promote any challenge. Younger players are looking for games with higher prizesand more complex mechanics where they have more chances to win.3. Because it’s has a simple mechanic and is an instant lottery, the winners are hardlyknown and there is a perception that the higher prizes are never won. La Once is sold inkiosks and their sellers are proud when they sell a prized ticket, it means they bring luck.
  3. 3. 4. When you buy the ticket, your luck is already set. You don’t have any control over yourchances to win. Younger players have the perception that the higher prizes are neversorted and that there it’s impossible to get high prizes.5. All of us have had at least once the desire to triumph over luck. And if the power to win were in the hand of the player, and the price had to be reached instead of sorted?Strategy“You decide your luck”We decided to develop a new kind of product that fulfills with both client objectives. It is anew product with new mechanics that is added to the present “Los Rascas”. It will alsoallow La Once to develop new products evolving from it.To triumph over you luck we based our concept upon a the idea that you can decidewhere to go and when to stop. It’s up to you to reach the higher prize or give up withlower prizes. It’s like being in a labyrinth where you have to use your skills and follow yourinstincts.The Game:“The 7x7”The product mechanics resembles to a labyrinth with 7 columns and 7 rows with 49scratch boxes in the total. You pick a route, being able to go forwards, leftwards orrightwards in each box. There are 5 prizes and 5 deaths distributed in the boxes of eachtickets. To increase the emotion each ticket contain all the prize range from 0,50€ to5.000€. To reach the higher prize is just up to the player. The price is set to 1,00€, thesame price of one of the actual products.The name “The 7x7” links straightly to the product line name ”The 7 of Luck” and the“The Super 7 of Luck” and represents also one characteristic of the product.
  4. 4. With this new product we elevate the perception of a functional benefit that is a fast prizeand easy win to an emotional benefit that it’s a game where you are able to be rewardedbecause of your skills. With this we enrich the possibilities of the Instant Lottery allowingthe development of similar products and powering it with the addictive characteristic ofgames.Creative solutionThe communication is based upon the concept that you pick you luck and it’s instinctiveto win or not the prize. It turns the prize in a conquest.The campaign is based on the game mechanics, with every action alluding to the gameand its steps. The instinct is used to illustrate the possibility to win or opt to stop beforereaching the top prize.
  5. 5. For a promotional event a National Challenge was created. A promotional ticket is printedwith 2 prize boxes converted to the National Challenge invitation. The participants wouldhave to finish games with similar mechanics from the 7x7, with possibility to be eliminatedwhen finding a skull or trying further to be the big winner of 50.000€.Also to stimulate interaction with the game and concept it will utilize a touch screendistributed in metros and bus stops, where you can play the game touching the screen.The prizes in this action would be converted to real tickets that could be collected in akiosk.The internet supports the actions with news about new winners, games resembling theproduct, advertising material with spots, jingles and wallpapers, and a game like the 7x7to train user skills.IMPULSA TDT - SpainCampaign Objective
  6. 6. Impulsa TDT is the commercial name for the Association to the Implementation andDevelopment of Terrestrial Digital Television in Spain. It was created to promote theTerrestrial Digital Television (TDT) and communicate the change to the digital format.The Terrestrial Digital Television is a new band technology that will substitute theconventional band. The full conversion will happen in April 2010 when all analogic signalwill be stopped, that is the “Analogic Black Out”.The objective was to communicate the change to the part of the part of the populationnot aware of the adjustment to the new standards and call them to migrate to the newformat.Insights and findings:1. The Analogic Black Out is well known in Spain. Among the nonusers that are 40% ofthe population, 80% are informed about the need to change and are likely to continuewith it until the limit date. However, what is TDT and it’s benefits is not clear to themajority.2. The need to change is less known among the elderly, principally from small villages.They are in their major part retired, live in couple or alone, and have simple habits. Thetelevision is a big part of their entertainment.For most of the population in a higher age range the television is more thanentertainment, it’s like a friend, and the worst thing that could happen to them is losing acompanion that has been by their side so long.3. The necessary steps to change to TDT is not clear to the nonusers. It has many necessary procedures to assure the correct change. The installers are ready but not always have the means to communicate that they are there to help with the change.Strategy“Save John Wayne”
  7. 7. We created the campaign upon a basis that a the disappearance of a traditional Televisionpersonage, well known in Spain, would link to the “black out” of a common companionthat was the TV.Major Points1. The personage and his leaving linking to the emotional fear of losing a close friend.This aims to communicate in a friendly way the need to change to TDT. Also, thepersonage is a powerful representation of what is television and connects both to thetarget people and younger generations through a feeling of nostalgia.2. The installers are an important part of the change and are connected to the campaign as the solvers of the question, or “Saviors of John Wayne”, providing them both with material incentives and motivation and to be the personal touch of TDT.Creative solution1. John Wayne goes.Communicate that John Wayne is going away and that you can prevent him from leaving.This would be communicated through Television, Radio and printed folders distributed inpublic spaces like hospitals, churches and bars.2.The saviors.
  8. 8. To explain why John Wayne is in danger and how to save it, direct marketing would besent together with electricity bills to the target. It has of a list of regional installerstelephones and an illustrated help guide with easy steps to change to TDT.The installers would receive a kit “Savior of John Wayne” and a promotional uniform tolink them to the campaign when visiting houses to install the TDT. Also merchandisingmaterial would be provided.Support ActionsAfter the game and the event support actions in specialised magazines and in the internetare established to maintain a communication with the target.
  9. 9. Blyk - United KingdomCampaign ObjectiveBlyk is a UK based free mobile telephony network based on advertisement and it’s thefirst of it’s model. Users receive up to 6 commercial messages per day in exchange formonthly free credits worth £15. It’s aimed exclusively for 16-24 year olds and it’s invitationbased, that means, to become a member you need to be invited by some friend orthrough a promotion.Blyk constantly updates information about their users throughout research. They gobeyond a mobile network and turn themselves into advertising/media platform. Blyk hasrich information about their users and enhances the quality of the communication turningpossible to engage and dialogue with their target.It’s a young company that reached 170.000 subscribers in just a 10 months and now it islooking to make itself known into the Advertising market, establishing it as a powerfulmarketing tool.Insights and findings:The majority of Britons are starting to accept that advertising in mobile will continue toincrease while almost 50% of the UK’s youth wants to receive promos in their mobiles.But they want something in return. Although they expect the inevitable growth of mobilemarketing, brands need to offer and add value to be successful. They need to berelevant, and learning how to incentive and reward participants isBlyk offers quality information of it users through segmentation. Their constant databaseupdate turns possible high selection of targets, feedback’s and insights about theirservices and costumers. It allows the use of messages, photos and videos to enrichexperience and recall.
  10. 10. Online communities provide people within your network with information about yourtastes and habits. However we usually look for people with our own interests. The act oflooking colleagues profiles is not friendly and not everything is online. People withcommon tastes and habits interact more and have better friendships.Strategy“We are curious by nature”The campaign was developed upon the idea that everyone is curious by nature, and wehave an especial interest in our friends, colleagues and their tastes. We always seek togather information about people that surround us in an discrete way, but sometimes wedon’t know how or don’t have opportunities to get to know them better. Blyk structuresallows interaction, dialogue and research and the the idea is to use this tolls to show theyknow how to collect information and use it by showing they can entertain users with aaction that promotes social interaction using relevant messages.Major PointsA Quest to discover more about your friends will utilise all the tools provided by Blyk,generating an important opportunity to experiment how it works while generatingemotional involvement with a challenge to get to know more of your colleagues.After the social interaction started in game, an event means to involve emotionally all thetarget people by using the information provided by the game.Posterior to the game and event Blyk will promote one meeting where the agencies andmarketing representatives from potential clients will be invited. This stage means topresent all Blyk tools for creating mobile campaigns and efficiently impact the Britonyouth. The game case will be presented among other successful actions.Creative solution1. The black box and the mysterious characters.
  11. 11. The game to promote Blyk was developed to promote social interaction between media planners, account planners and Creative Directors in each agency. Each participant receives a black box containing a mobile phone and a SIM card. Through text and multimedia messages the users would experiment truly what is to be a Blykrer and how do they gather information and promote engagement. To discover who was promoting the game it was necessary to finish thegame. The name of Blyk wouldn’t be mentioned until a final stage, when a new box with amessage explaining the campaign and a call for an event would be delivered. During thegame, the mobile and the SIM provided could be used for regular calls with a time andSMS limit similar to what a conventional Blyk user has. After the end of this stage theycan use them like any other Blyker.2. The final event you picked.All relevant information gathered during the game would be used to promote a surpriseevent that connects with the people. Here all the musical, cultural and food tastes areused to create a show representing what people had more in common. Personalizedproducts like T-shirts or mugs would be given to each participant with messagescorresponding to their respective tastes and habits, collected during the game time.Support ActionsAfter the game and the event support actions in specialised magazines and in the internetare established to maintain a communication with the target. !!!"#$%&(")*+,-./(0".&1UNFOLD PATRICKDS - BOOK for Miami Ad School
  12. 12. The Agency Exposure promoted by the Miami Ad School in Madrid is a opportunity to thestudents to present their ideas and solutions developed during the 3 months time bootcamp. 27 professionals with big will to show Agency Directors they worth the bet, thatthey are a valuable asset in the growing field that is Account Planning. The best agenciesand their best professionals will be looking for future creative planners, brand managers,idea makers, strategists, market advisers and strategists, and we have 5 minutes to blowtheir mind up with our book...Objective: To create awareness about myself and create job opportunities.Insight and Findings:1. 27 “competitors” side by side presenting their concepts in similar ways. Everyone willbe presenting the strategies developed during the BootCamp. This decreases awarenessand recall.2. Market in bad shape: Crisis. Just the best professionals capable of generating valuehave a potential opportunity to get hired in a short time period. Recalling the messageincreases opportunities.Solution: To make a no-book where no strategies developed in the BootCamp will bepresented. Instead I will call attention to myself as a strategist, telling my history and whyI’ve become a planner. The strategies will be presented in a website, where everyone caninteract and post comments.Idea: Unfold me (Unfold my life) -> Discover meCreative Strategy: Present a folded moleskine where my life history will be told relatingwhat choices led me to what I am professionally today.Midia:Printed folded “Time-line”Website with all strategies, arts and CV.
  13. 13. Selected cases:1. La Once2. Impulsa TDT3. Blyk