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http://www.globalchange.com future of retail.The future of global ICT (information and communications technology)
The future is about convergence and divergence. The industry trend is for companies, products and services to converge – but many of the most important future innovations in ICT will be divergent: doing things differently to serve customers better.
Firstly we are seeing accelerating convergence on a global scale eg computer software, hardware and mobile companies (Microsoft /Nokia, Google / Motorola). Expect rapid convergence of telcos and banking. Mobile payments are being driven by growth in emerging markets. 70% of all mobile payments take place in the fastest growing economies, mainly in Africa eg m-Pesa, which now handles 33% of Kenya’s GDP.
Expect a mobile-based global revolution in banking. Over 1.7 billion mobile users have no access to banking or insurance. Expect at least 400 million of those to access their first banking services in the next 4-5 years using a mobile device. Expect telcos or banks to offer complete packages of free devices, free web access, free entertainment, free calls and so on, in exchange for customers agreeing to replace their bank cards with mobile payments.
We need to think “Beyond Mobile” to embrace the “Internet of Things”: a world where trillions of devices are able to talk to each other, broadcasting and storing information about their location, identity and relationship to other things. Most of these devices will be the size of a grain of sand. They are increasingly part of the clothes we wear, the components inside the products we buy, built into other electronic devices, into buildings, tickets.
We have already seen huge gains in manufacturing, wholesale, logistics and distribution efficiencies as a result. However the biggest prize of all will not be in manufacturing, but in marketing. Combining Big Data to predict what a customer is likely to be thinking and feeling about next.
In a convergent world, every technology ends up looking the same, with a very similar operating system, similar specifications. Convergence can lead to a very boring world for consumers where the only way left to compete is on price – a very dangerous way to try to make money.
All real innovation is by definition divergent: doing things differently to serve customers better. Divergent companies can charge a premium price, if they change people’s lives for the better. But divergent products are usually imitated very fast. Before long, what was unusual and special, becomes common and un-remarkable. So companies need to go on diverging from what they have done in the past, constantly exploring new horizons.
So where does divergence and fresh innovation come from? Often if comes from being really close to customers: understanding exactly how they often feel and think in different situations. Divergent thinking is often easier in smaller companies which are able to create the future in radical, fresh ways.

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Future of E-commerce, M-commerce and retail consumer trends - keynote speaker Patrick DixonE nnovation 2

  1. 1. Take Hold of Your Future How customers are changing and the future of e-commerce in a mobile-dominated world Dr Patrick Dixon Chairman Global Change Ltd
  2. 2. One word will drive Future
  3. 3. • Click  to  edit  Master  text  styles
  4. 4. Text
  5. 5. Human nerve cells growing on an integrated circuit
  6. 6. Future is about EMOTION
  7. 7. 14
  8. 8. Up  to  70%  of  retail  spending  is  in  <8  companies
  9. 9. 65%  of  Poland  popula;on  online 7  million  smartphone  users >24bn  zl  online  sales  per  year   Growing  >20%  a  year
  10. 10. e-­‐commerce  hit  $1  trillion  in  2012     12%  of  all  retail  in  UK  -­‐  5%  in  Poland e-­‐marketer Poland  fastest  growing  EU  e-­‐commerce  market
  11. 11. Italy:  58%  increase  in  Price   Comparison  website  sales  of  car   insurance  in  first  6  months   of  2013  v  2012
  12. 12. 12.5  million  users  -­‐10bn  zl  sales
  13. 13. 1  trillion  pages                                        a  month
  14. 14. 74  million  users  a  month "Perfection!, Wonderful hotel. Good value, beautiful views.“ Madrid May 20, 2013 This was the most beautiful hotel. Clean, friendly and good value. “Worst hotel I have ever been in. Should be closed down.“ Paris April 11, 2013 NEVER stay in this terrible place. Rats, insects, dirty. Many guests got sick.
  15. 15. Mobile MORE THAN A CHANNEL
  16. 16. Loca;on  Marke;ng is  next  BIG  THING
  17. 17. Internet of Things
  18. 18. Fusion On-­‐Off  line
  19. 19. SALES Online / physical worlds become one Buy online - deliver to store Buy store - deliver at home Go to store, research and order online etc
  20. 20. Over  4000  road  hauliers  in  EU 1.3bn  home  delivered  e-­‐com  items   in  UK  a  year  (+12%  pa)
  21. 21. 3000 Parcel Shops in UK in 12 months Chosen by up to 50% customers for deliveries 43
  22. 22. 44
  23. 23. 45
  24. 24. >  200  million  mobile  payments >  70%  in  Africa     >  $160bn  
  25. 25. 2m  businesses   use  SQUARE   in  US 49
  26. 26. Kenya  -­‐  17m  customers $9bn  pa  -­‐  >33%  GDP
  27. 27. 1.7bn  users  unbanked
  28. 28. Payments Doorway •In UK alone.... •Transactions >$1trillion pa •Credit card debt >$100bn •Average card interest rate 16% •2% commissions worth $18bn 53
  29. 29. TelcoBanks Free mobile devices calls / web / TV / games / pay Higher income model 2010                                                  2013                                  2015                                                    
  30. 30. Big  Data 90% all global data generated in last 2 years
  31. 31. Big Data means shift from Marketing to Creative Advice
  32. 32. 33%  in  UK  don’t  watch  live  TV
  33. 33. • Home • Work • Online • Offline • Sales • Entertain • Phone • Mobile • Chat ONE CUSTOMER
  34. 34. Making  Life  BeDer •Individuals •Family •Community •Wide World Working  Together
  35. 35. E-nnovation globalchange.com Slides and Videos Dr Patrick Dixon Chairman Global Change Ltd