Presentation guide a royal occasion


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sponsorship presentation guide.

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Presentation guide a royal occasion

  1. 1. A Royal Occasion with Remy Martin Sponsorship Presentation Aid Event Organizer: Powered by Excellence Organizer Contact: Kenrick Gibson Organizer Phone: 516.424.7280 Promotional Website: Event Website: PBE . Event Description Powered by Excellence, a Brooklyn-based media and entertainment group invites the Remy Cointreu Group to partner in a, “Royal Occasion” at Stage 48 ballroom in the Midtown District of Manhattan on April 27th, 2014. The proposed partnership includes a sponsorship by the Remy Martin brand in the form of financial capital in exchange for a 2 month long advertising campaign consisting of brand exposure and consumer sentiment. A Royal Occasion The theme, “A Royal Occasion,” provokes nostalgia by emphasizing the good times as a symbolism of a carefree and contented existence; conveyed through imagery and words. Using a series of 30-40 second commercial segments, an original poem- narrated with proper vocal inflection- empowers the listener to reflect on the good times as an ever-present moment. The first release contains visual footage of the event host performing; the second release captures individuals on a night out and the final release intends to inspire the viewer to seek the silver lining in life by depicting moments of joy alongside otherwise desperate situations. Content Distribution The event will be hosted by Brooklyn Emcee, Fabolous, who will assist in the branding and promotional efforts by releasing the video segments via his social media platforms; an entity that reaches over 5 million followers. Radio promotion through NYCs Hot 97.1 radio station will advance ticket sales and several other media and blog outlets will cover the event, distribute promotional material and create interactive platforms for consumer feedback. Powered by Excellence will also be employing an on-the-ground promotional team to conduct grassroots marketing via word of mouth campaigns, text and email blasts and of course, social media posts. Budget Breakdown In order to adequate produce the event and run an effective ad campaign geared at increasing quarterly ROI, Powered by Excellence is asking for the following financial assistance: Item Description Cost Execution Team Talent Buying Costs associated with the purchase of a work-for- hire contract for rap artist, ‘Fabolous’ $15,000 Powered by Excellence Production Costs Costs associated with rental equipment (for commercials and event), pre and post production, models and actors used in video clips, licensing and copyright fees (when necessary) $5,000 MK Creative Marketing Costs associated with marketing materials (print and online), content distribution (radio and media advertising) and general promotion $5,000 Illuminex Designs, Powered by Excellence