A royal occasion


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Sponsorship Request Presentation for Remy Martin cognac.

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A royal occasion

  1. 1. A Royal Occasion Sponsorship Proposal Powered by Excellence
  2. 2. “Here’s to the good times, Those moments when your wallet’s filled just right, Your future looks bright And there’s not a worry in sight. Here’s to the days When life is but a dream, each moment gets better And love plays a constant theme Here’s to the nights that never seem to end, Those magical adventures You have with your friends A Powered by Excellence Production Here’s to the good times…Here’s…to you.”
  3. 3. The Opportunity Powered by Excellence, a Brooklynbased entertainment outlet, is seeking financial sponsorship to book an *artist (e.g. hire musical talent), for hosting and performance purposes at a New York City event venue. We will be launching a promotional campaign using a series of 30-second commercial segments attached to the theme: “A Royal Occasion;” intended to create a desire to “Live in the good times and enjoy the moment.” The content will be distributed to key target markets (21-36) via celebrity endorsement on social media, advertising on appropriate publishing mediums and grassroots event marketing. A Powered by Excellence Production 3 *Proposed artist: Fabolous
  4. 4. Project At-A-Glance • • • • • • • Theme: A Royal Occasion Production Costs: $25,000 Target Audience: 21-35 Venue: Stage 48 Capacity: 2,500 Doors Open: 10pm *SMR: 5,898,494 • *SMR: Social Media Reach, is the contracted artists’ level of social exposure; e.g., the total number of followers the contracted artist has. Dance Party Hosted by Fabolous 4.27.2014 4 A Powered by Excellence Production
  5. 5. Steps to Success Social Media Reach (Artist) 3,000,000 2,500,000 2,000,000 1,500,000 1,000,000 •Develop project visuals and coordinate release dates for marketing materials Content Distribution •Distribute content through social media, radio promotion and grassroots marketing •Conduct customer surveys through web platforms. Collect insight on brand perception for R&D Follow up 500,000 0 A Powered by Excellence Production 5
  6. 6. The Players Powered by Excellence- Project Lead Powered by Excellence is a Long Island based entertainment group specializing in nightlife event planning and music production. PBE’s duties consist of project management , strategy and talent buying. MK Creative- Brand Manager (Portfolio) MK Creative is a Chicago based marketing and branding agency with a focus on developing innovative and successful marketing and branding solutions for a wide range of clientele streaming from artist, designers, musicians (hip-hop) and professional athletes such as Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade and his non-profit foundation, the Wade's World Foundation. This in-house agency has experience developing marketing strategies both in the digital and traditional print mediums and will be constructing a 30 second commercial series celebrating the ode, “here’s to the good times.” Illuminex Designs- Creative Lead Illuminex Designs is a full-service tech advisory company based in Brooklyn, NY, with experience in driving visual impact through client campaigns and consulting for clients in industries ranging from entertainment to politics. The IX team will creating still graphics for print and online advertising to compliment the visual theme. A Powered by Excellence Production
  7. 7. C.P.C. Partnership When you sponsor our event, you’re getting more than brand exposure at a particular date and time. You’re also getting a unique, creative and comprehensive advertising campaign that continues to add value long after the event has passed. This is what we call, the “CPC Partnership.” 1. Content 1. 2. Exclusive licensing privileges on all original content produced Promotion 1. 3. Promotion along all distribution platforms to target audiences Consulting 1. Campaign management, reporting and consulting for increased ROI A Powered by Excellence Production 7
  8. 8. The Winning Strategy. Online Marketing Print Adverts Social Media Promotion Product Distribution Radio Distribution Market Research Video Production and Editing A Powered by Excellence Production Project Updates High Level Branding