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The Future of the In-store Mobile Experience


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Every year billions of dollars in revenue “walks out” of major retailers – these consumers enter the store with intent to buy, but end up uninspired, uncertain, or their desired item is out of stock. By responding to existing shopping behaviors, the in-store app experience is motivating purchases through informing and inspiring on the spot. Learn about decision-making mobile tools that are combating the “walkout to think it over” and expanding baskets.

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The Future of the In-store Mobile Experience

  1. 1. Owning the Decision Point:The Future of the In-store Mobile Experience Patrick Collins 5th Finger CEO 5thfinger
  2. 2. What you’ll learn …• What is in-store mobile?• Where is in-store mobile heading?• What are the key challenges? 5thfinger
  3. 3. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  4. 4. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  5. 5. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  6. 6. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  7. 7. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  8. 8. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  9. 9. Is This In-Store Mobile? 5thfinger
  10. 10. In-Store Mobile In-store mobile is: Leveraging the power of mobile’s deep consumer relationship to connect with shoppers inside a bricks and mortar location. At 5th Finger, we call this: Bricks and Mobile 5thfinger
  11. 11. In-Store Mobile Is Important 5thfinger
  12. 12. Consumers Are Already Using It70% of smartphone ownershave used their mobile whileshopping in-store-Google Insights, May 2011• Price Comparisons• Customer Reviews & Ratings• Stock Checks• Check-in• Coupons• Access Promotions 5thfinger
  13. 13. Consumers Are Already Using It“During the 2011 holiday season, 25% of cell owners usedtheir phone inside stores to gather price comparisons; 24%used them to look up online reviews.”Pew Internet – January 2012 5thfinger
  14. 14. Shoppers Prefer Mobile When SeekingFurther Product InformationHow 5th Finger retail client customers prefer to find product details while in-store. (app users) 5thfinger
  15. 15. 5thfinger
  16. 16. Mobile Motivation: It’s About ConvenienceTarget Makes Shopping Simpler Tip Customers over the threshold to certainty of purchase. Scan products in-store and view product specifications, features and read reviews. 5thfinger
  17. 17. Mobile Motivation: It’s About InspirationInspire with Look Matching… Drive basket size with inspiration in-app and on mobile web. Scan products to unlock matching product looks, matches and ideas. 5thfinger
  18. 18. Mobile Motivation: It’s About EngagementShopkick Uses Achievement to Motivate A retailer agnostic approach that gamifies the shopping experience with offers and deals provided by brands. The clever sub-audible in- store location tool provides the best heads up display potential in the market today as someone walks around the store. 100 million check-ins in the first six months 5thfinger
  19. 19. WHAT ABOUT QR CODES?5thfinger
  20. 20. 5thfinger
  21. 21. QR Codes Are Used In-Store 50% of smartphone users have scanned a code with their mobile 1 in 5 of those said QR codes were part of the purchase process Source: cmb consumerpulse, Jan 2012 5thfinger Source: MGH/ComScore
  22. 22. QR Won: The Code War Is Over5thfinger Source: NellyMoser 2012
  23. 23. WHAT ABOUT NFC?5thfinger
  24. 24. 5thfinger
  25. 25. Fragmentation is already an issue… vs 5thfinger
  27. 27. Challenges to In-store MobileChallenge 1: Improving signal in the store 5thfinger
  28. 28. Challenges to In-store MobileChallenge 2: Bridging Store and Online inventory Store Inventory Online Inventory Mobile experience Yay! Scan of in-store says, “Sorry I don’t product produces know that digital reviews and product.” information 5thfinger
  29. 29. Challenges to In-store MobileChallenge 3: Mapping the Store 5thfinger
  30. 30. Challenges toIn-store MobileChallenge 4:In-store Promotion 5thfinger
  31. 31. In Summary• The in-store mobile opportunity is huge• consumers are already doing it• Consumer motivations to tap into: – Convenience (think information and reviews) – Inspiration (think product matching) – Engagement (think loyalty and gaming)• 4 key challenges: In-store reception, Bridging Online/Store Inventory, Mapping the Store, Effective in-store promotion 5thfinger
  32. 32. Thank YouContact: 5th_finger_booth_card_front.pdf 1 2/7/12 3:11 PM C M Y CM MY CY CMY K 5thfinger