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Voting in las vegas


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Instructions on voting in Nevada.

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Voting in las vegas

  1. 1. Voting in Las Vegas
  2. 2. Registering to Vote Options Online Voter Registration Registering in Person Registering in Person Military and Overseas Voter Registration
  3. 3. Online Voter Registration Residents of Nevada may register to vote online A DMV Issued ID is required Fill out the online form Must Register at The Online Registration Deadline is 10 days before the traditional deadline
  4. 4. Registering by Mail Download a Voter Registration Form at Fill out the form Mail the form to a country clerk or registrar for the county in which you reside
  5. 5. Registering in Person Register at a Nevada DMV office, your county clerk or registrars office, a social service agency, or a college campus Fill out the forms you will be given Need a Nevada ID or the last four digits or your Social Security Number
  6. 6. Military and Overseas Voting If you are a legal Nevada resident leaving overseas or currently deployed in the military, you may request a overseas absentee ballot by sending a Federal Post Card Application to your county clerk or register of voters. You may also Register Online, but will still have to request an absent ballot separately
  7. 7. NOTES1. If you want to make a change to your voter registration, you must submit a new voter application form2. The registration deadline is usually three weeks before election day3. To vote in a primary, you must be registered with registered with the party that that primary is for
  8. 8. Voter Requirements Be an Official US Citizen Be 18 Years or Older by the election date Be a resident of Nevada for at least 30 days, and a resident of your current precinct for at least 10 days before the election date. Not have a felony that makes you ineligible to vote Not be declared mentally incompetent to vote Not have a permanent residence in any other place
  9. 9. Casting your vote In Las Vegas Early Voting Election Day Voting
  10. 10. Early Voting May vote at any polling location in Nevada Polling locations very from year to year, but often include shopping malls, colleges, grocery stores, schools, and government offices Poll times vary from place to place Early Voting Locations can be found at ctory.aspx
  11. 11. Large Early Voting Locations Galleria At Sunset: 1300 W Sunset Rd, Henderson Meadows Mall: 4300 Meadows Ln, Las Vegas Vons (Charleston/Rampart): 820 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas Aliante Library: 2400 W Deer Springs Way, Las Vegas Las Vegas Premium Outlets South: 7400 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas
  12. 12. Voting Etiquette Be Respectful Use Common Sense Ask for assistance is you need it Don’t campaign for your candidate, these people don’t want to hear it Don’t wear campaign clothing or have other political items at the polling place, this is called “passive electioneering” and is against Nevada law. Keep the line moving
  13. 13. Upcoming Election Dates Primary: Registration Ends: March 12, 2013 Early Voting Begins: March 16, 2013 Early Voting Ends: March 29, 2013 Election Day: April 2, 2013 General Election: Registration Ends: May 14, 2013 Early Voting Begins: May 18, 2013 Early Voting Ends: May 31, 2013 Election Day: June 2013
  14. 14. Remember to vote, the nation is counting on you!