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StevensViews, Fall 2008


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StevensViews, Fall 2008

  1. 1. FALL 2008
  2. 2. TECHNOGENESIS TODAY Forbes ranks Stevens third in ROI in R&D addition to the core team of Michael Epstein. Director of Technical and Academic Development Frank Shinneman joined the company several at CES. The technologies are included in a years later as CEO. series of patents obtained by the founders of the company. The merged business is run out of The PlasmaSol team conducted a marketability Graver Technologies’ facility in Glasgow, Del. study of the technology’s environmental applica- tions and discovered very large market potential In September, Raveché appeared on “Power Lunch in several areas. Dr. George Korfiatis, University Europe” on CNBC World, where he discussed Provost and Vice President, and Dr. Christos the importance of innovation in the US and why Christodoulatos, Associate Provost for Academic outsourcing is not a viable cost-saving solution in Entrepreneurship, are also co-founders and tech- the long-run. nology advisors. “The CEOs, I’m afraid, have taken the easy way Following an initial grant by the New Jersey Com- out. We can manufacture a product in the US, a mission on Science and Technology, PlasmaSol high-tech product, and the final price will be as won major contracts for decontaminative applica- competitive with China if we use innovation in tions from the US Army and NASA. every step of the process. And still pay $30 an hour in the US with health benefits. But we’ve given In addition, the Forbes article cited HydroGlobe, Stevens’ third ranked profile on the Forbes website. up. The easy way is: outsource your jobs to lower a Technogenesis environmental technology com- Four Stevens professors receive top Bright Idea Awards your costs and appear to be more profitable. But pany incubated at Stevens. The company produces F orbes recently ranked Stevens third in return the fundamentals aren’t there because for the long- patented products for the removal of heavy metals on investment in areas of research and devel- term, you’re not investing in R&D and you don’t Four professors at Stevens have been selected papers, all of which have placed within the top nine on in-house capability requirements.” Professor — including lead and arsenic — from water, and opment. The article made note of Techno- have the new products and services in the pipeline to receive the Bright Idea Award, sponsored by the manuscripts from more than 125 publications. Patanakul received the Bright Idea Award in Project was sold to Graver Technologies, a filtration man- genesis®, stressing that students and professors to really drive the market,” said Raveché. Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University The two organizations have compiled the Seventh Management for his paper, “A decision support ufacturer, in 2004. and the NKPRO Foundation, the public policy Annual Volume of the Published Research Works of model for project manager assignments.” And work through research and commercialization “We tell our students that if you’re just a good engi- research affiliate of the New Jersey Business and business faculty within New Jersey from 2007. Professors Holahan and Mooney have each received issues concurrently, “rather concentrating on A patent from HydroGlobe was awarded the neer or scientist, you can be outsourced. But if you Industry Association (NJBIA). Professor Bullen received the Bright Idea Award the Bright Idea Award in Conflict Resolution for their research and letting someone else worry about how Thomas Alva Edison Patent Award for Technol- know how to add value to your organization, then The professors — Christine V. Bullen, Ann C. in Information Technology for her paper, “Chang- paper, “Don’t take it personally: Exploring cognitive to make money from it.” In considering the rank- ogy Transfer from the Research and Develop- it’s less likely that you’ll be outsourced,” he said. Mooney, Patricia J. Holahan and Peerasit Patanakul ing IT skills: The impact of sourcing strategies conflict as a mediator of affective conflict.” ings, Forbes took into account the Stevens spin-out ment Council of New Jersey. The original patent is — are each being awarded for their respective owned by Stevens, which has given to HydroGlobe In addition, Raveché appeared on BBC World PlasmaSol, which developed a way to decontami- nate buildings after a chemical or biological attack, the rights of exclusive use of the technology. News, where he addressed the gap in innovation, which sold for $17.5 million in 2006 when it was and the fact that Asia, rather than other areas of HydroGlobe was founded in 2000 by three Stevens acquired by Stryker Corporation. the world, has taken the lead in research. professors based on research conducted at the Contents “Those [Silicon Valley] companies were started Center for Environmental Systems (CES), directed The emphasis on innovation, said Raveché, “has after the students left Stanford,” President Raveché at that time by Dr. Christos Christodoulatos. In to come from both the private sector and the told Forbes. “Our students start companies here.” addition to Christodoulatos, the HydroGlobe government from the very top and be a mindset. It founders include Dr. George P. Korfiatis (CES can’t be a program. It has to be a national agenda, a PlasmaSol developed a technology that will allow founding director) and Dr. Xiaoguang Meng, national purpose.” Stryker to provide sterilization equipment for use 3 TECHNOGENESIS TODAY Stevens Institute of Technology Office of Communications in sterilizing certain of its MedSurg Equipment products. “We tell our students that if you’re just a good engineer or scientist, 4 LATEST NEWS you can be outsourced. But if you know how to add value to your Castle Point on Hudson The basic technology at the core of PlasmaSol Cor- Hoboken, New Jersey 07030 poration is an invention by Stevens scientists, known as Capillary Discharge Non-Thermal Plasma. organization, then it’s less likely that you’ll be outsourced.” Director: 6 FEATURE STORY NSA and DHS Patrick A. Berzinski Editor & Assistant Director: The work to propagate large-volume cold plasmas began in earnest at Stevens in 1996. That year, Dr. — President Harold J. Raveché Stevens recognized by Stephanie Mannino Erich Kunhardt of the Department of Physics and as a Center of Excellence Media Assistant: Engineering Physics, received a development grant Meagen Henning-Hinds from the Air Force Office of Scientific Research. 9 SPECIAL EVENTS With his Stevens colleague Dr. Kurt Becker, Photographer: Jim Cummins Kunhardt went for a much sought-after goal: engineering dynamic plasma reactions in a non- Internet & Media Consultant: 11 STEVENS PEOPLE vacuum environment. Their success translating Randolph Hoppe, All content, images and related information is the R+Y Communications particle theory to measurable results in the lab opened a whole new range of applications. property of the Stevens News Service, Office of Print Design: 14 FACULTY NEWS Advancement and University Communications at Stevens Institute of Technology. Any unauthorized use or replication is strictly prohibited. Christian Drury Design Contact Information: + In 1999, three graduate students from Stevens co-founded PlasmaSol to commercialize the non- thermal plasma technology: Kurt Kovach, Seth Copyright 2008 Stevens Institute of Technology. Stevens’ President Harold J. Raveché appeared on CNBC World and BBC World News to discuss the All rights reserved. A. Tropper and Richard Crowe, with the later importance of innovation in a global economy. Check out more news on our website: 3
  3. 3. LATEST NEWS LATEST NEWS Joseph Mitola appointed VP for the Research Enterprise The people in the DR are very Veteran technologist and nition cycle on which the sensing and opportunis- anxious and enthusiastic about pioneering researcher, Dr. tic use of radio spectrum whitespace is based. Joseph Mitola, has been In addition, Mitola serves on the Committee this project and are impressed appointed Stevens’ Vice for Universal Radio Frequency Capabilities for by what we can offer.” President for the Research the US Special Operations Command of the Enterprise as well as a National Research Council of the National — Stevens Student Eileen Parra Distinguished Professor, Academy of Sciences. Dr. Joseph Mitola holding a joint appoint- Before joining Stevens, Mitola served as Chief ment at the Schaefer Scientist of the Department of Defense (DoD) School of Engineering and Science and the School Federally Funded R&D Center (FFRDC) for Stevens awarded of Systems and Enterprises. The MITRE Corporation, where he led program $1 million for advanced “Mitola’s experience in industry, government teams to invent novel solutions to critical DoD and academe, as well his pioneering contributions mission-shortfalls in telecommunications and biofuels research in research, are outstanding qualifications for this information processing. new position that has been created to advance the Between 2002 and 2005, he was on loan from Stevens has been awarded $1 million from the US Department of Energy (DOE) to support research university’s recognition and standing among the MITRE to the US DoD to develop trustable and development into biomass conversion technol- world’s leading research universities,” said George cognitive systems for the US Defense Advanced ogies. The grant is one of six awarded by the DOE P. Korfiatis, Provost and University VP. Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as Special to various higher-education institutions to develop As Vice President for the Research Enterprise, Assistant to the DARPA Director. From 1997 their advanced biofuels projects. In total, the DOE Professor Mitola will be responsible for promoting to 1999 he was founding Technical Director of will invest up to $4.4 million in these university proj- large-scale, cross-disciplinary research initiatives Cryptologic Modeling and Simulation for the US ects for their research into how non-food feedstocks among Stevens’ diverse research centers, laborato- DoD. Between 1994 and 1996, his MITRE role can be transformed into advanced biofuels. ries and contract research projects. was General Systems Engineer for the US Defense The universities are required to invest an additional “Through Dr. Mitola’s leadership, the university’s Airborne Reconnaissance Office where he led the 20% of their own funding, which brings the entire recognition as a force in research will be promoted creation of the congressionally mandated strategy investment into these six projects to $5.7 million. Stevens strengthens Dominican both urban and rural areas. As a result, there will be increased prevention against hurricanes and nationally and internationally, thereby providing and was responsible for the transition of billions added value for internal and external constituen- of dollars of legacy sensors, communications, and Stevens will receive its $1 million over the course of three years. The project will be led and executed by Republic’s Early Warning System flooding for the whole island. Creating a more technological EWS will also cies,” said Stevens’ President Harold. J. Raveché. information systems to low cost mission effective the New Jersey Center for MicroChemical Systems increase employment opportunities in the DR Vice President Mitola will promote such initia- modernized tactical distributed processing (NJCMCS) in partnership with BASF Catalysts LLC. for Inundation and provide greater educational opportunities for engineers who will be involved with the EWS. tives in government agencies, as well as the private networks. In 1993 he served as Special Technical sector. He will be responsible for investments that Advisor to the Executive Office of the President of advance the goals and objectives of the Institute’s the United States. NJCMCS is an academic research center that has been established at Stevens with state, federal and Stevens plans to train Dominican engineers in the internal funding of over $12 million during the last S tevens’ Center for Maritime Systems began a for hands-on experience doing management work modeling and rehabilitation of the improved EWS Strategic Positioning Plan by working in close col- Mitola is the recipient of many awards, including five years. BASF Catalysts is a US-based company project to strengthen the Early Warning Sys- for the construction of Aurora del Sol Hotel in and work jointly with them during the installation laboration with the academic deans, department the Office of the Secretary of Defense Medal for that has expertise in a broad range of catalyst and directors, center directors and Exceptional Public Service reactor design technologies. tem (EWS) for Inundations in the Dominican Santo Domingo, DR. process. A mirror site to DR’s EWS, which will be principal investigators. (2005) and the Inaugural Republic. The project is focused on developing the technology of the DR’s EWS and providing the most Since moving to the US, Parra has returned to located at Stevens’ Davidson Laboratory, will help visit her country every summer and always looked oversee the work being done and serve as a back-up Mitola is recognized inter- “ Through Dr. Mitola’s Recipient of the SDR Forum With its award, Stevens plans to evaluate and demonstrate a novel microchannel reactor to up-to-date equipment to improve accuracy in detec- for ways to give back. She feels that working with the EWS if the DR’s system gets destroyed in a disaster. nationally for his formulation leadership, the univer- Industry Achievement Award reform pyrolysis oil into synthesis gas. The project tion of hurricanes and prevent flooding on the island. EWS is the opportunity she’s been waiting for. After “The people in the DR are very anxious and and groundbreaking research (2002). He has also served intends to use the novel reactor and precisely The genesis of the EWS effort began in 2007 familiarizing herself with the enthusiastic about this project in software-defined radio sity’s recognition as a as the Editor in Chief, of controlled operating conditions to produce a high yield of synthesis gas using reduced energy. when Dr. Harold J. Raveché, President of Stevens, EWS project goals, she submit- and are impressed by what we (SDR) and cognitive radio force in research will the Radio Communications was attending a meeting in the DR during which ted a proposal to Stevens’ Tech- “ If this program is can offer,” said Parra, “They systems and technologies. In be promoted nationally Series IEEE Communications The project abstract, Dual Layer Monolith ATR of Pyrolysis Oil for Distributed Synthesis Gas the topic of vast hurricane devastation came up. Dr. Raveché offered his help and asked Dr. nogenesis® program to further the work in the DR. The pro- successful in the DR, it believe it’s possibleaway. They want to start right and they addition to having published the first technical paper on and internationally...” Magazine 1998–2003. He is a lifetime member Production, was prepared and written by Professor Adeniyi Lawal of the Department of Chemical Alan Blumberg, Director of Stevens’ Center for posal was accepted and Parra can be taken to other are also very honest and open software radio architecture — President Harold J. Raveché of the Armed Forces Com- Engineering and Materials Science. He is also the Maritime Systems, and Dr. Thomas O. Herrington, traveled to the DR to continue to receiving help.” in 1991, Mitola has taught munications and Electronics also of the Center, to see how Stevens could offer project development from June Caribbean countries.” A proposal for technical courses in software radio in Association (AFCEA), the project’s principal investigator. assistance. They began collaborative efforts with through August 2008. advancement funding for the US, Europe and Asia. Association of Old Crows (Electronic Defense), Other higher-education institutions selected for Janet Kunhardt at Stevens Institute of Technology “Hurricanes have always — Dr. Alan Blumberg the program was recently their projects are the University of Toledo, for its As founding chair of the SDR Forum in 1996, and the Association for the Advancement of International (SITI), and together they established been a concern in the DR,” submitted by Stevens to the plans to simultaneously convert cellulose to sugar he pioneered global innovation in SDR among Artificial Intelligence (AAAI). and fermentation to ethanol; Montana State Univer- important relationships with leaders and engineers explained Parra, “but since the hurricanes in United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and a industry, government, and academic research orga- He has published extensively in the area of sity, which will partner with Utah State University to in the DR to establish the program. October and November of 2007, which took place proposal will soon be submitted to USAID. “If this nizations. Later, his 1999 Licentiate Thesis in Telein- cognitive radio and teleinformatics. evaluate the oil content of algae; the University of Blumberg received more assistance for promoting during hurricane off-season, DR wanted to improve program is successful in the DR, it can be taken to formatics, coined the term “cognitive radio” for the Mitola holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Georgia, which will evaluate cost-effective algae- the EWS project when Eileen Parra, a Stevens Civil the method of monitoring hurricanes at all times.” other Caribbean countries,” said Blumberg. integration of machine perception of RF, visual and Electrical Engineering with Highest Honors from biofuel production systems, along with using the Engineering student and a native of the DR, joined Stevens’ assistance with improved technology and Five years from now, Parra hopes to see the new abundance of litter from the poultry industry as speech domains with machine learning into SDR to Northeastern University; a Master of Science the team. Parra moved to the US from the DR equipment will increase DR’s ability to detect EWS in the DR up and running. She predicts it a source of low-cost nutrients; the University of make dynamic spectrum access technically viable. degree in Engineering from The Johns Hopkins when she was six years old. She always had a love for hurricanes on time, even during hurricane off- will take about one year to receive funding for the Maine, for its plans to determine the optimal yield His doctoral dissertation, Cognitive Radio University; a Licentiate in Engineering; and math, and her uncle, a civil engineer in the DR, had season and all year long. As accuracy in detecting project, two years for installation of the software and productivity of high-potential bacteria; and (KTH, June 2000), created the first architecture Doctorate in Teleinformatics from The Royal Georgia Tech Research Corporation, which will inspired her to study civil engineering. During the hurricanes improves, so will the efficiency of and equipment and a few more years to achieve a for such autonomous radios, formulating the cog- Institute of Technology, KTH, Stockholm. determine which models will best maximize syn- summer of 2007, her uncle gave her an opportunity transmitting the message to DR natives who live in good record of storm prediction. thesis gas yield from an optimized gasifier.4 StevensViews FALL 2008 5
  4. 4. FEATURE STORY FEATURE STORY In addition, on July 11, Stevens held an inaugural ceremony to kick off the Department of Home- land Security-designated Center of Excellence in Port Security, to be known formally as the Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce. The event was held in the atrium of the Babbio Center for Technology Management, and included remarks from Stevens’ President Harold J. Raveché; Dean of Engineering and Science, Michael S. Bruno; and Mr. Jay Cohen, Under Secretary, Science and Technology Directorate, US Department of Homeland Security, and Dr. Matthew Clark, Director, University Programs, US Department of Homeland Security. Attendees also were addressed by Senator Frank R. Lautenberg, and Congressmen Steven R. Rothman and Bill Pascrell, Jr. “Today is about research and education, creativity and innovation, as we look for technological solutions to the complex issues facing our maritime systems,” said Bruno. The Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Professors Sven Dietrich and Susanne Wetzel (above) led the application process for Stevens’ designation Commerce will focus on sensors, modeling and as National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Research. analysis to improve maritime domain awareness. Opposite page: Representative Pascrell, Senator Lautenberg and Representative Rothman listen to The center will also address the question: can a opening remarks from Dean Michael S. Bruno, July 11, 2008. marine transportations system be designed for the United States that is that is resilient to man- Among academic partners represented at the The US Merchant Marine Academy’s Global made and natural threats. event, Rutgers’ President Richard McCormick Maritime and Transportation School is a federal addressed the attendees regarding the importance partner in the endeavor. Stevens recognized by NSA and “Terrorism is real. The fact that 9-11 happened a few years ago should not diminish this issue. of the center’s mission. The National Centers of Academic Excellence Representatives from the non-university partners No political statement should understate it, nor DHS as a Center of Excellence in IA Research Program was launched in “Rutgers takes seriously… its mission of service also spoke at the event. Bethann Rooney, Man- September 2007 to address the need for robust overstate it. The reality, its significance, is true,” to the state and nation,” said McCormick. ager, Port Security, Port Authority of New York IA technology, policy and practices that will said Raveché. “We’re strongly committed and New Jersey, and Richard L. Canas, Director This year, Stevens has been recognized by both the enable our Nation to effectively prevent and respond to a catastrophic event. The vision for “Terrorists and criminals “ Today is about research to homeland security and to research and service in of the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness, both addressed the audience. National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland this program is to establish a process that will will always take advantage and education, creativity this particularly acute 21st of seams and anything we Security as a National Center of Excellence in the areas of present opportunities for IA research centers can do to minimize that and innovation, as we century, demanding area.” to drill deeper into much needed solutions is good for security and Besides Stevens Institute of Technology, information assurance and port security. to securing the global information grid and look for technological The center brings together other universities designated as National bad for the terrorists and a unique set of academic Centers of Academic Excellence in provide NSA, DHS and other federal agencies solutions to the complex S criminals,” said Cohen. Information Assurance Research include: tevens has been selected by the National This most recent designation builds on Stevens’ with insight into academic IA programs that institutions and public and Security Agency (NSA) and the Department excellent history of being a National Security can support advanced academic research and The Institute will receive issues facing our private sectors with diverse Auburn University The Pennsylvania State of Homeland Security (DHS) as one Agency (NSA) Center of Academic development capabilities. expertise and significant of the first 23 National Centers of Excellence in Information Assurance grants of up to $2 million maritime systems.” expertise in developing new Boston University University per year for between four The University of Texas Academic Excellence in Information Education for the academic years The National Security Agency and the Depart- and six years to research — Dean Michael S. Bruno knowledge, models, tools, Dartmouth College at Dallas Assurance Research (CAE-R). Stevens 2003 through 2006, and 2006 ment of Homeland Security jointly sponsor the these issues to better pro- policies and procedures, George Mason University University of California will hold this designation from 2008 through 2009. The application National Centers of Academic Excellence Pro- tect the maritime industry. and education/training methodologies related to Indiana University at Davis to 2013. Universities designated as process for the CAE-R designation grams. This partnership was formed in April global maritime security and coastal safety. University of California Johns Hopkins University at Irvine Centers of Academic Excellence in was led by Professors Susanne Wetzel 2004, and responds to Priority III of the Presi- “We learned so many things since 9-11 about Mississippi State University University of Illinois at Information Assurance (IA) Education and Sven Dietrich (Computer Science), dent’s National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace of the threats that are facing us and continue to In addition to Rutgers, university partners Urbana-Champaign and Centers of Academic Excellence in IA and their efforts were supported by Professor 2003. The President’s National Strategy to Secure face us, even today. That includes maritime include the University of Miami; the University Missouri University of Science and Technology University of Maryland, Research are eligible to apply for scholarships K.P. (Suba) Subbalakshmi from ECE. Cyberspace refers to cyberspace as the nervous threats, threats at our ports and goods shipped of Puerto Rico; the Massachusetts Institute of Baltimore County North Carolina State and grants through both the Federal and system of our Nation’s critical infrastructures, into our ports. So we’re very realistic, we’re not Technology; and Monmouth University. Non- University University of North Department of Defense Information Assurance Presentations were made to the designated centers and indicates that the healthy functioning of panicking, but this is a great occasion to use our university partners include JBC International; Carolina, Charlotte Northeastern University Scholarship Programs. This designation will on June 4, 2008 during an awards ceremony at cyberspace is essential to our economy and our academic intuitions to come up with new ways Lockheed Martin Maritime Systems and Sensors; University of Pittsburgh the annual conference of the Colloquium for Oklahoma State University also lend itself to numerous opportunities for national security. Securing cyberspace presents to protect our ports, to protect nuclear devices the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; University of Washington advanced research in the field, and is a testament Information Systems Security Education. a difficult strategic challenge, and information or other devices that can cause us harm,” said the Pacific Basin Development Council; and the Polytechnic University to the outstanding IA research already being assurance education is a critical component in Congressman Steven R. Rothman. Nansen Environmental Remote Sensing Center. The George Washington University conducted here at Stevens. successfully meeting that challenge.6 StevensViews FALL 2008 7
  5. 5. SPECIAL EVENTS SPECIAL EVENTS The continued preeminence of America and our economic well-being will be borne of your generation’s ability to advance our understanding and application of science and technology.” — Governor Jon S. Corzine Commencement 2008 T he class of 2008, one of Stevens’ largest, was addressed by New Jersey In 1973, Carlson joined RCA Laboratories, which became part of SRI in Governor Jon S. Corzine and Dr. Curtis R. Carlson, president and 1987 as Sarnoff Corporation. As head of Ventures and Licensing at Sar- CEO of SRI International, at the university’s 136th undergraduate noff, he helped found more than 12 new companies. He started and helped ceremony. Both the governor and Dr. Carlson received Doctor of lead the high-definition television (HDTV) program that became the Engineering degrees, Honoris Causa. US standard and in 1997 won an Emmy® Award for outstanding technical achievement for Sarnoff. “The continued preeminence of America and our Another team started and led by Carlson won an economic well-being will be borne of your genera- Emmy for Sarnoff in 2000 for a system that mea- tion’s ability to advance our understanding and appli- sures broadcast image quality. In 2007, Carlson was cation of science and technology,” said Corzine. named chairman of Sarnoff ’s Board of Directors. In 2005, Corzine announced his candidacy for the “You’re graduating in an exciting time. We live in a governorship of New Jersey, promising to bring the world of unprecedented opportunity — a world of same business practices and integrity that helped him abundance. In the knowledge age, the age you’re in, run Goldman Sachs to state government. He built his there are no limits to growth,” said Carlson. “Unlike campaign around his comprehensive ethics proposal, land and other physical resources, ideas and creativity revamping the state’s property tax system, building are unlimited. But it is a world of abundance only for a stronger economy, and improving education and those who can see the opportunities in front of them Governor Jon S. Corzine healthcare. Corzine was sworn in as New Jersey’s and those who have the skills to take advantage of 54th Governor on January 17, 2006. them. Without these skills it can seem like a world of scarcity. Fortunately, you are among that rare group “Your experience at Stevens will put you at the front with the required skills. For you, an exciting journey line of that. There is a host of examples of great suc- is just beginning.” cess of your predecessors carrying that forward. From Colonel Stevens steam engine to its successor the The Class of 2008 features not one but three internal combustion engine. From Kitty Hawk to students graduating with perfect 4.0 grade-point the Apollo program. Even this very day a landing on averages: Anthony Najem, Totowa, N.J., graduating Mars. From the telegraph to the internet, America with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with High has lead the advance with innovation and invention. Honors from the Chemical Engineering program We are people filled with creativity and a search for in the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science; curiosity in all of our doings. I’m proud to recognize Kresti Pecani, Staten Island, N.Y., graduating with that New Jersey has been inextricably linked to those a Bachelor of Science degree with High Honors advances. You’ll hear that from Dr. Carlson in a few Dr. Curtis R. Carlson from the Chemical Biology program in the Schaefer seconds. From Edison’s Menlo Park to the genius of School; and Amanda Rogers, Mahopac, N.Y., Bell Labs to the super-think tank of the Institute for Advanced Studies in graduating with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with High Honors Princeton — or right here at Stevens. America and New Jersey carried the from the Chemical Engineering program, the Schaefer School. All three mantle of the Industrial Revolution into the 20th century, and again we graduates addressed their peers during the ceremony. will carry the age of technology into the 21st,” Corzine said. Verizon Telecom President Virginia P. Ruesterholz, a Stevens alumna Carlson became president and CEO of SRI International in December and Board of Trustees member, addressed the graduate commencement 1998. Previously, he spent more than 20 years with Sarnoff Corporation, a ceremony. She also received an honorary Doctor of Engineering degree. wholly owned SRI subsidiary.8 9