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  1. 1. Abridged Curriculum Vitae/Biography of Professor JANUSZ A. Z. JANKOWSKIEDUCATION and QUALIFICATIONS 1983 awarded M.B. Ch.B., Glasgow University Medical School. 1995 awarded M.D., (Molecular Medicine), Dundee University. 1996 awarded Ph.D., (Translational Pathology), London University. 1997 elected Specialist Register for Medical Practitioners (GI and Medicine). 1999 elected F.R.C.P.E., Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh. 2000 elected F.R.C.P., Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, London. 2006 in progress M.Sc., (Clinical Pharmacology), Oxford University.SELECTED HONOURS and AWARDS Invited and Prize lectures including over 100 plenary international lectures Undergraduate Clinical Awards: Medicine 1981, Surgery 1982 and Gynaecology 1983 Fellowship Clinician Scientist Award, Imperial Cancer Research Fund 1991 AveryJones Science Gold Medal, British Society of Gastroenterology 1994 Fellowship Clinician Scientist Award, University of California, San Francisco 1995 Millennium Research Prize, University of Kyoto and Surgical Research Society 2000 Presidents Research Prize, Irish Society of Gastroenterology 2002 GEEMO Research Medal, Groupe Etude European Maladies Oesophage 2005 Member of Linacre College, University of Oxford, 2005CURRENT POSTS (p) with PRINCIPAL Honorary AFFILIATIONS (a) in brief 2005 et seq Consultant in Medicine, University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (p) 2004 et seq Senior Clinical Scientist/Visiting Professor of GI Oncology University of Oxford (p) 2005 et seq Honorary Consultant in Gastroenterology, Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust (a) 2003 et seq Visiting Fellow/Professor, Cancer Research UK (a)PREVIOUS POSTS with PRINCIPAL Honorary AFFILIATIONS in brief 1984.1988 Postgraduate Clinical Training, Southern General and Royal Infirmary, University of Glasgow (p) 1988.1993Registrar in Gastroenterology & Lecturer Ninewells Hospital (p) and University of Dundee (a) 1991-1994 Clinician Scientist and Lecturer, Imperial Cancer Research Fund Institute (p) and University of London (a) 1994-1996 Visiting Assistant Professor VA Medical Centre, University of California, San Francisco (a) 1995-2002 Senior Lecturer/Reader/Titular Professor, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, University of Birmingham (p) 2002-2005 Foundation Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology, Royal Infirmary, University of Leicester (p)RESEARCH EXPERIENCE Interests: 1. molecular cell biology especially stem cell biology of Barrett’s metaplasia and colitis (SAINT trial). 2. genetics especially predisposition to gastrointestinal (GI) disease and cancer (ChOPIN trial). 3. translational research and novel cancer therapies (COG trial). 4. chemoprevention of GI cancer (AspECT and WASP trials). Implications for health: We are testing biomarkers and novel targets for drug development as well as population screening Grants: Cancer Research UK, National Cancer Research Institute and Industry > £10,000,000. Major Collaborations: include Cancer Research UK, Oxford University, UK and McMaster University, Canada. Achievements from past work. We were the first group (in collaboration); to identify oesophageal stem cells in man and the mechanism of clonal expanision, elucidate the pathways implicated in GI cancer (growth factor receptor and oncogene activation, altered P-cadherin adhesion, β-catenin nuclear translocation, TNFα and gastrin over expression and aberrant biology), E-cadherin germ line mutations in Caucasians and an evidence base for the management of many GI conditions. Member of board (current): National Cancer Research Institute Committees in GI Cancer and Translational Science and various international medical journals. Publications includes 100 publications in journals such as the American Journal of Pathology, British Medical Journal, Cancer Research, Gastroenterology, Human Molecular Genetics, Journal Biological Chemistry, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Lancet, Oncogene. Education: I have edited authoritative textbooks in a variety of fields including molecular biology and GI Oncology.BRIEF BIOGRAPHY I first trained in GI at the University of Glasgow (GI genetics) and then the University of Dundee (population and laboratory research in oesophageal cancer). I was then awarded two GI fellowships first jointly at Cancer Research UK and Imperial College London (laboratory research in colitis and colorectal cancer) and then at the University of California, San Francisco (GI cancer genetics). I have been actively recruited at Principal Investigator/Professorial level to several Institutes, the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester and currently to the University of Oxford, where I have led internationally competitive research groups Personal web page: (