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Qualifications: -


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Qualifications: -

  1. 1. N8 GI Unit Clinical Nurse Manager 2Informal enquiries to Ms Dorothy O’Sullivan, Divisional Nurse Manager Tel 01 8034264 oremail dosullivan@mater.ieQualifications: -Candidates must: -• Be a Registered General Nurse on the live register of nurses maintained by An Bord Altranais or be entitled to register.• Have a minimum of five years post registration experience with two years in specialty area.• Post registration qualification in Gastroenterology desirable but not essential.• Management course Essential.• Computer skills essential.• Demonstrate the practice of teaching in the clinical area desirable.• Display evidence of continuing professional development. Department of Nursing Mater Misericordiae Hospital. Dublin 7 Job Description Clinical Nurse Manager 2 – Endoscopy UnitObjective of the post:To employ a Clinical Nurse Manager 2 in Gastroenterology Nursing, to manage anddevelop the Endoscopy Unit which requires the application of specially focused knowledgeand skills, which are both in demand and required to provide leadership to improve thequality of patient focused care.This Clinical Nurse Manager 2 will encompass a major management/clinical andeducational focus, which comprises of assessment, planning, delivery and evaluation ofcare given to patients/clients and their families attending the Endoscopy UnitThe Clinical Nurse Manager 2 will develop the scope of specialist and advanced nursingpractice, be accountable, autonomous, competent, supervise, and continue professionaldevelopment.Job Title: Clinical Nurse Manager 2Department: Nursing
  2. 2. Reporting Relationships:Professional issues: -Responsible to: Director of Nursing.Report to/Accountable to: Divisional Nurse Manager.Job Summary:• To manage and co-ordinate the treatment / clinical area of the Endoscopy Unit. To support patients, relatives and staff through the provision of clinical, educational excellence.• To work in partnership with all staff members including Cancer Co Ordinators,Clinical Facillator/Course Co Ordinator,Clinical Nurse Specialists, Divisional Nurse Manager, Director of Nursing, Gastroenterology Consultant(s) and the multi/trans- disciplinary teams to maintain, develop and improve patient centred quality care.• To play a pivotal role in the co-ordination and management of activity and resources within the Endoscopy Unit.• To support the nurses expanding role to become more expert, competent, reflective practitioners developing skills to meet patients needs.• The candidate must be flexible and self motivated. Outline of the Clinical Nurse Manager 2 RoleThe post holder’s managerial responsibility role is to:• To play a key role in the planning of services in terms of needs analysis, activities,targets and priorities for the Gasroenterology speciality, specifically within the Endoscopy Unit.• Work in co-operation with the Clinical Nurse Specialists, Divisional Nurse Manager and the hospital in general by contributing to the strategic management of the hospital.• To act as a professional role model, providing leadership, direction, support, and supervision to staff in the provision of quality service delivery and evaluation.• Provide good leadership and vision and facilitate team building and planned care.• Support and develop a philosophy of nursing that underpins the development of the nurse’s role in gasterology nursing and the hospital ethos. 2
  3. 3. • To maintain the highest safety standards within the unit environment for patients, staff and members of the public. Identifying and reporting hazards promptly.• To investigate incidents, mishaps,complaints and report same to Line Manager.• To ensure that staff are conversant with major incident plan/drill.• To ensure that enquiries from outside agencies (eg.Media,Garda) are dealt with in accordance with Hospital policy• To comply and ensure adherence to hospital Uniform Policy.• To ensure/maintain professional confidentiality and ensure that all nursing documentation is accurate and legible• Ensure that a staff member is competent in Basic life support.• Guarantee the availability and maintenance of supplies and emergency equipment for the Endoscopy Unit.The post holder’s communication role is to:• Maintain communication with the Cancer Co Ordinators/ Clinical Facillators, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Divisional Nurse Manager, Director of Nursing and Gastroenterology Consultant(s) on clinical /operational & professional issues.• Advocate good communication with other Clinical Nurse Managers 2, Clinical Nurse Specialist(s), medical staff & members of the professions allied to medicine to ensure that prescribed care is delivered in accordance with agreed protocols.• Develop good working relationships with wards & departments to promote seamless care.• Consult inter and intra-disciplinary both internally and externally as part of the contribution to promote improved patient management.• Act as a patient advocate through communication, negotiation and representation of the patient’s values and decisions in collaboration with other professionals and community resource providers.• Liaise with other non-clinical support staff and monitor the service provided at the Neurological Institute.The post holder’s clinical responsibility role is to:• Provide planned individualised holistic patient care for patients attending the Endoscopy Unit.• Link with the Gastroenterology outpatient and inpatient services in the Mater University Hospital• Assess, plan, implement and evaluate the care of patients within the Endoscopy Unit. 3
  4. 4. • Demonstrate special interest and provide clinical leadership in Gastroenterology care.• Participate in the development, formulation and evaluation of guidelines, policies and procedures to enhance a quality service in the Endoscopy Unit.• Exercise high levels of judgement, discretion and decision making, taking sole responsibility for those decisions.• Provide supervision and direction for team members who provide elements of care.• Sustain private consultation for patients and protect patient confidentiality at all times.• Ensure safe custody and administration of drugs in accordance with established procedure and the law. Arrange the safekeeping of patient’s property when necessary.• Must be responsible for taking a role in designing, implementing and co-ordinating the hospitals risk management programme, including risk management assessment, prevention, education, and appraisal. Maintain an accurate reporting system of near misses, occurrences, incidents, complaints and co-ordinate risk management activities with other quality initiatives.• Support a coherent approach to the progression of specialisation and the development of clinical career pathways.• The Clinical Nurse Manager 2 must keep up to date with current research, ensure evidence based practice and research is utilised and must contribute to nursing research that is relevant to his/her area of practice.The post holder’s education and staff development responsibility role is to:• Participate in education and in-service programmes for all staff, pre & post registration nursing staff and other medical and allied students.• Supervise and assess student nurses and foster the clinical learning environment.• Monitor and improve standards of care and develop practice by active involvement in advanced clinical practice.• Promote self-care and wellness through patient education, health promotion and communication with relatives and significant others in order that the patient will have an understanding of their condition thereby increasing compliance with treatment & advice.• Maintain open communication with the departmental educational facilitator to combine educational programmes. 4
  5. 5. The post holder’s Self Development responsibility role is to:Demonstrate a high level of interest in advances in the clinical management ofGastroenterology Nursing.• Attend and participate in: n-service programmes, lectures, seminars and staff conferences. Study days that have a general neurology focus as well as days that have an advanced practice focus.• Engage in personal development planning and continuous professional education.• Participate in hospital committees as required, attend and contribute to interdepartmental, divisional and other meetings. Quality Assurance: 1. Maintain and evaluate a system for recording clinical activity 2. Demonstrate commitment to evidence based practice 3. Maintain clinical and administrative records and reporting arrangements 4. Provide a high quality service, efficient and effective, respecting the needs of each patient 5. Continually monitor the service ensuring it reflects current needs and implement change where required. 6. Ensure that effective safety procedures are in place to comply not only with the Health, Safety and Welfare at Work Act but also within the spirit of the Hospital’s Mission, vision and values, and that they are known and followed by the Gastroenterology team. Research: 1. Use research findings to influence care within the speciality 2. Initiate and promote research findings 3. Keep up to date on current developments in Gastroenterology nursingPolicies and Procedures:The Clinical Nurse Manager 2 must be conversant with and adhere to hospital policies-example A. Health,Safety and Welfare at Work legislation B. Hospital Fire Policy C. Hospital Infection Control Policies D. Data Protection and Freedom of Information Legislation E. Hospital Grievance and Disiplinary Procedures F. Risk Management 5
  6. 6. Note: The extent and speed of change in the delivery of health care is such thatadaptability is essential. The incumbent Clinical Nurse Manager 2 will be requiredto maintain, enhance and develop their professional knowledge, skills andaptitudes necessary to respond to a changing climate. This job description must beregarded as an outline of the major areas of accountability at this present timewhich will be reviewed and assessed on an on-going basis.Other duties appropriate to the post as may be assigned from time to time by theHospital Authority through the Divisional Nurse Manager and the Director ofNursing.February 2010 6