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Job Description (MSWord)


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Job Description (MSWord)

  1. 1. UNITED BRISTOL HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST LOCUM CONSULTANT IN PAEDIATRIC GASTROENTEROLOGY JOB DESCRIPTION1. THE POST This post is a newly created Consultant appointment to join two existing Paediatric Gastroenterology Consultants based at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. The post is for 6 months pending a substantial post. Ideally the appointee would start at the beginning of February 2008 (or as close to) for 6 months. The team provide secondary and tertiary services in Paediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition to Avon District and a tertiary service to the whole of the South West Region and parts of Wiltshire. The department is actively involved in clinical research and teaching trainees. It works as a multidisciplinary unit. The third Consultant will help further develop the regional clinical network. An interest in nutrition would be desirable but not essential.2. The applicant should have a broad training in Paediatric Gastroenterology, Nutrition and Hepatology and be experienced in upper and lower Gastrointestinal endoscopy. The successful applicant would be expected to have a proven record in Gastroenterological research with special experience in a particular field such as inflammatory bowl disease or nutrition. There are opportunities within the Trust for the postholder to pursue a research interest.3.4. UNITED BRISTOL HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST The United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust (UBHT) consists of a group of hospitals predominantly on a single campus close to the city centre and the University, including Bristol Royal Infirmary, Bristol General Hospital, St Michael’s Hospital, Bristol Eye Hospital, Bristol Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit, Bristol Dental Hospital, Bristol Oncology Hospital, which houses the Avon Haematology Services Unit and the Homeopathic Hospital, together with Keynsham Hospital which is on the outskirts of the city. The majority of clinical specialties are represented in the hospitals of the trust, which serves a catchment population estimated to be in excess of 400,000. The UBHT provides healthcare for the Local community and a wide range of specialist services for regional, national and international patients. Hospitals within the Trust are closely linked with the University of Bristol and are the principal teaching hospitals in the Region. An active postgraduate education facility is situated at the UBHT.5. UNIVERSITY OF BRISTOL LINKS Hospitals within the Trust are closely linked with The University of Bristol and are principal teaching hospitals in the region. An active postgraduate education facility is situated at the UBHT. There is a joint University of Bristol and University of West of England Centre for Child and Adolescent Health (CCAH) which has a major interest in paediatric epidemiology and accident prevention.6. THE HOSPITALS The Bristol Royal Hospital for Children The post will be based at the new Bristol Royal Hospital for Children that opened in April 2001. This purpose built Children’s Hospital has 160 inpatient beds and provides the main inpatient and outpatient General Paediatric facility for central and southern Bristol. It also houses the regional and in some cases supra-regional services for paediatric cardiology and cardiac surgery, paediatric surgery, paediatric oncology, bone marrow transplantation, paediatric intensive care, neurology, gastroenterology, nephrology, respiratory medicine and endocrinology. There is a busy Paediatric
  2. 2. Accident and Emergency Department and physical links to the Bristol Royal Infirmary and Bristol Oncology Centre. Within the Directorate system of the UBHT, the full range of children’s secondary healthcare is contained in a single Directorate of Women’s and Children’s Services (Clinical Director, Dr Jacqui Cornish; Divisional Manager, Geraldine Johnston). Bristol Royal Infirmary (BRI) The Bristol Royal Infirmary is the main teaching hospital in Bristol and is part of the United Bristol Healthcare Trust which has approximately 1000 beds. It is situated half a mile from the city centre close to the University of Bristol and is the oldest voluntary hospital foundation outside of London. The outpatient Department holds clinics in every major speciality, dealing with in excess of 150,000 patients each year. All major clinical services are provided on site including a number of academic departments and a full range of Radiology, Pathology and other support services. The paediatric gastroenterology department has close links with gastroenterology services provided in the Bristol Royal Infirmary.7. THE WORK OF THE DEPARTMENT The Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition service is based within the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. There is considerable demand for acute paediatric gastroenterology services in Bristol and the South West, which has increased steadily. This is demonstrated by the annual number of new inflammatory bowel disease patients, approximately 40 new patients per year, diagnosed at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Management of regional tertiary patients is via shared care with the local DGH paediatrician or locally designated lead Consultant who has/or is developing a special interest in patients with gastroenterological conditions. The department is dedicated to further development of clinical network within the region. Presently 4 out-reach clinics are held each year in Swindon and Truro. Annually over 1,400 children with gastro intestinal problems are seen in the gastroenterological outpatients’ clinics, with approximately 400 new patients. There is facility to see urgent new referrals and follow ups on the medical clinical investigations unit. The hospital is the regional centre for many specialities, both regional and national, and has become the lead centre for paediatric care in the south west region. In addition to many of the children referred directly for gastroenterological opinion, there are many in the hospital requiring expertise in the management of their nutritional status. a) Consultant Staff: Consultants: Professor B K SandhuonsultantPaediatric Gastroenterologist, Hon Professor of gastroenterology & nutirtion Dr C H Spray Consultant Paediatric GastroenterologistMiss E Cusick Consultant Paediatric Surgeon, Dr P Ramani Consultant Paediatric Histopathologist Dr D Grier / Dr Stephanie MacKenzie Consultant Paediatric Radiologist
  3. 3. Other grades of medical staff: Gastroenterology: Specialist Registrar normally Grid Trainee in Paediatric gastroenterology Specialist registrar on general paediatric rotation SHO on general paediatric rotation Flexible trainee attached for 1 year starting Sept 2007 Other Staff: Mrs Sarah Sandman GI nurse specialist Mrs J Porter Medical Investigation Nurse (Part-Time) Miss Jill Manahan Paediatric Dietician Miss Sarah Jorgensen Paediatric Dietician b) Support Facilities (Offices/Secretary): Secretarial support and office accommodation will be provided and shall be housed in the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. c) d) Library and Education Facilities: i) Medical Library A Hospital Medical Library is located in Gloucester House behind the Bristol Royal Infirmary. The Bristol University Medical Library is ten minutes’ walk from the Bristol Royal Infirmary. ii) Postgraduate Education is located in the Education Centre opposite the new Children’s8. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES a) Clinical: The post holder will share the present consultant responsibility for the provision of the paediatric gastroenterology and nutrition service at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. This includes supervision of emergency and booked admissions and carrying out specialist investigations, including endoscopy. The postholder will share with the present consultants the responsibility of seeing ward referrals and day cases including nutritional problems and providing telephone advice to consultant paediatricians, general practitioners and parents. The postholder will attend weekly gastroenterology meetings, the postgraduate journal club and the paediatric grand round The post holder will be expected to help develop the clinical network for care of regional, tertiary patients. An interest in nutrition and development of a nutritional care team would be welcome The appointee will have a commitment to general paediatrics (weekends on call for “specialitiy” patients), presently 6 weekends per year. The appointee will take part in regular clinics and endoscopy lists (see Job plan for more detail). b) Managerial
  4. 4. The management responsibility of the postholder will be to the Clinical Director who is responsible to the Chief Executive and Trust Board.c) Medical Audit and Clinical Governance The consultant will be expected to take an active part in audit and attend all the regular hospital audit meetings. The postholder must be aware of clinical governance and clinical risk management, and take an active part in their implementation, including audit.d) On-Call Commitment The appointee will take part in the acute paediatric rota for the Children’s Hospital (one weekend in six.) At present the on-call consultant for the Children’s Hospital also provides out of hours paediatric cover to Frenchay Hospital. Out of hours cover for the gastroenterological patients is by the on-call paediatric team.e) Leave Six weeks and 4 days per year. All consultants in the department will participate in cover for annual and study leave. Absences must be planned in advance by discussion with consultant colleagues.f) Research The Trust encourages all consultants to initiate and participate in research in their specialities, whether in basic or clinical areas or in the evaluation of health care, and the appointee will be responsible for supervising clinical research trainees. Collaboration with University clinical and preclinical departments is particularly encouraged. The Trust has a research and development support unit and the directorate has a co-ordinator responsible for research and development. The department of paediatric gastroenterology has an interest in and ongoing research in the field of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), abdominal pain and epidemiology of other gastro- intestinal problems The appointee will be expected to have and develop a clinical and research interest in a sub- speciality within paediatric gastroenterology and nutrition which will complement sub- speciality interests of the present consultants. There is close collaboration with paediatric gastroenterology colleagues in Wales with 4 monthly joint meetings.g) Teaching i) This is a teaching Trust and the consultant will teach medical students as part of the commitment of their clinical directorate to undergraduate education. ii) Postgraduate Medical Staff Teaching of medical staff will be subject to paragraph 166 of the Terms and Conditions of Service of Hospital Medical and Dental Staff, but it is a normal part of the duties of the post to instruct junior staff working under supervision. iii) Nurses and Other Staff On occasions, a practitioner may be asked to give lectures to nurses and other healthcare professionals.
  5. 5. 9. MEDICAL ADVISORY MACHINERY The postholder will be a member of the Hospital Medical Committee (HMC) and the Division of Children’s Services.10. WORK PROGRAMME The work programme attached to this job plan is detailed in Appendix A.11. GENERAL PROVISIONS You will be expected to work with local managers and professional colleagues in the efficient running of services and will share with consultant colleagues in the medical contribution to management. Subject to the provision of the Terms and Conditions, you are expected to observe the Trust’s agreed policies and procedures, drawn up in consultation with the profession on clinical matters, and to follow the standing orders and financial instruction of the United Bristol Healthcare Trust. In particular, where you manage employees of the Trust, you will be expected to follow the local and national employment and personnel policies and procedures. You will be expected to make sure that there are adequate arrangements for hospital staff involved in the care of your patients to be able to contact you when necessary. All medical and dental staff employed by the Trust are expected to comply with all Hospital Health and Safety Policies within the United Bristol Healthcare Trust. You will have responsibility for the training and supervision of (junior) medical staff who work for you and you will devote time to this activity on a regular basis. If appropriate, you will be named in the contracts of doctors in training grades, as the person responsible for overseeing their training and as the initial source of advice to such doctors on their careers.12. MAIN CONDITIONS OF SERVICE a) The post is covered by the National Terms and Conditions of the Hospital Medical and Dental Staff. b) The post will be whole time and will be a 10 PA contact. c) Any consultant unable for personal reasons to work full-time, will be eligible to be considered for the post; if such a person is appointed, modification of the job content will be discussed on a personal basis, in consultation with consultant colleagues. d) The salary scale with effect from 1st September 2007 will be: £71,822 - £80,812 ???? is this right e) The successful candidate will be required to live within 10 miles, by road, from Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. Permission to live within 15 miles distance will be at the discretion of the appropriate Clinical Director. Travelling allowance will only be payable for 10 miles. f) The successful applicant must be fully registered with the General Medical Council and either be on the Specialist Register, within 6 months of being eligible for inclusion on the Specialist Register in the appropriate specialty at the time of the interview or have equivalent training/experience. Proof of confirming registration will be required. g) Any offer of employment will be conditional on satisfactory health clearance by Occupational Health. This is usually by health questionnaire, but may involve a medical examination. The successful applicant will be required to provide documentary evidence of natural or acquired immunity to hepatitis B. Where this is not possible, the postholder will be required to
  6. 6. demonstrate by recent (within the last year) evidence of serology showing the absence of hepatitis B surface antigen. These provisions are to meet the requirements of the Department of Health’s instructions to Trusts (HSG (93) 40).13. REVIEW OF JOB PLAN This job plan is subject to annual review once a year by the Medical Director or Clinical Director on behalf of the Chief Executive.14. PROTECTION OF CHILDREN Disclosure of Criminal Background of those with Access to Children The person appointed to this post may have substantial access to children under the provisions of Joint Circular No HC(88)9. HOC8/88 WHCF(88)10. Applicants are, therefore, advised that shortlisted candidates will be asked to complete a form disclosing any convictions, bind-over orders or cautions, and to give permission in writing for a police check to be carried out. Refusal to do so could prevent further consideration of the application. Attention is drawn to the Rehabilitation of Offenders act 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) Order 1986, which allow convictions that are spent to be disclosed for this purpose by the police and to be taken into account on deciding whether to engage an applicant. Candidates are assured that the completed form will be treated with strict confidentiality and will not be disclosed to the Advisory Appointments Committee until the successful candidate has been selected. A police check will only be requested in respect of the candidate recommended for appointment. All forms completed and returned by other candidates will be destroyed when the final selection of the candidate to be recommended for appointment has been made.15. APPLICATIONS a) All applications are made via the NHSjobs website at: It is our normal practice to contact your present or most recent employer and would automatically do so if you are shortlisted for interview. Your application should be sent to:- b) Closing Date for Applications d) Reference Number Thursday 10th January 2008 c) Anticipated Date for Interview Tuesday 22nd January 2008 Candidates wishing to visit the hospital or make an informal enquiry are to contact: Dr Christine Spray Bristol Royal Hospital for Children Upper Maudlin St Bristol BS2 8BJ Tel: 0117 342 8828 Fax: 0117 342 8831 Second class travelling expenses, in accordance with Section 23 of the General Council’s conditions, will be reimbursed to shortlisted candidates up to a maximum of three visits including the day of the interview. In the case of candidates travelling from abroad, second-class travelling expenses are payable only from the point of entry to the United Kingdom.