DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY Professor and Director                                  OVERVIEWJames F. King En...
DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY In FY’09, the faculty of the division published over 80 original papers, reviews...
DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY                    Charlene Prather, M.D.                   Best Doctors, St. Lo...
DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY Xiaofeng Fan, M.D., Ph.D.NIH/NIDDK R01 DK080711 “Hepatitis C Virus Quasispecies ...
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  1. 1. DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY Professor and Director OVERVIEWJames F. King EndowedChair The Division of Gastroenterology and HepatologyBruce R. Bacon, M.D. continues to offer high quality comprehensive care for patients with acute and chronic gastrointestinal andProfessor hepatic disorders. The outpatient clinical practice isFrank R. Burton, M.D. very busy in several locations. Our clinical practice isAdrian M. Di Bisceglie, M.D. predominantly at the Doctor’s Office Building on theBrent A. Neuschwander-Tetri, main campus, but we have a large service at theM.D. Veteran’s Administration Medical Center, a modest clinical practice at St. Mary’s Health Center, a busyAdjunct Professor EUS/ERCP practice at Missouri Baptist Hospital, andJohn K. Olynyk, M.B.B.S. we staff an outreach clinic at Marshall Browning Bruce R. Bacon Hospital in DuQuoin, IL. On average, we see over 1,800Clinical Professor outpatients per month at these venues. We perform over 400 endoscopyGiuseppe Aliperti, M.D. procedures per month and routinely see between 250 and 275 new patients perEdward Kinsella, M.D. month. In addition, we staff three inpatient services at Saint Louis University Hospital (general GI, liver, and biliary) and, a general GI and hepatology serviceAssociate Professor at St. Mary’s Health Center and we share the staffing of the gastroenterologyBanke Agarwal, M.D. clinical service at the VA Medical Center with physicians from WashingtonAlex S. Befeler, M.D. University.Charlene M. Prather, M.D. Both clinical and basic research activities remain active. Our GI clinical studiesAssociate Research unit sees on average 380 clinical research patients each month for ongoingProfessor research protocols. In FY ’09, we had over 40 active clinical protocols and weRobert S. Britton, Ph.D. were either principal investigator or co-investigator on 24 NIH grants orXiaofeng Fan, M.D., Ph.D contracts. The final results of the NIH-sponsored HALT C Study evaluating the efficacy of maintenance therapy with interferon in patients with chronic hepatitisAdjunct Associate Professor C and advanced liver disease was published in the New England Journal ofGlenn L. Gordon, M.D. Medicine with Dr. Adrian M. Di Bisceglie as the first author. The results of a large multicenter trial called the DIRECT trial which evaluated the retreatment ofAssociate Clinical patients who had previously failed to respond to antiviral therapy was publishedProfessor in June of 2009 in Hepatology with Dr. Bruce R. Bacon as the first author. Dr.John S. Farrell, M.D. Brent Tetri continues as the principal investigator for the Saint Louis UniversityMichael F. Flynn, M.D. site of a large NIH-sponsored study evaluating patients with nonalcoholicNeil W. Frederickson, M.D. steatohepatitis (NASH). Approximately 3.2 million dollars in research funding isRonald J. Gould, M.D. received each year to support these and other projects. The Saint LouisGuy Van Goidsenhoven, University Liver Center continues to be a viable entity with over 36 members,M.D. regular conferences and a funding source for clinical and basic investigation within the University.Assistant ProfessorSamer Alkaade, M.D. Educational activities include teaching subspecialty residents, Internal MedicineYassir Ashraf, M.D. housestaff and medical students in both inpatient and outpatient gastroenterologyChristine Hachem, M.D. and hepatology. Several conferences take place throughout the month includingFasiha Kanwal, M.D. GI-Hepato Tumor Conference, Liver Pathology Conference, General GIM. Louay Omran, M.D Colorectal Pathology Conference, Clinical Case Management, Motility Conference, Morbidity and Mortality Conference, Nutrition Conference, GeneralAssistant Research GI Research Conference, General GI Journal Club, Pancreatobiliary JournalProfessor Club, GI Fellows Case Conference, GI Grand Rounds, PathophysiologyCindy Cai, M.D., Ph.D. Conference, and Liver Transplant Conference as well as the various conferencesBarbara Ulmasov, Ph.D. hosted by the Department of Internal Medicine. The Division has an active visiting professor program and our faculty members participate as visiting professors nationally and internationally. 15
  2. 2. DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY In FY’09, the faculty of the division published over 80 original papers, reviews, Adjunct Assistantand book chapters. The division directs several regional CME courses designed Professorfor practicing physicians. The GI Cancers course, organized by Dr. Banke Marc J. Bernstein, M.D.Agarwal, has been an extremely successful educational endeavor bringing Mary S. Burton, M.D.together over 330 participants from around the country. Over the last year, wehave had an evening dinner debate series that has been very successful. Assistant Clinical Professor EmeritusThe division continues to work closely with the lay group called the Friends of Max Inman, M.D.the Saint Louis University Liver Center, which is a charitable not-for-profitorganization devoted to raising money to support research and education at the Assistant ClinicalLiver Center. Each fall, there is a fundraising event called Denim & Diamonds. ProfessorThis event has featured performances by Willie Nelson, Asleep at the Wheel, and Timothy T. Brady, M.D.inspirational speaking by Naomi Judd, Charlie Armey, and by Dr. Frank Barry D. Brown, M.D.O’Donnell. Over the last 6 years of this event, the Friend’s have raised over $1.8 Damon C. Clines, M.D.million to support research and education for the Saint Louis University Liver James W. Dimitroff, M.D.Center. Barbara Dixon Scott, M.D. Mike H. Giacaman, M.D. Rodolfo T. Guillen, M.D.HONORS AND RECOGNITION Frans Handoyo, M.D. Chaudhary Khan, M.D.Banke Agarwal, M.D. Marin Marcu, M.D.Best Doctors, St. Louis Magazine Jeffrey E. Mathews, M.D.Chair, UGI section, Annual Scientific Program Committee, American Society for Robert McMahon, M.D. Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. Raymond Mohrman, M.D.Marquis Who’s Who in America, 63rd Edition, 2008 Michael E. Presti, M.D.Listed in Consumer Research Council’s “America’s Top Physicians” Jose A. Ramirez, M.D.Best Doctors in St. Louis Richard T. Riegel, M.D.Marquis Who’s Who in America Joel Y. Riley, M.D.Marquis Who’s Who in the World Melvin B. Saltzman, D.O.Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare Tara Talwar, M.B.B.S.Bruce R. Bacon, M.D. Senior Clinical InstructorBest Doctors, St. Louis Magazine John F. Carter, M.D.Chair, Certificate of Added Qualification Board on Transplant Hepatology, American Board Internal Medicine Clinical InstructorMember, Advisory Committee for the National Institutes of Health’s Altaf Khan, M.D. Commission on Digestive Diseases Post-Doctoral FellowsFrank R. Burton, M.D. Yang Lu, M.D., Ph.D.Best Doctors, St. Louis Magazine Soo Hyung Ryu, M.D.Adrian M. Di Bisceglie,M.D., FACP Office ManagerBest Doctors, St. Louis Magazine Ms. Linda MahnMike Giacaman, M.D. Business ManagerSaint Louis University Distinguished Teacher Award Ms. Lou Ann Bierman, R.N., M.S.N.Glenn Gordon, M.D.American Medical Association Physician’s Recognition AwardM. Louay Omran, M.D.Best Doctors, St. Louis MagazineSaint Louis University Distinguished Teacher Award for 2009 16
  3. 3. DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY  Charlene Prather, M.D. Best Doctors, St. Louis Magazine Brent A. Tetri, M.D. Best Doctors, St. Louis Magazine NEW FACULTY ENTERING THE DIVISION Samer Alkaade, M.D., formerly a gastroenterology subspecialty resident, joined the faculty on August 15, 2008, as an assistant professor. Christine Y. Hachem, M.D., formerly one of our gastroenterology subspecialty residents, joined the faculty on July 1, 2008, as an assistant professor. Samer Alkaade GRANTS AND CONTRACTS HELD BY EACH FACULTY MEMBER Banke Agarwal, M.D. Institute for Science and Health, 05-1760-01a, “Immunohistochemical panel of markers to aid in early diagnosis of pancreatic cancers,” 2006-2009, $30,000. Bruce R. Bacon, M.D. Saint Louis University Liver Center award, “Regulation of Hepcidin Expression,” 2005-2009, $80,000. Alex S. Befeler, M.D. Mayo Clinic Subcontract, R01 DK56924, “Randomized Trial of High Dose Urso in PSC,” 2008-2009, $63,222. Saint Louis University Liver Center Award, “When a Cure Isn’t Possible,” 2005- 2008, $29,700.Christine Hachem Cindy Cai, M.D., Ph.D. Saint Louis University Liver Center Career Development Award, 2007-2008, $59,135. Ellison Medical Foundation, AG-NS-0231-03, “Nuclear ferritin may protect against oxidative and light-induced DNA damage in retinal pigment epithelial cells,” 2007-2010, $150,000. Adrian M. Di Bisceglie, M.D. NIH/NIDDK N01 DK92324, “Hepatitis C Clinical Trial Center: Prevention of Cirrhosis, Hepatic Decompensation, and Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C,” 1999-2009, $3,113,035. NIH/NIDDK N01 DK92324, “HALT-C Immunology Ancillary Study,” 1999- 2008, $404,133. Drexel University Subcontract, U01 CA084951, “Early Detection of Liver Cancer,” 2007-2009, $23,678. NIH/NIDDK U01 DK082871, “Midwest Hepatitis B Consortium”, 2008-2010, $427,282. NIH/NIAID R21 AI076834, “Cell Culture System for Hepatitis C Virus Genotype 1a,” 2008-2010, $183,750. 17
  4. 4. DIVISION OF GASTROENTEROLOGY & HEPATOLOGY Xiaofeng Fan, M.D., Ph.D.NIH/NIDDK R01 DK080711 “Hepatitis C Virus Quasispecies in the Resistanceto Antiviral Therapy,” 2008-2013, $588,000.Fasiha Kanwal, M.D.Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Merit Review Award, “Quality of CareAmong Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection,” 2008-2011,$644,000.American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, “Quality of Endoscopic Carein Patients with Cirrhosis,” 2008-2010, $75,000.Charlene M. Prather, M.D.Mayo Clinic Subcontract U01 DK065713, “Antidepressant Therapy forFunctional Dyspepsia,” 2007-2009, $113,048.Mayo Clinic Subcontract, N01-CN35000 “Randomized, Double-Blind Phase IITrial of Esomerprazole versus Esomeproazole + Two Doses of Aspirin inBarrett’s Espohagus Patients,” 2006-2009, $135,000.Brent A. Neuschwander-Tetri, M.D.Saint Louis University Liver Center Award “Oxidant Stress and thePathogenesis,” 2006-2009, $85,000.NIH/NIDDK U01 DK061718, “Hyperinsulinemia and the pathogenesis of NASH(NASH-CRN),” 2002-2008, $761,262.During fiscal year 2009 the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology had 44active studies with different sponsors. Due to confidentiality agreements andnon-publicity clauses in contracts with sponsors, specific information pertainingto industry sponsored research may not be released in public documents. On July 29, 2009, Dr. Bruce Bacon, Director, Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology and Co-Director of the SLU Liver Center, threw out the first pitch of the night while the crowds cheered his efforts. 18