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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Dimitri KOUTSOMANIS M.D., PhD., PhD (soc. sc.) 1
  2. 2. CONTENTS Personal Profile 3 Appointments 4-5 University Appointments 5 Medical Degrees and Other Diplomas 5-6 Scholarship, Fellowship, Awards 6 General Medical Experience 7 Gastroenterology Experience 7-8 Experience in GI Endoscopy and Procedures 8 Experience in GI Physiology 9Experience in Psychology, Social Sciences and Mathematics 9-10 Administrative, Audit and Teaching Experience 10 Research 10-11 Publications/Books 11-12 Presentations 13-15 Miscellaneous 16-17 PERSONAL PROFILE 2
  3. 3. NAME KOUTSOMANIS, DimitriDATE OF BIRTH 16 March 1958PLACE OF BIRTH Athens, GreeceMEDICAL STUDIES1977-1983 Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet, Freiburg im Breisgau, Federal Republic of Germany 1983: Approbationsurkunde (M.D.)PhD THESIS1983-1986 "Untersuchungen zur Biokinetik von 99mTc-DPD" (Research of the biological distribution of 99m-TcDPD- Dicarboxypropandiphosphonate) Grade:"CUM LAUDE" 1986: Doktor der MedizinPRESENT POSITION Consultant Gastroenterologist and Chief Polyclinique, 14800 Deauville, France POSTS HELD FROM PRIMARY QUALIFICATIONPOST DURATION HOSPITAL OUTLINE OF TRAININGHouse 01.10.82-01.02.83 ACADEMIC Learning to manage medical patients,acquiringPhysician in HOSPITAL OF diagnostic and procedural OFFENBURG,ALBE skills,outpatientInternal RT-LUDWIGS clinics,ward rounds,on-Medicine UNIV.FREIBURG.Off calls enburg,Federal Republic of GermanyHouse 02.02.83-01.05.83 -idem- Learning to manage surgical patients,acquiringPhysician in diagnostic and proceduralSurgery skills,assistant in operations,outpatient clinics,ward rounds,on- callsHouse 02.05.83-01.09.83 -idem- Learning to manage gynaecological/obstetricalPhysician in patients,acquiringObstetrics/Gyne diagnostic and procedural skills,assistant incology operations,performed deliveries/episiotomies,out patient clinics,ward rounds,on-callsFF Interne des 20.04.84-31.03.85 ACADEMIC Dealing with diagnosis and 3
  4. 4. Hopitaux(SHO)- HOSPITAL OF treatment of in- and outpatients and A&Es on-Internal MONTBELIARD,LOU calls(1:4).Exposure to IS PASTEUR Biofeedback and GIMedicine UNIVERSITY OF Physiology STRASBOURGFF Interne des 01.04.85-30.09.85 -idem- Exposure in diagnostic and InterventionalHopitaux(SHO)- Radiology.Experience andRadiology Diploma in UltrasoundFF Interne des 01.12.86-12.04.87 -idem- Exposure in Gastrointestinal RadiologyHopitaux(SHO)- and interventionalRadiology ultrasoundFF Praticien 13.04.87-31.10.87 -idem- Diagnosis and treatment of patients with emphasis onHsopitalier(Regi decision making andstrar)-Internal administrative work.Medicine Formal training inSHO/Registrar 01.11.87-01.11.89 REGIONAL gastroenterology,diagnosti GENERAL c and interventionalin HOSPITAL OF endoscopy includingGastroenterol. ATHENS ERCPsAssistant 01/03/1990-01/11 CENTRE Integrated medicine management, wardSpecialiste des /1994 HOSPITALIER rounds, clinics, endoscopy, GENERAL DE GI physiology, audit andHopitaux(Senior DIEPPE & CENTRE teaching. On call 1:5.Registrar)- HOSPITALO-Gastroenterol. UNIVERSITAIRE DE ROUENClinical 04/91-04/94 ST.MARKS Setup of the Biofeedback ClinicAssistant in GI HOSPITAL,London,U .K.PhysiologyMedecin des CENTRE Head of the Department ofHopitaux-Chef 04.94-07.2002 gastroenterology Three HOSPITALIERde Service endoscopy sessions and GENERAL DE one ERCP list per(Consultant FECAMP-Sanitary week.Esophageal andGastroenterolog Region of Le Havre anorectal GI Physiology 08.2002- and Biofeedback.Hypnosisist and Chief) 31.12.2005 ACADEMIC Clinic. ASSOCIATED HOSPITAL FALAISE,University of Caen,14700 France UNIVERSITY APPOINTMENTS 1980-1 Anatomy demonstrator Medical Faculty of the Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet 4
  5. 5. Freiburg im Breisgau 1990-1994 Clinical Assistant, Physiology Unit, St.Mark’s Hospital, U.K. 1998-2000 Visiting Lecturer, Department of Applied Mathematics, Univ. of Patras, Patras, Greece 1999-present Research Fellow, Laboratory for Animal and Human Biosociology, Univ of Paris V, ”La Sorbonne” 2005-present Visiting Lecturer, Department of Historical Demography, Univ. of Corfu, Greece MEDICAL DEGREES AND OTHER DIPLOMAS1983 M.D. degree Albert-Ludwigs Universitaet,Freiburg im Breisgau Federal Republic of Germany1983 Certificat detudes Superieures de Psychologie Generale et Comparee"(University Certificate of Studies in General and Comparative Psychology) University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg, France1985 Certificat dUniversite: Methodes Ultrasonores en Medecine (University Certificate of Ultrasonography), University of ParisV1986 Diplome de Licence de Sociologie (B.Sc Sociology), University Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg1986 Doktor der Medizin. (PhD Thesis-Grade: CUM LAUDE) Albert-Ludwigs Unversitaet, Freiburg im Breisgau Federal Republic of Germany1990 Specialist’s Degree in Gastroenterology,Athens Greece1994.6 Diploma of Hypnosis, Ecole Francaise d’Hypnose, Paris, France1999 Diplome d’Universite: Tumeurs du Foie et de Voies Biliaires (Univ. Diploma in Hepatic/Biliary Oncology), Univ. of Paris, France2000 Diplome de Maîtrise de Sociologie (M.Sc Sociology), Univ. of Paris V, « La Sorbonne » 5
  6. 6. 2001 Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies(DEA) « Cultures et Comportements sociaux » (PhD in Social Sciences), Univ of Paris V, « La Sorbonne » SCHOLARSHIP-FELLOWSHIP-AWARDS1977-1983 Scholar of the German Catholic Church1989 Second prize of the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterol for thework "Study of patients with terminal diopathic constipation"presented at the plenary session of theXth Congress of Gastroenterology, Athens.1991 Fellowship of the Alimentary, Therapeutic and Pharmaceutical Trust, BRITISH DIGESTIVE FOUNDATION, “Biofeedback and Autogenic Training, a method of Self-Hypnosis, in the treatment of chronic idiopathic constipation”. ST.MARKS HOSPITAL, London.1994 Young Scientists Award for the work: Endoscopic Clipping for esophageal varices United European Gastroenterology Week Oslo, Norway GENERAL MEDICAL EXPERIENCEQualified (MD) from the Medical Faculty of the Albert-Ludwigs University inFreiburg (Germany) in 1983. PhD thesis completed in 1986 (Grade: CumLaude). Postgraduate training in France (Academic Hospitals of theUniversities of Strasbourg and Besancon) from 1984-1987(including periodof service in the french armed forces).Beginning with basic medical management as House Physician,progressed through to Registrar whilst being exposed to various specialitiesincluding Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology with a special focus onGI Radiology and Ultrasound.Diploma of Ultrasound from the University ofParis.Procedural skills acquired included lumbar punctures,pleural and asciticaspirations,chest drain insetrtions,CV line placements,liverbiopsies,ultrasound guided biopsies (liver, kidneys, abdominal masses…),hysterosalpingographies, CT-guided biopsies.Acute emergency takes averaged 1:4 as Registrar GASTROENTEROLOGY EXPERIENCE 6
  7. 7. 1984-1987Exposure in Gastrointestinal Radiology.Academic courses at theUniversities of Strasbourg and Besancon on GI Physiology and exposureon operant conditioning methods (Biofeedback).During this same period, studies of Psychology and Social Sciences at theUniversity of Strasbourg with obtention of respective degrees.1987-1989Intern and later Registrar in gastroenterology at the Regional GeneralHospital in Athens,Greece from 1987-1989.Qualified in Gastroenterologyafter having passed the state exam for Gastroenterology in 1990(trainingcompleted in accordance with the EU regulations)Exposure in all endoscopic procedures, both diagnostic and interventional.ERCPs performed independently at the end of the training period.Setup ofa Biofeedback Clinic for Constipation and Incontinence; prize of theHellenic Society of Gastroenterology for related work.1990-1994Specialist Registrar in Gastroenterology performing independentlyendoscopies/ ERCPs and in charge of a 20-bed gastroenterology ward.Collaboration with St.Mark’s Hospital and setup of the Biofeedback Clinic;Fellowship from the British Digestive Foundation.1994Accredited as Medecin des Hopitaux after having passed the ConcoursNational de Praticien Hospitalier (Highly competitive State Exam givingaccess to Consultant posts in french public hospitals)1994-presentMedecin des Hôpitaux-Chef de Service, Centre Hospitalier General deFecamp, 76400 Fecamp, France (Sanitary Region of Le Havre)(1994-2002) and Academic Associated Hospital Falaise,University ofCaen,14700 France (2002-2005)In charge of a 25-beds general medicine/gastroenterology unit .Incollaboration with the surgical team :in charge of the Medico-Surgical Unit(5 beds for selected medico-surgical patients)Setup of the Endoscopy Unit.Post demanding leadership and communicational skillsInvolved in administrative workInvolved in Post - and Undergraduate teaching and training.Three endoscopy sessions and an ERCP list per week.Endoscopic Ultrasonography (according to demand)at Le Havre and Paris(1998-2002) and Caen (2002-present) 7
  8. 8. GI Physiology: supervision of assistants, interpretation of results,Biofeedback Clinic (selected patients only)Hypnosis Clinic (upon demand)Two outpatient clinics per week.Daily ward roundsEXPERIENCE IN GASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY AND PROCEDURESMore than 5000 upper GI endoscopies and more than 3000 colonoscopies.Experience in therapeutic endoscopy including sclerotherapy andendoscopic ligation of esophageal varices, polypectomy (gastric, colonic),pneumatic dilatation,bougie dilatation,esophageal stenting(silicone orwallstent)treatment of hemorrhoides with injection sclerotherapy or elasticband ligation.Particular interest in ERCP (more than 700 performed independently) andendoscopic sphincterotomy. Experience in biliary stenting, extraction ofbiliary calculi etc..Training in Endoscopic Ultrasonography:Hopital Cochin-Université de ParisVII, Clinique du Trocadero, Clinique du Turin(Paris) 1996-8Ultrasound guided liver biopsies(over 400 performedindependently),transjugular liver biopsies,Limited experience inTransjugular Intrahepatic Posrtosystemic Shunting (three performedindependently)EXPERIENCE IN GASTROINTESTINAL PHYSIOLOGYExperience in esophageal and anorectal motility (more than 1000 performedindependently) studies,including manometry,EMG and electrophysiological studiesas well as esophageeal pH measurements.Particular interest in the treatment of incontinence and constipation withBiofeedback and pelvic floor reeducation EXPERIENCE IN PSYCHOLOGY,SOCIOLOGY AND MATHEMATICSPsychologyStudies of Psychology and Sociology at the Universities of Strasbourg andNancy, France, from 1982-1986.Interest on the concept of the “locus ofControl” and its potential application on Biofeedback.Memoire: “Anorectal Biofeedback and Locus of Control”-University ofNancy 1986 8
  9. 9. SociologyStudies on the way of living of minority ethnic groups in Alsace from1984-1986(University of Strasbourg)B.Sc Essay:”Study on the Mennonites’ habits”-University ofStrasbourg,1986Studies on the Application of Cognitivist tools in Social SciencesM.Sc. Essay:” Application of Cognitivist tools in Social Sciences: History,Applications & Perspectives”(2000)Studies on the Application of Neural Networks in Social SciencesPhD Essay:” Application of Neural Networks in Social Sciences” (2001)MathematicsSince 1997 particular interest in Chaos theory and its applications in Imageanalysis.In collaboration with the Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule (ETH,Zurich, Switzerland), application of fractals in the analysis of EUS imagesfor the risk evaluation after esophagus variceal banding withsclerotherapy(see published data)Current research interests include implementation of fractals and waveletsin image analysis and neural networks in Hepatitis C and colon cancerscreening.Visiting Lecturer at the Dept. for Applied Mathematics,University ofPatras,Greece. ADMINISTRATIVE1. Day to day involvement in the administration of the team2. Participation in management meetings held every 6 weeks3. Attendance of managerial course sponsored by the french state(05/2000)4. Exposure to Administrative work during locums as Consultant in the UK since 1994 AUDIT1. Involved in audit throughout training2. Involved in presenting results of projects at audit meetings3. Experience in managerial audit TEACHING 9
  10. 10. 1. Teaching experience since the late undergraduate years2. Currently involved in under-and postgraduate teaching in France RESEARCH1. PhD Thesis (Medicine)Animal study (Wistar rats) comparing the bone fixation and biodisponibilityof two bone scaning agents 99mTc- MDP and –DPD.2. Portal Hypertension (see inlay for related published data)- Pioneer work in variceal banding in 1990, 1991 and 1992.- Prospective trials comparing banding to other mechanical hemostatic methods such as variceal clipping and endolooping. (1993-6)- Work with Professor Henri Bismuth,Hopital Paul Brousse,University of Paris,on TIPS(Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt)in 1993- Joint research project with the University of Rabat(Morocco)on mechanical hemostasis for variceal bleeding- Evaluation of banding alone versus banding and sclerotherapy with EUS;fractal assisted image analysis(1997-1999).---3. GI Physiology (see inlay for related published data)- Particular interest in operant conditioning methods in the treatment of intractable constipation and incontinence.Contributed in two published papers (St.Mark’s Hospital).- Fractal-assisted analysis of GI manometries and predictions using neural networks (joint ongoing research project with the Dept for Electrical Engineering University of Kingsville,Texas,USA-Professor Vicente Rodriguez-Perreyra and the Dept for Mathematics,ETH,Zurich,Switzerland,Professor Basileios Papakwnstantinou)- Interest in Hypnosis as a treatment modality in IBS.3. PhD thesis (Social Sciences)- Applications of Neural Networks in Social Sciences.Research in the Laboratoire de Biosociologie Animale et humaine,Univ.of Paris V,”La Sorbonne” 10
  11. 11. PUBLICATIONS1. "Tc-99mDPD mechanism of bone uptake and renal excretion"Schumichen C.,Schmidt H.,Koutsomanis D.J Nucl Med, Vol 23 p77, 19822. "Evaluation of a do-it-yourself biofeedback training method in the treatment of fecalincontinence"Koutsomanis D., Jabbour R., Benaissa F., Kanoun M.Gastroenterology, Vol 100 p.461, 19913. "Evaluation of Schultzs Autogenic Training in the treatment of the irritable bowelsyndrome"Koutsomanis D., Jabbour R., Benaissa F.Gastroenterology, Vol 100,p.461, 19914. "Adrenalin polidocanol injections versus hot biopsy forceps coagulation in thetreatment of Osler-Weber-Rendu lesions"Koutsomanis D., Segrestin M., Robert E., Toutain M.C.Hepatogastroenterology, Vol 37 p.75, 19905. "A lheure de lendoscopie digestive"Koutsomanis D.La lettre du Praticien, Vol 8 p.9, 19916. "Calendrier de surveillance endoscopique dans la pathologie digestive courante"Koutsomanis D.La lettre du Praticien,Vol 8 p 12,19917. "Symptomatic and objective benefits with biofeedback for intractable constipation"Koutsomanis D., Lemieux M.-C.,Lennard-Jones JE., Kamm M.A., Walker E.Gut, 1992, Vol 33(1),F2638. "Bleeding varices: A new approach"Koutsomanis D.Gut,1992,Vol 33 (1),T2019. Endoscopic Clipping for bleeding varicesD.KoutsomanisGastroint Endoscopy, 1994, 40(1):126-12710. Prospective study of biofeedback treatment for patients with slow and normaltransit constipationD.Koutsomanis, J.E.Lennard-Jones, M.A.KammEur.J.Gastr Hepatol 1994, 6:131-13711. Cotrolled randomised trial of visual Biofeedback versus muscle training without avisual display for intractable constipationD.Koutsomanis, J E Lennard-Jones, A.J.Roy, M.A.KammGut 1995; 37:95-9912. Fractal-assisted EUS image-analysis in the evaluation of variceal eradicationafter elastic band ligationD.Koutsomanis,V.PapakonstantinouHepatogastroenterology, 1999 Nov, 46:30, 3142-713. Colonic Metastasis of Breast Carcinoma.Report of a Case 11
  12. 12. D.Koutsomanis, J-F Renier, R.Ollivier, A.El-HaiteHepatogastroenterology 2000; 47:681-214. Pelvic floor study in patients with obstructive defecation: influence of biofeedbackDailianas A, Skandalis N; Rimikis MN; Koutsomanis D; Kardasi M; ArchimandritisJ Clin Gastroenterol, 2000 Mar, 30:2, 176-80BOOKSCo-author in1."Endoscopic and histologic approach of colitis"by C and C SpiliadisTechnogramma Editions, Athens 19912. ERCP-Atlas by C.SpiliadisTechnogramma Editions, Athens 1993COMMUNICATIONS AND PRESENTATIONS1. HELLENIC DAYS OF GASTROENTEROLOGY"Endoscopic evaluation of vagotomy with the Congo Red test"(oral communication)C.Spiliadis, N.Salametis, D.KoutsomanisThessaloniki,April 19882. Xth CONGRESS OF THE HELLENIC SOCIETY OF GASTROENTEROLOGY"Patients with chronic idiopathic constipation and Biofeedback"(oral communication-plenary session)C.Spiliadis, D.Koutsomanis, November 19893. WORLD CONGRESSES OF GASTROENTEROLOGY"Study of patients with idiopathic terminal constipation"(poster without discussion)C.Spiliadis, D.Koutsomanis, August 19904. WORLD CONGRESSES OF GASTROENTEROLOGY"Evaluation of Biofeedback and Autogenic Training in the treatment ofanismus"(poster with discussion)D.Koutsomanis, R.Jabbour, F.BenaissaSydney, August 19905. II CONGRESS OF THE HELLENIC SOCIETY OF HEPATOLOGY(invited speaker)"Evaluation of the elastic band ligation in the treatment of the acute esophagusvariceal bleeding"D.Koutsomanis, M.Segrestin, E.RobertAthens, March 19916. JOURNEES HOSPITALIERES DE NORMANDIE"Anxiety and Digestive Endoscopy"(poster)D.Koutsomanis, A.Navarre-CoulaudRouen,April 19917. SOCIETE DE GERIATRIE DE LA HAUTE NORMANDIE(invited speaker) 12
  13. 13. "Troubles de la statique pelvienne du sujet age"D.KoutsomanisDieppe, June 19918. BRITISH SOCIETY OF GASTROENTEROLOGY-SPRING MEETING8.1. "Symptomatic and objective benefits with Biofeedback for intractableconstipation" (poster)D.Koutsomanis, M.-C.Lemieux, J.E.Lennard-Jones, M.A.Kamm,E.Walker8.2. "Bleeding varices: A new approach"(poster)D.KoutsomanisSheffield, March 19929. "Biofeedback training improves voiding dysfunction in idiopathic constipation"Koutsomanis D., Lemieux M.-C., Lennard-Jones JE., Kamm M.A., Walker E.Gastroenterology, (DDW-abstracts), 199210. "Effects of abdominal massage in the constipated elderly"Koutsomanis D., Cingotti S.,Remy J. Moriaux JJ.Gastroenterology,(DDW-abstracts), 199211. "Endoscopic variceal ligation combined with low-volume sclerotherapy:acontrolled study"Koutsomanis D.Gastroenterology, (DDW-abstracts), 199210. JOURNEES HOSPITALIERES DE NORMANDIE (invited speaker)10.1"Ligature endoscopique associee a une sclerotherapie de faible volume dans letraitement de la rupture des varices oesophagiennes"(oral communication)D.Koutsomanis10.2. "Serologie dHelicobactere pylorii positive et symptomes cliniques:proposer uneendoscopie digestive"(poster)D.Koutsomanis, J.Malherre, M.Duclos10.3. "Le massage dans le traitement de la constipation du sujet age"(poster)D.Koutsomanis, S.Cingotti, J.Remy, T.Pesquet, J.J.Moriaux10.4. "Traitement de lucere solitaire du rectum par des lavements ausucralfate.Notre experience"(poster)D.Koutsomanis, T.Pesquet, S.Cingotti, J.J.MoriauxLe Havre, April 199210.5. 8th SYMPOSIUM OF THE FRENCH-GERMAN SOCIETY FORGYNECOLOGY AND OBSTETRICS"Succes du Misoprostol dans les avortements induits du deuxieme trimestre. Apropos de deux cas"(oral communication)M.Cingotti, D.Koutsomanis, A.Gandour, M.-C. LemieuxLyon, Avril 199211. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-DIGESTIVE DISEASEWEEK"Endoscopic variceal ligation combined with low-volume sclerotherapy: a controlledstudy"(poster)D.KoutsomanisSan Francisco, May 1992 13
  14. 14. 12. BIENNIAL MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR THESTUDY OF THE LIVER"Endoscopic variceal ligation: An effective alternative to sclerotherapy"(poster)D.KoutsomanisBrighton, June 199213. ST.MARKS ASSOCIATION MEETING (invited speaker)"Biofeedback Treatment for intractable constipation"D.KoutsomanisLondon, June 199214. 3rd MEETING OF THE INTERNATIONAL GASTROSURGICAL CLUBEndoscopic Variceal Ligation with Low-Volume Sclerotherapy versus Balloontamponade for esophagus variceal bleeding:A case series (oral presentation)London, June 199215. IVe CONGRES INTERREGIONAL DE GERONTOLOGIELe Syndrome de Heyde. A propos de deux cas (oral presentation)T.Pesquet, D.Koutsomanis, A.MaurelLille, Septembre 199216. FIRST UNITED EUROPEAN GASTROENTEROLOGY WEEKAn alternative treatment modality for bleeding varices (poster)D.KoutsomanisAthens, September 199217. SECOND UNITED EUROPEAN GASTROENTEROLOGY WEEKA randomized study of Endoscopic Variceal Ligation and Sclerotherapy (oral)D.KoutsomanisBarcelona, September 199318. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-DDWA controlled randomized study of Biofeedback versus muscle training alone in thetreatment of severe idiopathic constipation(oral)D.Koutsomanis, J.E.Lennard-Jones, A.J.Roy, M.A.KammNew Orleans,May 199419. THIRD UNITED EUROPEAN GASTROENTEROLOGY WEEKEndoscopic Clipping for esophageal varices (oral)D.Koutsomanis, M.F.Sebti, A.EssaidOslo, June 199420. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-DDWA randomized study of Endoscopic Hemostatic Clipping versus Emdoscopic VaricealLigationD.Koutsomanis, M.F.Sebti, A.EssaidSan Diego, May 199521. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-DDWEndoscopic Variceal Ligation combined with sclerotherapy versus sclerotherapyalone:5-years follow-upD.KoutsomanisWashington DC. May 199722. JOURNEES FRANCAISES DE COLOPROCTOLOGIELhypnoanalgesie dans le colon irritable:hypnose ou autohypnose?D.Koutsomanis 14
  15. 15. Paris, November 199823. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-DDW23.1 Fractal Assisted EUS image-analysis in the evaluation of variceal eradication after elastic band ligation.D.Koutsomanis,V.Papakwnstantinou23.2 Bands,Endoloops,Clips :Prospective evaluation in acute variceal bleeding(this work received a prize from the selecting committee)Orlando, May 199924. Xeme JOURNEE HOSPITALIERE DE NORMANDIEChirurgie Laparoscopique de la lithiase de la voie biliaire principale:traitement a lamode ou simple mode de traitement?J.F.Renier, A.Sfihi, D.Koutsomanis, C.Duhamel, J.L.TranvouezCH Fecamp &G.H Le HavreRouen,May 200025. AMERICAN GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ASSOCIATION-DDWArchitectural differences in hepatic inflammatory response of intravenous drugaddicts with Hepatitis C:A fractal-assisted histological evaluationCH Fecamp & Addenbrooke’s Hospital(Cambridge,UK)D.Koutsomanis,J.Tharakan,San Diego,May 2000 MISCELLANEOUSRESEARCH INTERESTS 1. Interest in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation of the GI tract.Work on prototypes in association with Professor Vicente Rodriguez-Perreyra, Austin, Texas, USA 2. Applications of non-euclidian geometry and Neural Networks in Medicine (work on Hepatitis C – see published data) and Social Sciences (work at the Laboratory for Animal and Human Biosociology(Ethology),Univ.of Paris V,”La Sorbonne”- see PhD thesis in Sociology)OTHER MEDICAL ACTIVITIES1990-4 Vice – President of the "Association pour le developpement dela Gastroenterologie hospitaliere dieppoise".1991-4 Permanent member of the Medical Committee of the CentreHospitalier General de Dieppe1994.2005 Permanent member of the Medical Committee of the Centre Hospitalier General de Fecamp (2002) and Falaise (2005)1994- Present President of the Association SOS Proctos ( )MEMBERSHIP TO MEDICAL SOCIETIES etc.1. Member of the European Association for Gastroenterology and Endoscopy 15
  16. 16. 2. Member of the National French Society of Gastroenterology3. Member of the French Society for GI Endoscopy4. Member of the Hellenic Society of Gastroenterology5. Member of the St.Marks Hospital Association (London, U.K.)6. Member of the International Gastro-Surgical Club7. International Member of the American College of Gastroenterology8. Affiliate Member of the International Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)OTHER DISTINCTIONSReferenced in MARQUIS’ “WHO IS WHO IN THE WORLD” 2003INTERNET/COMPUTER EXPERIENCEExperience as webmaster and Internet Service provider: Member of the Board ofDirectors of the California based Rollan.Net™ ( experience with SPSSExperience in programming (Visual Basic).Compilations with Borland-PascalExperience with UNIX systemsHUMANITARY MISSIONS- Raising funds for a CT-scanner for the Central African Republic.- Organised appeals and raised funds for the improvement of the sanitary conditions of prisons in Senegal.SERVICE IN THE ARMED FORCES01.10.85-30.11.86 Served as LIEUTENANT (medical officer) 3e Regiment des Hussards Pforzheim, Federal Republic of Germany Currently Captain (reserve)SPORTSSailing CaptainsLicence delivered by the Hellenic School of Sailing - Athens,1988Fencing Member of the French Fencing Association 16
  17. 17. 17