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baum_john full ecv.doc

  1. 1. John Baum, M.D. University of Rochester | School of Medicine and Dentistry | 601 Elmwood Ave, Box 703 | Rochester, New York 14642 Office: 585.275.0236 Email: john_baum@urmc.rochester.eduEDUCATIONMD Medicine | New York Univ Sch Medicine | 1954BA Pre-Medical | New York University | 1949POST-DOCTORAL TRAINING AND RESIDENCYResearch Fellow Rheumatism Research Unit Taplow, England London University London, England | 1958- 1959Clinical Trainee National Institute of Arthritis and Metabolic Diseases NYU Bellevue Medical Center NY,NY | 1957 - 1958Assistant Resident in Medicine VA Hospital Manhattan, NYC | 1956 - 1957Assistant Resident in Medicine Lenox Hill Hospital NY, NY | 1955 - 1956Intern in Medicine Baltimore City Hospital Baltimore, Maryland | 1954 - 1955LICENSUREMedical Specialty: RheumatologyNew YorkTexasFACULTY APPOINTMENTSProfessor Emeritus | Medicine | SMD | 1993 - 2009Professor | Medicine | SMD | 1972 - 1993Associate Professor | Medicine | SMD | 1968 - 1973Associate Medical Director Mch | Medicine | SMD | 1986 - 1988Professor Part-Time | Pediatrics | SMD | 1996 - 2008Professor | Orthopaedics | SMD | 1992 - 1993Professor | Pediatrics | SMD | 1972 - 1993Professor | Community and Preventive Medicine | SMD | 1972 - 1991Associate Professor | Pediatrics | SMD | 1970 - 1973Associate Professor | Community and Preventive Medicine | SMD | 1969 - 1973APPOINTMENTSACADEMIC - EXTERNALConsultant in pediatrics Rochester General Hospital Rochester, NY | 1985 - 2008
  2. 2. Associate Director for Academic Affairs Monroe Community Hospital Rochester, NY | 1985 - 1987Director of Medical Clinics Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, Texas | 1965 - 1967Assistant Professor of Medicine University of Texas, Southwestern Medical School | 1962 - 1968Consultant in Rheumatology and CO-Director, Arthritis Clinic Scottish Rite Hospital for CrippledChildren Dallas, Texas | 1960 - 1968Director of Arthritis Clinic Parkland Memorial Hospital Dallas, Texas | 1959 - 1968Instructor in Medicine University of Texas Southwestern Medical School Dallas, Texas | 1959 - 1962Acting Professor of Rheumatology and Honorary Research Associate University of Birmingham MedicalSchool Birmingham, EnglandHOSPITALDirector/Co-Director of Pediatric Arthritis Clinic Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, NY | 1970 - 2008Director, Arthritis and Clinical Immunology Unit Monroe Community Hospital Rochester, NY | 1968 -1993Senior Associate Physician Strong Memorial Hospital Rochester, NY | 1968 - 1972MEMBERSHIPSPROFESSIONALAmerican Association of ImmunologistsAmerican College of RheumatologyAmerican Federation for Clinical ResearchAmerican Society of Human GeneticsArthritis Society of CanadaBritish Society of Pediatric RheumatologyBritish Society of RheumatologyExecutive Committee, Pediatric Rheumatology American Rheumatology AssociationHeberden SocietyHonorary Advisory Board Member Arthritis Foundation Rochester ChapterMedical Advisory Board Aspirin FoundationReticuloendothelial Society MemberSouthern Society for Clinical InvestigationOTHERGreat Lakes Interurban ClubSigma XIVISITING PROFESSORSHIPSThe Future Therapy of Juvenile Arthritis. Invited Plenary Session Speaker XI Panlar Congress ofReumatology Recite Brazil. | 09/01/1994The Hypermobility Syndrome Department of Pediatrics University of Torku Torku, Finland. |03/25/1987
  3. 3. Rheumatic Disorders in Childhood - Diagnosis and Seminar Management arranged by the Hospital forRheumatic Diseases Ostersund, Sweden | 03/15/1987 - 03/20/1987Surgery in Juvenile Arthritis Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases Ostersund, Sweden. | 03/12/1987Problems in Soft Tissue Rheumatism Rheumatology Department University of Lund Valadalen, Sweden.| 03/09/1987Rheumatology Faculty Meeting Tucson, Arizona | 02/19/1987 - 02/21/1987Buffalo Pediatric Society - Rheumatoid and Osteoarthritis Buffalo, New York | 05/29/1986 - 05/30/1986Advances in Rheumatology Symposium - Guest Faculty - Fibromyalgias Mountain Area Health EducationCenter Ashville, North Carolina | 05/21/1986Alice Wood Wynd Symposium - University of Rochester Medical Center Osteoarthritis and OsteoporosisCurrent Views and Management - Moderator Rochester, New York | 05/09/1986 - 05/10/1986Park City Conference on Rheumatic Diseases Abstract presented: Hypermobility: Features andDifferential Incidence Among the Sexes in a Music School Population Park City, Utah | 03/15/1986 -03/19/1986Orlando Regional Medical Center - Soft Tissue Rheumatism - Diagnosis and Treatment Orlando, Florida |03/02/1986 - 03/08/1986Piroxicam - A Clinical Perspective Symposium New York City | 02/21/1986 - 02/23/1986Arizona Orthopaedic Institute, Ltd. "Them Ole Bones III" Scottsdale, Arizona | 02/13/1986 - 02/15/1986Rheumatology Faculty Meeting - Prostaglandins and Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Patients with LiverDisease Tucson, Arizona | 01/23/1986 - 01/26/1986Sports Injuries Symposium - Management/Treatment State University of New York - Downstate MedicalCenter, | 11/17/1985Rheumatology Faculty Meeting Boca Raton, Florida | 11/02/1985 - 11/04/1985Advances in Rheumatology Symposium University of Missouri-Columbia | 10/24/1985 - 10/26/1985Drug Therapy in Rheumatoid Arthritis Eular-Symposium Wien, Austria | 10/09/1985 - 10/12/1985New York State Medical Directors Association Cooperstown, New York | 06/23/1985American Rheumatism Association Scientific Meeting Anaheim, California | 06/04/1985 - 05/05/1985Juvenile Arthritis Lower Ontario Symposium in Arthritis Burlington, Ontario, Canada | 03/13/1984Worldwide Aspects of Juvenile Arthritis - Grand Rounds St. Christophers Hospital Phiuladelphia, PA |03/09/1984Arthritis in the Elderly Interfaith Hospital - Brooklyn, NY | 02/16/1984Chairman, Rheumatology Section National Conference on Musculoskeletal Disorders in the Aged St.Lukes Hospital Phoenix, Arizona | 01/26/1984 - 01/28/1984Roundtable on Juvenile Arthritis Symposium on New Horizons for Pediatric Rheumatology BaylorUniversity College of Medicine Houston, Texas | 01/09/1984Rheumatic Diseases in the Elderly Update in Rheumatology Symposium Norwalk, Connecticut |10/27/1983The Future of Rheumatology - Arthritis 84 update Symposium SUNY Stonybrook Medical School |10/20/1983Current Concepts in the Treatment of Arthritis Niagara Falls Symposium on Aging | 09/22/1983People to People Program in Rheumatology, USSR, Czechoslovakia, West Germany and FranceDelegation Leader | 06/19/1983 - 07/07/1983Geriatric Rheumatology - Hospital for Joint Diseases New York | 01/06/1983
  4. 4. Pediatric Arthritis 1983 Update Wilmington, Delaware | 1983Albany Medical School Albany, NYArthritis in the Aged The Genesee Hospital Annual Symposium on Aging Rochester, NYAspirin New Orleans, LouisianaAspirin Drug Therapy Symposium Buffalo, NYBasic principals of Drug Therapy Anaheim, CaliforniaDifferential Diagnosis of RA (Conference Coordinator) NYS Society of Internal MedicineFuture Developments in Rheumatology Rheumatology Update SUNY at Stonybrook, Long Island, NYGout NYS Physicians Assistants Albany, NYMaine Medical Center Portland, MaineOsteoarthritis College of Physicians and Surgeons, NYPediatric Rheumatology American Academy of Pediatrics NY, NYQueens General Hospital Queens, NYRheumatic Diseases in the Elderly Update in Rheumatology Norwalk, ConnecticutRheumatic Diseases of Childhood Central Region American Rheumatism Association Chicago, IllinoisRheumatic Diseases of Childhood Tufts university Medical School Boston, MassachusettsRheumatology Diseases in the Elderly Symposium on the Aged Rochester, NYSelected Topics in Geriatric Medicine Niagara Falls, NYThe Use of Long-Acting Agents in Juvenile Arthritis Maine Rheumatology Association Maine MedicalCenter, Bangor, MaineTreatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Monroe County Medical Society Symposium onArthritisUniversity of Alabama Medical School Birmingham, AlabamaUniversity of Buffalo Buffalo, NYUniversity of California at Irving Medical School Irving, CaliforniaUniversity of Colorado Rose Medical CenterUniversity of Guadalajera Guadalajera, MexicoCONTRIBUTIONSEDUCATIONALAmbulatory Clerkship, Adult Arthritis Clinic, Monroe Community Hospital and Pediatric Arthritis Clinic,Strong Memorial HospitalMonroe Community Hospital Preceptor for 2nd year Psychosociology CourseMusculoskeletal Rotation, 4th year students, monthly lecturesMusculoskeletal, Dermatology 2nd Year Course DirectorSupervision of Summer Graduate Research Assistants, and Postdoctoral Fellows in Rheumatology (adultand pediatric)RESEARCH GRANTS
  5. 5. Title: Comparison of US and USSR Children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis | Grant Type: NIH | NIHGrant ID: N01-JAM62205-Title: Study of Carprofen vs Ibuprofen in Adult Rheumatoid Arthritis | Grant Type: non-NIHTitle: Studies with Tolectin, Nalfon and Meclofenamic Acid in Juvenile Arthritis | Grant Type: non-NIHRESEARCH (NON-GRANT FUNDED)Cytokines in Synovial Fluid of Children with Juvenile Arthritis, | 1992 - 1993Studies on the Arthritis of IgA Deficiency with Stanislaw Luft, M.D. | 1986 - 1987Studies on Hypermobility with Lars-Goran Larsson, M.D., | 1984 - 1986Studies on Soft-Tissue Rheumatism with L-G Larsson, M.D., | 1984 - 1986Study of Chemotaxis of Tumor Cells. Summer Fellowship - Harvey Bumpers | 1979 - 1980Immunological Studies in an Aging population, Continuation of NIH Grant Drug Studies in JRA conductedin the Pediatric Arthritis Clinic, Strong Memorial Hospital (SMH).Studies on Epidemiology of Juvenile Arthritis.Studies on Lymphokines from Lymphocytes of Juvenile Arthritis.Studies on the Measurement of the Lymphokines for Chemotaxis and Platelet Agglutination inStimulated Lymphocytes from Normals, and Adults and Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.EDITORIAL BOARDSEditorial Board Member, Clinical Rheumatology, BrusselsEditorial Board Member, Journal of Rheumatology, TorontoEditorial Board Member, Pediatrics TodayEditorial Board Member, Practical GastroenterologyEditorial Board, Japanese Journal of Rheumatology, TokyoPanel Member, Drug Information Division, U.S. PharmacopeiaReviewer, American Journal of PediatricsReviewer, Arthritis and RheumatismReviewer, New England Journal of MedicineReviewer, Scandinavian Journal of RheumatologyCOMMITTEESHOSPITALUniversity of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Advisory Committee Member, ClinicalResearch Center Chairman, Research Subjects Review Board | 1977 - PresentMonroe Community Hospital Chair, Geriatric Grand Rounds CommitteeMonroe Community Hospital Chair, Library CommitteeMonroe Community Hospital Member, Academic Services CommitteeMonroe Community Hospital Member, RAHC Medical Advisory CommitteeMonroe Community Hospital Strategic Planning CommitteeMonroe Community Hospital Surgical Review Committee
  6. 6. Monroe Community Hospital Utilization Review CommitteeUniversity of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Member, Ad Hoc Promotion CommitteesNATIONALProfessional Delegate at-Large ACR | 1983 - 1984Coordinating Committee Member Committee on the Care of Children | 1983Research Committee Arthritis Foundation | 1983Chapter Designated Governing Member ACR | 1980 - 1985NIH Multi-purpose Arthritis Centers Site Visiting Committee | 1980 - 1984Committee on Criteria on Remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis ACR | 1975 - 1981Council on pediatric Rheumatology of the ACR | 1975 - 1980Advisory Panel on Analgesics, Sedatives and Anti-inflammatory Agents U.S. Pharmacopeia Committee ofRevision | 1975Committee on International Affairs ACR | 1975Consultant for AMA Drug EvaluationConsultant for American Hospital Formulary Service MonographsConsultant to the Committee on Certifying Examination American Board of Internal MedicineMember, Sub-committee on Criteria for Juvenile Arthritis American College of Rheumatology (ACR)Sub-specralty Committee on Rheumatology of the American Board of Internal MedicineVA Research Service Merit Review Board in ImmunologyINTERNATIONALConsultant, National Research Council of CanadaOTHERChairman, Professional Education Committee Arthritis Foundation, Rochester Chapter | 1983 - 1985Chairman, Medical and Scientific Committee Arthritis Foundation Rochester Chapter | 1982Medical Advisor to the Bureau of Hearing and Appeals - 1968 | 1968St. Anns Home Member, Medical Advisory BoardJOURNAL ARTICLESPetty RE; Southwood TR; Manners P; Baum J; Glass DN; Goldenberg J; He X; Maldonado-Cocco J;Orozco-Alcala J; Prieur AM; Suarez-Almazor ME; Woo P; . "International League of Associations forRheumatology classification of juvenile idiopathic arthritis: second revision, Edmonton, 2001." TheJournal of rheumatology. 2004;31(2):390-2.Larsson, L-G.; Baum, J.; Mudholkar, G.S.; Srivastava, D.K. "Hypermobility: prevalence and features in aSwedish population". British Journal of Rheumatology 32 (1993): 116-119.VanOstrand, E.W., Siegel, D.M.; Baum, J. "Juvenile SLE: a 23 year survey showing regional similaritiesand differences from prior series". JURMC 4 (1992): 2-6.Gedalia, A.; Gewanter, H.L.; Baum, J. "Dark skin discoloration of finger joints in juvenile arthritis".Journal of Rheumatology 16 (1989): 797-799.Katz, P.R.; Gutman, S.I.; Richman, G.; Karuza, J.; Bartholomew, W.R.; Baum, J. "Erythrocytesedimentation rate and C-reactive protein compared in the elderly". clinical Chemistry 35 (1989): 466-468.
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