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  1. 1. 11TH MEETING OF THE EUROPEAN SOCIETY OF GASTROENTEROLOGY AND ENDOSCOPY NURSES AND ASSOCIATES (ESGENA) In association with the French Society of Endoscopy Nurses (GIFE) in Paris, France 27-29 October 2007Words of WelcomeDear Colleagues,On behalf of ESGENA, the French Society of Endoscopy Nurses (GIFE) we have great pleasure inviting youto the 11th ESGENA Conference, which will be held during the 15th UEGW in October 2007 in Paris.As in previous years we are hoping to provide a full and varied programme for you - to stimulate you intomeeting and holding discussions with colleagues from all over Europe and afar. We are continuing theformat of previous conferences as this has encouraged networking and communication between thedelegates – between individual nurses as well as national groups.On Saturday we are providing the opportunity to attend a choice of 8 workshops organised in 4 parallelrooms. The workshops will be more practically focused and in smaller groups - up to 50 - to encouragediscussion, questions and exchange of ideas. For the local nurses we will hold some of the workshops inFrench; the others will be in English.The conference will open officially with the ESGENA Welcome Reception on Saturday evening. In the pastthis has been a most enjoyable, informal evening with the opportunity to meet colleagues and friends fromall over Europe and overseas.On Sunday the Scientific Programme, which includes two free paper sessions and a nurses poster session,will offer mainly nursing oriented lectures in two parallel halls. Following the success of the dummyworkshops in previous conferences, ESGENA will offer dummy workshops especially for nurses on Sundayonly.On Monday morning we will have the ESGENA Plenary Session – lectures in just one hall - to bring togetherall the delegates, and will end with the Prize Giving of the best Free Paper and the best Poster, followed bythe invitation to the next ESGENA conference.The trade exhibition will open on Monday lunchtime and there should be enough time to browse the standsif the medical scientific programme does not tempt you back into the lecture halls. Nurses are particularlyinvited to visit the Learning Corner, which offers a large variety of "state of art" videos.We hope that we will be able to welcome you at the 11th ESGENA Conference in October 2007 in Paris,France.Ulrike Beilenhoff Marie Ange BibolletPresident of ESGENA President of GIFE -1-
  2. 2. SCIENTIFIC SECRETARIAT CONGRESS ORGANISATION and EXHIBITION"European Society of Gastroenterology and CPO HANSER SERVICE GmbHEndoscopy Nurses and Associates (ESGENA)"Ulrike Beilenhoff Paulsborner Strasse 44Ferdinand-Sauerbruch-Weg 16 14193 Berlin, Germany89075 Ulm, Germany Tel: +49-30-300 66 90Tel: +49 731 950 39 45 Fax: +49-30-305 73 91Fax: +49 731 950 39 58 Email: uegw2007@cpo-hanser.deEmail: UK-Beilenhoff@t-online.deCONGRESS VENUE INFORMATION / REGISTRATIONLe Palais des Congrès de Paris www.uegw.org and www.esgena.org2, place de la Porte Maillot75017 Paris; Francewww.palaisdescongres-paris.comRegistration- early registration : 185 EURO up to 15th May 2007- late registration : 200 EURO up to 15th September 2007- on-site registration: 250 EURO after 15th September and on-siteTo register for ESGENA Conference, please see in the Announcement and follow the guidelines there.Please use a special ESGENA Conference Registration Form included in this Announcement (blue form) orregister on-line through the official congress website at www.uegw.orgScientific ProgrammeSaturday, 27 October 2007• Afternoon: eight workshops in four parallel sessions (two in French)• All day: UEGW Postgraduate Teaching Programme with live endoscopy transmissions• Evening: ESGENA Welcome Reception & Opening of ESGENA ConferenceSunday, 28 October 2007• All day: ESGENA scientific programmeMonday,29 October 2007• Morning: ESGENA Plenary Sessions and scientific programme• Afternoon: trade exhibition and the learning centrePoster SessionsESGENA scientific posters will be displayed on Sunday, 28 October 2007. Authors will present their postersbetween 12:00 – 13:00.Conference LanguageThe official language of the ESGENA Conference is English. Simultaneous translation in French will beavailable during the whole conference. On Saturday, 27 October 2007 some workshops will be held inFrench as a special offer to French speaking participants.Coffee & LunchCoffee-breaks will be served for all ESGENA registered participants from afternoon Saturday till Mondaylunchtime. Lunches will be served for all ESGENA registered participants on Sunday and Monday.ExhibitionESGENA registered participants have access to the trade exhibition from Monday, 29 October 2007 tillWednesday, 31 October 2007UEGW Core Programme -2-
  3. 3. Nurses are welcomed to attend the medical lectures included in the UEGW core programmeAnnual General MeetingESGENA Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday, 28 October 2007. Access for ESGENA membersonly.Social EventsAll nurses are cordially invited to attend the ESGENA Welcome Reception and the official opening of the11th ESGENA Meeting on Saturday evening, 27 October 2007. The evening will be organized by the localorganizers. Attendance at the Welcome Reception is included in the ESGENA registration fee. SATURDAY 27 October 2007 08:00 Registration Hall 241 Hall 242 A Hall 242 B Hall 243 opens Language: English Language: English Language: English Language: FRENCH 13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00 Registration &Workshops Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4 UEGW The Importance of Capsule Hygiene Management of GI Postgraduate the Nurse in GI Endoscopy Workshops Bleeding Teaching Bleeding: Didactic (GIVEN IMAGING) (ESGENA) (GIFE) Programme with and Hands-On"Lectures and Live (BOSTON Demos SCIENTIFIC) 15:00-15:30 15:00-15:30 15:00-15:30 15:00-15:30 Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break 15:30-17:00 15:30-17:00 15:30-17:00 15:30-17:00 Registration &Workshops Workshop 5 Workshop 6 Workshop 7 Workshop 8 UEGW Advancing the The Olympus How to Improve Mucosectomy and Postgraduate role of the ERCP Voyage to the your ESD Teaching nurse - Hands On Small Intestine – CommunicationProgramme with (COOK MEDICAL) EnteroPro (ESGENA) (GIFE) Lectures and (OLYMPUS Dive demos MEDICAL SYSTEMS EUROPE GMBH) 19:30 – 22:00 ESGENA Welcome Party & Opening of ESGENA Conference -3-
  4. 4. SATURDAY 27 October 2007Workshop 1: The Importance of the Nurse in GI Bleeding: Didactic and Hands-On"This workshop is organised by Boston Scientific13:30-15:00 Hall 241Chair: Francisco Ou, Boston Scientific EuropeLanguage: EnglishPresentations: The Importance of the Nurse in GI Bleeding: The Physician’s View Resolution™ Clip: The Nurse’s View Resolution Clip Hands-On in training modelsWorkshop 2: Capsule EndoscopyThis workshop is organised by Given Imaging, Hamburg, Germany13:30-15:00 Hall 242 AChair: Erik Herdes, Amsterdam, NLLanguage: EnglishPresentations: 13:30 The role of capsule endoscopy in diagnosing small bowel diseases 14:00 Capsule endoscopy - video reading by a nurse 14:30 Clinical practice (front presentation) 15:00 Q&AWorkshop 3: Hygiene in EndoscopyThis workshop is organised by ESGENA13:30-15:00 Hall 242 BChair: Dianelle Duforest-Rey, Monaco Christiane Neumann, Birmingham, UKLanguage: EnglishPresentations: Investigation after a problem on a cleaner endoscope (French experience) Marie-Ange Bibollet, Lyon, France Christel Krinke-Mermet, Paris, France Cleaning & disinfection of endoscopes: Why still bother? Ton Mestrom, Maastricht, NL How to perform microbiological testing of endoscopes and automated washer desinfectors? Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany -4-
  5. 5. Workshop 4: Management of GI BleedingThis workshop is organised by the French Society of Endoscopy nurses GIFE13:30-15:00 Hall 243Language: FrenchChair: Geneviève Deloche; Valence, France Laurent Godineau, Thouars, FrancePresentations: Hemostatic procedures (clips, sclerosis, ligatures) Agnès Lichère, Avignon, France Stephane Koch, Besançon, FranceWorkshop 5: Advancing the role of the ERCP nurse - Hands OnThis workshop is organised by COOK MEDICAL15:30-17:00 Hall 241Chair: NNLanguage: EnglishWorkshop 6: The Olympus Voyage to the Small Intestine - EnteroProThis workshop is organised by Olympus Medical Systems Europe GmbH, Hamburg, Germany15:30-17:00 Hall 242 AChair: Anja Schuster, Olympus Medical Systems Europe GmbH, GermanyLanguage: EnglishAim The systematic approach to enteroscopy, from diagnosis and therapy to patient and procedure data management To give an overview of small intestinal diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic procedures with the Olympus EnteroPro Concept To show the different imaging technologies for the small intestine: Capsule endoscopy and video enteroscopy To display efficient and efficacious endoscope reprocessing with PAA To present the data management including patient entry, procedure registration, data analysis and finally the patient reports and reprocessing documentationSpeakers: Dr. Rob Ouwendijk, Hospital Ikazia Rotterdam Ms. Ilona Kievit, Hospital Ikazia Rotterdam Dr. Marcel Gronen, Arnheim Hospital Rüdiger Tamm, Olympus Medical Systems Europe GmbH -5-
  6. 6. Workshop 7: How to Improve your CommunicationThis workshop is organised by ESGENA15:30-17:00 Hall 242 BChair: Ana and Zdravko Zupancic, Ljubljana, SloveniaLanguage: EnglishPresentations: Techniques to improve • your presentations at conference and • your communication with patients and colleaguesWorkshop 8: Mucosectomy and ESDThis workshop is organised by the French Society of Endoscopy nurses GIFE15:30-17:00 Hall 243Chair: Olivier Sylvant, Besançon, France Nathalie Mapelle, Strassbourg, FranceLanguage: FrenchPresentations: Endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) and Endoscopic submucosal disection (ESD) : modalities and nurse’roles. Claire Michel, Rennes, France Denis Heresbach, Rennes, France3.2. ESGENA-GIFE-Welcome ReceptionESGENA and the French Endoscopy Nurses Society GIFE have great pleasure inviting all conferenceparticipants to the ESGENA-GIFE-Welcome Reception on 27th October 2007 19:30-22:30 hours at the Meridien Hotel 81 Bd Gouvion St Cyr 75017 Paris The hotel is opposite the Palais des Congrès -6-
  7. 7. 3.3. ESGENA SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME SUNDAY MONDAY 28 October 2007 29 October 2007 Hall 242 AB Hall 252 AB ESGE Learning Centre Havane Amphitheatre 380 seats 380 seats 370 seats 8:30-10:00 8:30-10:00 09:00-10:30 8:30-10:30 SESSION 1 SESSION 2 PLENARY SESSION Lower GI Education and Training Hands-on-Workshops New Techniques and in GE and Endoscopy on the Endotrainer Developments in Endoscopy 1x OGD, 1x ERCP Best Free Paper and Best Poster Award Invitation to Vienna 10:00-10:30 Coffee Break 10:30- 11:00 Coffee Break 10:30-12:00 10:30-12:00 11:00-12:30 11:00-12:30 SESSION 3 SESSION 4 UEGW PROGRAMME Free Paper Session Ethics Hands-on-Workshops on the Endotrainer 1x OGD, 1x ERCPLunch & Poster Session & Society Information Desks Lunch at UEGW Catering Areas 13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00 13:30-15:00 Visit of Exhibition SESSION 5 SESSION 6 ESGE Learning Area Free Paper Session GE Patient Care Hands-on-Workshops UEGW Sessions on the Endotrainer 1x Colon 15:00-15:30 Coffee Break 15:00-15:30 Coffee Break 15:30-17:00 15:30-17:00 15:30-17:00 Visit of Exhibition SESSION 7 SESSION 8 ESGE Learning Area Management in Update on Endoscopic Hands-on-Workshops UEGW Sessions Endoscopy Techniques on the Endotrainer 1x Colon 17:15-18:15 ESGENA GENERAL ASSEMBLY (MEMBERS ONLY) -7-
  8. 8. Sunday 28 October 2007SESSION 1: Lower GI08:30-10:00 Hall 242 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Sylvia Lahey, Arnhem, NL Stefane Bois, Toulon, France08:30-08:40 Welcome Marie-Ange Bibollet, Lyon, France, President GIFE08:40-09:10 From Endoscopic Mucosal Resection (EMR) to Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection (ESD), from ESD to Natural Orifice Tranlumenal Surgery (NOTES): training on live tissue. Dimitri Coumaros, Straßbourg, France09.10-09:35 Quality assurance in screening colonoscopy Roger Leicester, London, UK09:35-10:00 National bowel cancer programme in England – Experience and results Lynn Coleman, Sheffield, UKSESSION 2: Education and Training in GE and Endoscopy08:30-10:00 Hall 252 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany Christel Krinke-Mermet, Paris, France08:30-08:40 Welcome Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany, President ESGENA08:40-09:10 Teaching new staff – the role of the tutor Michael Ortmann, Basel, Switzerland09:10-09:35 Accreditation for teaching centres – an instrument of quality assurance Diane Campbell, Torbay, UK09:35-10:00 The ESGENA core curriculum for endoscopy nurses and its implementation on the national level Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany -8-
  9. 9. SESSION 3: Free Paper Session10:30-12:00 Hall 242 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Diane Campbell, Torbay, UK, Stanka Popovic, Ljubljana, Slovenia Solvig Ljungström, Stockholm, Sweden10:30-10:45 The introduction of a nurse led gastric band adjustment service for the morbidly obese patient Pauline Hutson, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, Uk10:45-11:00 The placement of nasoduodenal feeding tubes by nurses with the assistance of an electromagnetic system (Cortrak™) Ann Duflou , Bwm Spanier, Emh Mathus-Vliegen, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, NL11:00-11:15 Extended roles in endoscopy nursing - capsule endoscopy Joe Garzia Stafrace, Saint James Hospital, Malta – Europe11:15-11:30 Does level of information about infliximab treatment to inflammatory bowel disease patients influence health quality of care? A danish crohn colitis database Lene Neergaard, Yvonne Krogager, Charlotte Kühnel, Lise Olsen, Johan Burisch, Margarita Elkjær, Kirsten Ravn, Pia Munkholm. Herlev Hospital, University Of Copenhagen, Denmark.11:30-11:45 Alcohol abusers in somatic ward. How to maintain abstinence post discharge – A randomized controlled trial. Palle Bager, Medical Department V, Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark11:45-12:00 Our experience on how to keep each individual endoscope as a unique set of equipment Arezoo Etezadi, Endoscopy Unit, University Hospital Of Wales, Cardiff, UKSESSION 4: Ethics10:30-12:00 Hall 252 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Pilar Perez-Rojo, Pamplona, Spain Ellen Herve, Suresnes, France Introduction to ethical philosophy Christiane Neumann, Birmingham, UK An audit of consent practice in Europe Christiane Neumann, Birmingham, UK Case reflection: How to deal with ethical dilemma’s Marjike Smits, Amsterdam, NL Eu convention on biomedicine applied Timothy James, Birmingham, UK -9-
  10. 10. ESGENA Poster Round12:00-13:00Assessors: Jayne Tillet, Cardiff, UK, Gerlinde Weilguny, Vienna, Austria, Christiane Keller, Strassbourg, France Management 1. Communication: the main objective for this year Pilar Pérez-Rojo, Natalia Pérez-Mendioroz, Concepción Montes, Elena Ruiz, Miguel Muñoz-Navas. University Hospital of Navarra. Pamplona, Spain. 2. JCI ( joint comission international) standards and patient safety model in Izmir Kent Hospital endoscopy unit N. Tüzomay, Z. Kızılay, F. Asıbostan, H. Elmas, E. İzgördü, B. Açıl, B. Şengül, E. Tankurt, Kent Hospital, İzmir, Turkey 3. Gastrointestinal endoscopy & the elderly patient – a nursing challenge Ane Isabel Linden. Suzana Müller, Brazilian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Nursing – (Sociedade Brasileira de Enfermagem em Endoscopia Gastrointestinal- SOBEEG) 4. Social demographic profile of the immigrant population attended in Endoscopy Service in Fuenlabrada Hospital, Madrid, Spain Diaz-Rodriguez, Dania-Rocio; Granados-Martin, Monica; Pablo-Leis, Ana Isabel, Hospital de Fuenlabrada, Fuenlabrada, Madrid, Spain 5. Quality assurance and the consent process: Inpatient consent in endoscopy. James Meadows, Gerri Beech and Rachel Lynch. Endoscopy, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, LS1 3EX, UK. 6. Gastroenterology nursing practice in 2006: A descriptive study of nursing and medical staff’s views of the advanced nurse practitioner role in gastroenterology nursing Sharon M. Hough, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, Ireland. University of Dublin, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland Upper GIT 7. The Impact of a Validated Questionnaire on the Management of Patients with Dyspepsia Irene Karagianni, Evangelia Toli, Evangelia Dimitraki, Vassilios Koussoulas, Charalambos Barbatzas, Charis Pilichos, Department of Gastroenterology, Sismanoglion General Hospital, Athens, Greece 8. The role of the endoscopy nurse in endoscopic resection techniques (ER-cap and MBM) for early Barrett neoplasia. Hedwig H.A. Kos RN, W.D. Rosmolen RN, T.G. Pordon RN, J.J.G.H.M. Bergman MD, PhD , Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 9. Impact of nasal bridals on the endoscopy service Angela .M Abdoolla, Sarah.Galliford, Amelia L Jukes, Anne Llewellyn-Edwards, Winnie N Magambo. Nutrition Support Team (NST), University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, UK 10. Notes of an endoscopic assistant about N.O.T.E.S. (natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery) Krisztina Tari RN (1), Peter Lukovich MD (1), Gábor Váradi MDS (2), Attila Jónás MDS (2), Kurt Gerlach (3), Peter Kupcsulik MD (1), (1) Endoscopy, 1st Department of Surgery, Semmelweis University, Budapest, (2)Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Budapest, (3) Technische Universität, Ilmenau, Germany) - 10 -
  11. 11. Liver and Pancreas11. Description of two cases of fasciolasis over a one-year period in a tertiary hospital in Barcelona Mª Luz Gálvez Deltoro, Mª Isabel Jimeno Sáenz, Encarna Coca Macías, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Barcelona (Spain)12. Nursing support during endoscopic management of patients with acute gallstone pancreatitis (in recess) Krystalia Moschota1, Emmuel Chestoforidis1,2, Kalliopi Despouli2, Charalampos Stamatopoulos2, Nikolaos Sapidis2, Dimitrios Betsis2, 1 Endoscopic Unit, 4 th Surgical Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, 2 4th Surgical Department, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece13. Chemoembolization for liver metastases or hepatocellular carcinoma Jimeno Sáenz MI, Ibañez Armengod T, Coca Macías E, Espinar Rodriguez O, Gálvez Deltoro ML, Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Barcelona (Spain) Lower GIT14. Video capsule endoscopy in children assisted by endoscopy nurses: feasibility, safety and results Corry in der Maur RN, Anja Roty RN, K. Bruin MD PhD, EMH Mathus-Vliegen MD PhD, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam, The Netherlands15. The holistic care approach: The role of the clinical nurse coordinator (CNC) in the IBD center Alin Ben David, Clinical nurse coordinator, IBD center , Gastroenterology, Hadassah, Jerusalem , Israel; Sigal Shafran- Tikva, Gastroenterology, Hadassah, Jerusalem , Israel16. Does patient education improve quality of life in patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease? A Lindberg, RN, O Broström M.D., Ph.D, B Håkansson, RN, I Löfberg RN, P Sehlstedt RN, R Stig, M.D, P Karlén M.D., Ph.D. Dpt.of Internal medicine, Section of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, South Hospital at Karolinska, Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.17. Web based treatment solution: Does learning in patient education center increase ulcerative colitis patient’s knowledge level validated by crohn colitis knowledge score. A DCCD Danish crohn colitis database pilot study M. Elkjaer1, L. Neergaard1, D. Marker1, E. Samuelsen2, B. Laugesen2 , P. Munkholm1 1 Medical Gastroenterology, Herlev University Hospital, 2Medical Gastroenterology, Amager Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark.18. The development and implementation of an electronic database system to monitor the quality of colonoscopy A.A. Hanrath, B.W.M. Spanier, M. Ramali, P. Fockens, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands19. Reducing inappropriate surveillance colonoscopy: Our experience in a District General Hospital, UK Subedi N, Dhuper S, Khawaja A & Drake I M. Gastroenterology and Endoscopy Unit, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, Chorley, UK20. Gender preference of patients for colonoscopists in Korea Do Yeun Suk, Woon Geon Shin, Kyung Ho Kim, Myoung Kuk Jang, Jin Heon Lee, Hak Yang Kim., Department of Internal Medicine, Kangdong Sacred Heart Hospital of Hallym University Medical Center, Seoul, Republic of Korea21. Patient management: privacy in colorectal proceduring Lydia Singels, Tanja de Mooij, Department of Gastroenterologie, Academic Medical Centre, Meibergdreef 9, 1100 DD Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 11 -
  12. 12. Lower GIT22. Trousers for Lower Intestine procedure in Gastroenterology Unit Siriporn Ratanalert RN, Sopa Boonviriya RN, Waraporn Jarupan RN, Sulee Sangnil RN, Reonkhun Chotirat RN. NKC Institute of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Songklanagarind Hospital, Hat-Yai, Songkhla 90110, Thailand.23. Simple enemas… not always so simple Rachel Leshem Namdar RN, MPA, Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Ramat-Gan, Israel24. Pelvic floor disorders – In-depth review of an often overlooked ailment from infancy to adulthood Rachel Shley, Department of Gastroenterology, Sheba Medical Center, Tel-Hashomer, Israel25. Awareness and addressment of specific questions in a private setting by specially trained nursery detects misdiagnosed cases of faecal incontinence Inés Ana Ibáñez Zafón, Jordi Muñoz Galitó, Sandra Torra Alsina, Núria Cañete Hidalgo, Felipe Bory Ros, Montserrat Andreu Garcia and Sílvia Delgado-Aros. Digestive Motility and Physiology Unit. University Hospital del Mar. IMAS.26. Evaluation of integrated management for Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital outpatient chemotherapy unit Hiromi Fujisawa1, Tomoko Omura1, Shoko Goda1, Ayumi Nogami2, Maki Jinnai2, Yuriko Kishu2, Reigetsu Yoshikawa3, Yoshinori Fujiwara3, Naohiro Tomita3 1 Department of Pharmacy, 2 Department of Nursing, 3 Department of Surgery, Hyogo College of Medicine Hospital, Nishinomiya, Hyogo 663-8501, Japan Hygiene27. Cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes- Brazilian protocol Suzana Müller, Ane Isabel Linden, Heloísa Helena Karnas Hoefel, Kazuko Uchikawa Graziano, Brazilian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Nursing – (Sociedade Brasileira de Enfermagem em Endoscopia Gastrointestinal- SOBEEG), Health Ministery (MS) and National Sanitary Vigilance Agency (ANVISA), Porto Alegre – BRAZIL28. Quality comparison of disposable biopsy-forceps Carlien de Jong, Marjan Kuivenhoven, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands29. Comparative analysis of two cleaning equipments use in endoscopes by measuring residual soil and usability Melvin Ortiz (1), Jayne Tillett (2), University Hospital of Wales, Endoscopy Unit, Cardiff & Vale NHS Trust, Cardiff, UK - 12 -
  13. 13. SESSION 5: Free Paper Session13:30-15:00 Hall 242 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Diane Campbell, Torbay, UK, Stanka Popovic, Ljubljana, Slovenia Solvig Ljungström, Stockholm, Sweden13:30-13:45 Nurse Education in Endoscopy: Achieving Competency Based Practice. Rachel Lynch. Endoscopy, Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, Leeds, UK13:45-14:00 Scheduled Home Call after Hospital Discharge – Pilot Study fr Colo-Rectal Patients Elina Mattila, Teija Liimatainen, Juhani Sand. Division Of Surgery, Gastroenterology And Oncology, Tampere University Hospital, Tampere, Finland.14:00-14:15 Electronic Documentation of Care, Nursing Intervention and Quality Assurance incorporated into Endobase from Olympus ®. Else Hove Kristensen, Anne Mette Andersen, Torben Bauer, Endoscopy Unit, South Regional Hospital, Naestved, Denmark14:15-14:30 Defining the role of the inflammatory bowel disease nurse. A national uk project. Cath Stansfield1, Aileen Fraser2, Jane Povey3, Jeanette Thompson4; 1Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Salford. UK; 2United Bristol Hospitals NHS Trust, Bristol UK.3Jane Povey. Wirral Hospitals NHS Trust, Liverpool; 4 Southport and Ormskirk NHS Trust, Southport, UK.14:30-14:45 Endoscopy nursing: rotational posts - the circle of change Jo Corrigan, Endoscopy, Leeds General Infirmary, UK.14:45-15:00 Developing an advanced nurse practitioner gastroenterology role – the Irish experience PWN Keeling, S. Norris, A. Zaheer, R. Gillen, B. Gallagher, B. Troy, U. Kennedy, S. M. Hough, St. James’s Hospital, Dublin, IrelandSESSION 6: GE Patient Care13:30-15:00 Hall 252 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Christine Petersen, Amsterdam, NL Ellen Herve, Suresnes, France13:30-14:00 Intercultural models in nursing for developing cultural competence – Experience of France Ellen Herve, Suresnes, France14:00-14:30 Emotional experiences and the influence of brain biochemistry on the gastrointestinal tract Mette Karoliussen, Porsgrunn, Norway14:30-15:00 Anxieties in patients undergoing investigations Gerlinde Weilguny, Vienna, Austria - 13 -
  14. 14. SESSION 7: Management in Endoscopy15:30-17:00 Hall 242 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Eric Pflimlin, Basel, Switzerland Christiane Keller, Strassbourg, France15:30-16:00 Management of endoscopy center Marie-Ange Bibollet, Lyon, France ; Claire Surjous, Paris, France16:00-16:30 The changing role of endoscopy nurses Ton Mestrom, Maastricht, NL16:30-17:00 Independent nurse consultations in an outpatient clinic – why and how? NNSESSION 8: Update on Endoscopic Techniques15:30-17:00 Hall 252 ABLanguage: EnglishChair: Anita Jorgensen, Skien, Norway Jean Marc Dugast, Paris, France15:30-16:00 Endoscopic ultrasonography with fine-needle aspiration and drainage (EUS) Stefane Bois, Toulon, France16:00-16:30 The endoscopic treatment: bile complications after hepatic transplantation Cécile Barrué and Karl Barange, Toulouse, France16:30-17:00 Carbon Dioxide insufflation in gastrointestinal Endoscopy Michael Bretthauer, Oslo, Norway - 14 -
  15. 15. Hands-on-Workshops on the Endotrainer13:30-15:00 ESGE Learning CentreCo-ordinators: Eric Pflimlin, and Björn Ferke, Basel, SwitzerlandHands-On-Training on biomedical dummies will be organised in co-operation with the ESGE andECE (Dr. Martin Neumann).In order to ensure an intensive training of skills, the numbers of participants per table are limited.A registration for the ESGENA workshops will be possible on-site only. Time Workshop Dummy Model Presented and trained techniques08:30-10:00 ESGENA Workshop 9 OGD Management of Bleeding (Injection, Ligation, Clipping), Chromoendoscopy ESGENA Workshop 10 ERCP Sphincterotomy Stone extraction Stenting10:30-12:00 ESGENA Workshop 11 OGD Management of Bleeding (Injection, Ligation, Clipping) Chromoendoscopy ESGENA Workshop 12 ERCP Sphincterotomy Stone extraction Stenting13:30-15:00 ESGENA Workshop 13 Colonoscopy Polypectomy EMR ESD, Bleeding Prophylaxis & Management15:30-17:00 ESGENA Workshop 14 Colonoscopy Polypectomy EMR ESD, Bleeding Prophylaxis & Management - 15 -
  16. 16. Monday 29 October 2007PLENARY SESSION: NEW TECHNIQUES & DEVELOPMENTS IN ENDOSCOPY8:30-10:30 Hall HavaneLanguage: English Chair: Marie-Ange Bibollet, Lyon, France, President GIFE Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany, President ESGENA8:30-8:55 HDTV, NBI, Autofluorecence: Impact and indications Jacques Bergman, Amsterdam, NL8:55-9:20 Suture techniques of the stomach Annette Fritscher-Ravens, London/England9:20-10:10 Presentations from the Industry • Looking beyond traditional ERCP Frank Lynn, BOSTON SCIENTIFIC • A profile of assurance Simon Brouwers, COOK MEDICAL • Single Balloon Enteroscopy and other good news from Olympus Rüdiger Tamm, OLYMPUS MEDICAL SYSTEMS EUROPA, Hamburg, Germany • News from PENTAX LIFE CARE Ralph Löhner, PENTAX, Hamburg, Germany10:10-10:20 Best Free Paper and Best Poster Award Marie-Ange Bibollet, Lyon, France, President GIFE Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany, President ESGENA Close of Meeting Ulrike Beilenhoff, Ulm, Germany, President ESGENA10:20-10:30 Invitation to the next ESGENA Conference, 2008 in Vienna, Austria Gerlinde Weilguny, Vienna, Austria - 16 -