Copia de asl documentation (online and books)


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Copia de asl documentation (online and books)

  1. 1. American Sign Language Documentation If you have other sources to recommend contact us. If you want more information like this, see the Social Network section. Share this document with people who might be interested! :) Table of Contents Table of Contents The Best Online Documentation Social Networks Practice with someone References for Learning (Free) Courses that cost money (not recommended) Dictionaries English to ASL ASL to English Videos in ASL Writing Systems Deaf Culture Tools for deafs and HOH Other References Books Learn ASL Non-Fiction Books Fiction Books The Best Online Documentation Social Networks Sign Language Community on Google+ Learning Sign Language Community on Google+ Sign Language Page on Google+ ASL Practice Hangouts Page on Google+
  2. 2. References for Learning (Free) (see also the pdf form of the ASL Handshape Dictionary) [best source] ASL University (3 courses, a dictionary, and much more) [very good] StartASL (3 courses) [very good] Practice finger spelling [very good] Practice numbers [very good] Practice classifiers Itunes University (1 course) Someone’s Sky Drives Flashcards Some videos to learn (without sound) Some videos to learn (and also videos about people’s experience with ASL) Some videos to learn (from a Japanese perspective) 55 ASL linguistics terms [advance] ASL Linguistic Research Project [advance] Non-manual Realization of Agreement (349 pages) [advance] Structure of Determiner Phrases (13 pages) Courses that cost money (not recommended) [good] Phone application with ASL Video Dictionary & Inflection Guide Demos [good] Training Center Signing Online (beginner to advance) US$75 for 20 live online classes [expensive] Dawn Sign Iphone app (only the first lesson is free, the 5 others are 1.99$ each) Rocket Language Dictionaries English to ASL Hand Speak (6000 signs and some tutorials) ASL pro (11000 signs) Signing Savvy ASL search Michigan State University ASL to English (see also the pdf form of the ASL Handshape Dictionary) Hand Speak ASL Jinkle
  3. 3. Videos in ASL Best songs’ playlist (ie. English songs translated in ASL) List of movies in ASL ASL Films ASLized Deaf Tv D-Pan Deaf Video ASL Laugh (more than 55 short stories) Awti’s videos Comedy (by Keith Wann) Songs and stories Short stories by Dack Virnig Switched at Birth (TV Show in English and ASL with subtitles; more on the show here) Movie Reviews The Official USTREAM Channel for New York School for the Deaf (Fanwood) in White Plains, NY Writing Systems (why?; note: most signers don’t know a sign writing system) *NOTE*: most of the time, ASL is written using capitalize English words that are used as “labels for sign concepts” (source) and that are placed in the ASL word order (for a more detailed way of doing this, see page 1 to 30 of this book). Sutton’s SignWriting (printing and shorthand) (most popular; can be used for any sign languages) (here’s a forum, the Wikipedia project, publications, and the Unicode proposal using this writing system) (here’s a discussion about some pros and cons of this system) si5s (see also ASLwrite and its free ebook, as well as the Google Forum) (for ASL only) Stokoe Notation (for ASL only) (here’s the font) ASCII-Stokoe (unextended ASCII-Stokoe for ASL only, and extended ASCII-Stokoe for all sign languages) HamNoSys or Hamburg Notation System for Signs (for many sign languages) (font available on the website) ASLSJ (for ASL only; use ASCII only) SLIPA or Sign Language IPA (for all sign languages; use ASCII only) SignFont Notation (for ASL only; partially iconic) ASL-phabet (simplification of SignFont) *NOTE*: For a comparison of some of these writing systems, check this and this. See also a “A Graphical Environment for Transcription of [ASL]” Deaf Culture Deaf Culture in America Alldeaf Forum
  4. 4. Deaf Culture Online Wikipedia Article Video “One Deaf Child: Presentation by Rachel Coleman” Jokes General history of sign languages Through Deaf Eyes (documentary) Tools for deaf and HOH Hangout Sign Language Interpreter Live transcription of what you're saying (for hangout in Google+) Keyboard Shortcut for Hangouts (Ctrl + g: become primary speaker: only works when your audio is muted) Add subtitles to videos Other References Basic information and links to articles Meta wiki article Books Learn ASL The ASL Handshape Dictionary (click here to download the book; it’s worth 30$!) Learning American Sign Language American Sign Language Dictionary, Third Edition (Martin L.A. Sternberg) ASL Green Book, Teacher's Edition The American Sign Language Handshape Starter: A Beginner's Guide, by Richard A. Tennant and Marianne Gluszak Brown, 9781563681301 The Signs of Language Handshape Starter (divided in 20 subjects and arranged in order of initial handshape) 1,000 Words to Sign Geoffrey Poor Non-Fiction Books A Journey Into the Deaf-World (Harlan Lane) A Loss for Words (Lou Ann Walker) A Place of Their Own (Cleve and Vickrey) Deaf Again (Mark Drolsbaugh) Deaf Artists in America: Colonial to Contemporary (Deborah M. Sonnenstrahl) Deaf in America (Padden and Humphries) Deaf Like Me (Thomas Spradley) Everyone Here Speaks Sign (Nora Ellen Groce)
  5. 5. Helen Keller: A Life (Dorothy Herrmann) Helen Keller: The Story of My Life (Helen Keller) Inside Deaf Culture (Inside Deaf Culture) I'll Scream Later (Marlee Matlin) Seeing Voices (Oliver Sacks) So You Want to Be an Interpreter: An Introduction to Sign Language Interpreting (Jan Humphrey) The Other Side of Silence (Arden Neisser) What's That Pig Outdoors (Henry Kisor) When the Mind Hears: A History of the Deaf Fiction Books A Touch of Grace (Lauraine Snelling) Connor Westphal Mysteries (Penny Warner) In This Sign (Joanne Greenberg) My Sister's Voice (Mary Carter) Talk Talk (T.C. Boyle) The Heart is a Lonely Hunter (Carson McCullers) The Sound of Us (Sarah Willis) The Tailor's Daughter (Janice Graham) Unspeakable (Sandra Brown) Unspoken (Angela Hunt Elwell) Wonderstruck (Brian Selznick) Real Life Meetup in Person Organizations (and more) Educational institutions and organisations in Canada