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  1. 1. Sheri Schmelzer: Founder, President, and Chief Design Officer of By Patricia McTiernan Honors Econ Period 4
  2. 2. Sheri Schmelzer • Mother of three • Made millions creating accessories for her daughter’s Croc shoes • Is now president and Chief Design Officer of a multi- million dollar Croc Charm industry
  3. 3. Basement Business • Started with an idea and a • Small workspace in her BASEMENT where she worked painstakingly to produce as many charms as possible
  4. 4. Marketing • Began locally marketing the charms to family members and friends • Spread to local stores • Launched a website that was marketed by the local stores that sold her Jibbitz and internet ads
  5. 5. Genius Jibbitz • Easy to mass produce (Schmelzer eventually moved her business from her basement to a manufacturing warehouse) •Each Jibbitz sells for $2.50 a piece. •Each Croc shoe can hold up to 12 charms •That’s up to $60.00 in Jibbitz per each pair of Croc shoes.
  6. 6. Problems Encountered • Product was in high demand and Schmelzer eventually had to hire employees to keep up •Went through 9 prototypes before finally developing a product that didn’t break
  7. 7. Serious Success • Came when her daughter ran into the FOUNDER of Crocs, Duke Hansen A little over a year later she sold her business for $20million to the Croc company And is the current President and Chief Design Officer
  8. 8. Importance? • Schmelzer proves that even in this day success can come from unexpected ideas and moments in our lives
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