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Dublin Cristina 1B

  1. 1. Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland and city most filled with the island. It is located near the center of the east coast of the island, in the river mouth of the river Liffey and in the center of the county of Dublin. It was founded by the vikings as military base and center of slaves' trade, and it has been the capital of the country from the Middle Ages. The city is the political, administrative, economic, industrial and cultural center of the Republic of Ireland.
  2. 2. The university Trinity College is the whole institution in Ireland. And it is not for less, since it is the most ancient and important university of Ireland. It was founded by the Queen Elisabeth I in the year 1592. During most of his history it was exclusively for Protestant students. Until the year 1873 the followers of the Christian church could not represent without restrictions.
  3. 3. Guinness is a black dry beer of the type stout elaborated by the first time for the brewer Arthur Guinness in the beer company named St. James's Gate Brewery. Guinness is elaborated from the year 1759. The distinctive characteristic in the flavor is the brown barley that is kept without fermenting.
  4. 4. The Castle of Dublin originally was built in the first years of the 12th century where before there had existed an accession Viking. It used as military strength, prison, treasury, court and was the center of the power Englishman in Ireland for seven centuries until Ireland became free in the year 1922.
  5. 5. Saint Patrick's Cathedral is the biggest cathedral of the church of Ireland. Boss national is dedicated to the saint and constructed close to the well that is said it was the place where the saint was baptizing the pagans to convert them to the christianity.
  6. 6. His principal function was it of collecting on a large scale the taxes that the port of Dublin was generating. His function remained relegated to a few years due to the movement of the port to the coast. Later one installed here the headquarters of the local government.
  7. 7. O'Connell Street is a popular street placed in plenary session center of Dublin. All the tourists who travel to this city consider it to be an indispensable visit, so much for his historical value, since for being one of the commercial points and of major activity of the Irish capital. It takes his name in honor to Daniel O'Connell, leading famous politician for being the maker of the catholic emancipation in Ireland.
  8. 8. The Temple Bar places to the south shore of the river Liffey, between Westmoreland St, College St and Give Me St. Famous East and crowded neighborhood is the most ancient of Dublin. His name owes to itself the landowner Sir William Temple and his family, which properties were possessing in this neighborhood. It was not until 1673 when the name of Temperature Bar appeared officially in the street directories of the city.
  9. 9. St. Patrick’s day is celebrated annually on March 17 to commemorate the death of Saint Patrick, Holy boss of Ireland. It is a national holiday The celebration takes everything as a subject matter what is green and Irish, enjoying the Irish gastronomy which includes cabbage and Irish drinks, and being present at parades. In some establishments beer is sold dyed of green for the festivity.