Berlin Saul 1E


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Berlin Saul 1E

  2. 2. Berlin  It’s the capital of Germany but before it left the state of Brandenburg  It has 3.5 million inhabitants  The bear is the symbol of the city  Annually receives nine million tourists because of it’s history and interest places as ...
  3. 3. The Berlin Wall  Was built in 1961 to isolate West berlin DDR (German Democratic Republic)  It had a length of 144 km and a height of almost 4 meters  It was shot down in 1989 and was a world event.
  4. 4. Brandeburg Door  It’s located a few meters from the Berlin Wall  Today is a symbol of the reunification of the country  It was built between 1788 and 1791 and was one of the 18 entrances to the city
  5. 5. The Reichstag  Since 1990, the Federal Parliament was called Bundestag  In his reconstruction left only the exterior walls, the interior is brand new.  It’s glass dome offers an amacing panoramic view of the city, especially at night.
  6. 6. Alexanderplatz  This large square is in the center of Berlin near the Spree river and the Palace of the Republic  It’s the tallest building in Berlin and has a world clock (which displays the time of all the world)
  7. 7. The Fernsehturm  It’s the highest Televison Tower in Europe  It measures 368 meters and can be seen from anywhere in the city  It was built in 1960  It has a restaurant inside that rotates 360 degrees and is 200 meters high
  8. 8. Tiergarten  It’s the famous park of Berlin  It’s name means animal garden  On one of the streets is celebrating the famous LOVE PARADE
  9. 9. Berlin Cathedral  It was built in the early twentieth century and belongs neo-baroque style  It has been demolished and rebuilt several times, the last by bombing in the Second World War  Here lives the Bishop
  10. 10. Aquadom  The Aquadom is the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world.  It is a saltwater aquarium located inside the Radison Hotel and contains 2600 fish of 56 different species.  The Aquarium was opened in December 2003.
  11. 11. Museums Island  The Museums Island is located in the center of Berlin, not far from the Cathedral, surrounded by the waters of the Spree River.  It consist of a set of 5 museums.  The relevance of this set of museums exhibiting important works carried archaelogical and artistic UNESCO World Heritage appoint the Museum Island in Berlin in 1999.
  12. 12. Berlin Olympic Stadium    The Berlin Olympic Stadium is a multi-purpose Stadium located in the district of Charlottemburg in Berlin. It is actually the football Stadium of Hertha BSC Berlin. It can accomodate 74.400 spectators
  13. 13. Holocaust Memorial  This monument remember the Jewish victims of the Holocaust  This contain of 2.711 concrete slabs of different sizes  It was opened in 2005