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  1. 1. SPARKS OF INSPIRATION: Blessings from my Rich LifeBy Patricia(Jayne)Cook cover photo borrowed from Raven Jayne my beautiful 15 year old daughter t
  2. 2. Bunky Echo-Hawk andDAZZLE We all have magical places Andrea Menard Most of mine are in the woods One is Not, Not even remotely Close It is in the Heart of the 303 Denver,CO Dazzle Jazz Club Some of my best moments occurred in this quaint club. The deep red of the walls the small intimate tables clothed in purple. Plates filled with cheesy treats. The inspiring voice of Andrea Menard filled my entire being in an unforgettable bliss. I Laughed with Bunky Echo-Hawk after he waged war on another blank canvas. Sharing bad jokes and beautiful stories. In the heart of the City.
  3. 3. On Other Nights At DazzleThe maple sweet smell of chew, and cocktails crinkled my nose, I savored the taste of Colorado Porter, I fell in Love with my husband again The first time was in the woods. My dear friend Mandy Harvey’s embraces and sultry voice still linger in my mind The strength of her life an inspiration to me, She never boosts or even lets on that she is deaf When she sings I almost hate to disclose that about her I asked her to be my daughter Auna’s godmother at Dazzle on a night she was singing I forget all the pain from the outside world As I fade into the voices of my favorite musicians All the magic of the world floats in my mind As the rich friendships of my life in the Magic of Dazzle INSPIRE ME.
  4. 4. Farmer’s Market Bliss Ode to a Watermelon I joyously snapped the shot A moment worth the capture,As farmer Austin held the Sugar Baby Watermelon so tenderlyReading Pablo Neruda’s poem Ode To Watermelon, From A Book I gifted this amazing friend Who gets up early Picking ripened harvests Celebrating the bounty that Abbondaza Farm offers in the sweet summer months, When Saturdays can linger on In a wonderful blissful celebration The sweet sun touches the experience with smiles Cold market days and we still go Speaking our own Ode’s for Watermelons, Onions, Ripe Red Cherry tomatoes In Sweet and Joyous Love for Local Foods.
  5. 5. Heading into NatureA Journey with Thistle
  6. 6. Thistle came from the mountains Her mama was an herbalist Naming Thistle for the healing properties of the Thistle plant with their rough exterior and silky smooth insides good for so many ailments.Mama must have known that Thistle was going to have to be tough on the outside. A Woman who would challenge the world in many ways. Not a tree hugger or a hippie, She is misunderstood for her love of the earth She eats meat, wears leather, knows great beers, and always walks with purpose. She picks hardened people to spend her time with Her father calls them broken, She thinks they are truly Brave Souls after all they have been through. So often she feels broken herself. Lately Thistle finds solitude more comforting as she sits by favorites trees, Telling them her stories of sadness, loss and pain.Trees listen without judgement, and do not gossip, well at least not to other people. The most twisted ones with the faces of ancient wisdom draw Thistle in the most. Their experiences of taking in human breath giving life to people as they exhale oxygen, and breathe in the carbon dioxide of our breath They seem to express their own stories of interaction with human life. It is with awe, and respect that Thistle sits among the trees. She wishes that people were as understanding as the forest. Thistle has been through things that would harden anyone Injuries that do not leave visible scars Broken bones, Seizures, Deaths that come at Unexpected Times, Those scars touch the heart, She wants to leave those painful events beneath a tree, Letting the Earth soak up some of the sorrow A red-tailed hawk announces his presence in the air with an ear-piercing shrill Maybe he expresses what she can’t in the way he speaks His voice calls her back to the present, Knowing soon she must return to the dull groan of town. Although she lingers for as long as she can with the trees A swift deer passes by and a small red fox stands and stares at her. These blessings make returning to town easier.
  7. 7. Thistle’s Ode To Bears(with a great big Thank you to Pablo Neruda) Thistle thoughts wander to the bear Perhaps to Escape All of Life’s Painful occurrences And to feel a sense of wonder in the world. She imagines Bears waking up and hunting around for fresh spring Osha Root The pungent smell of the Earth Tickling their noses digging for the roots that cleanse their winter tummies A fact she picked up once from a Rainbow Brother Who had spent many years in the woods Observing nature Or at least that is where she thinks she heard this Bear Fact Osha Root is one of Thistle’s favorite herbs On more than one occasion it saved her life A nasty spider bite left her with a scar In the shape of a bear claw Cured by the healing properties of Osha Root Sometimes know as Bear Root The pungent smell of the herb was often present growing up When colds hit The house So sometimes the earthly deep smell could bring up memories of times much simpler Before Thistle knew What pain was And the Trees were right outside the door and down the way A spring bear was eating Osha Root Preparing for Summer When he would feast on sweet raspberries By the Stream
  8. 8. Thank you for enjoying my journey into the blessed moments of my life.I could’ve brought you into the dark and painful moments but I do not wish to shock andI love the beauty of the good moments to much not to pass them on Many Blessings to you all In all the rich blessings of this human experience.