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K Buzz


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Reporting in from KBIZ Atlanta

Published in: Technology, Business
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K Buzz

  1. 1. K-BUZZ…reporting in from KBIS in Atlanta ‘TAKE A DEEP, CLEANSING BREATH’ Okay, yes, the attendance was down, the mood was quiet, yadda yadda yadda. Can we all agree that this will end, and this might just be a good time to stop and take that deep cleansing breath? It’s a good time to re-evaluate where we are, what will be next, and get ready for a shift. What shift, you say? From what I could tell from all the beautiful products featured at the show, I see a great shift in cleaner, easier, softer design. Design that’s more ergonomic and not so hard-edged, yet still clean and fresh. Softer finishes and more sustainable materials. Water conservation is still going strong, (thank goodness) and couple that with some awesome looking soaking tubs, bathing is more sensual than ever. This year I had the honor of being one of 12 judges chosen to review product selections and try to find the four top designs and products introduced this year. That was a pretty tall order in itself, as there were 90 great entries. Couple that with a room full of designers with an opinion on just about everything, it made for some pretty lively conversation. I won’t bore you with the details of the specific products that won; you can log onto and see the winning products for yourself. But let me just say that it never ceases to amaze me that great design and ingenuity is alive and well, and continues to evolve. For example, the winning product from Affluence Seamless Sinks proves that a simple idea can often yield great results. Their sink system eliminates that dirt-catching flange that covers the hole in the bottom of the sink. The result is a seamless, fluid line from the sides of the sink to the drain. The whole drain connection and the installation of a garbage disposal can all be done in less than a minute with a few clicks. QuickdrainUSA’s linear shower drain is another simple idea that could revolutionize the shower experience. The long, linear and low profile drain can be placed either at the rear or the front of the shower, eliminating the circular center drain. Just think of the possibilities: no shower curb, and beautiful, accessible design. I call that a win-win. If these ideas are an indication of what’s ahead, bring it on. Simple, clean, and beautiful is something we can all use. Uncomplicated and refreshing design for the way we live today. So let’s all take a collective deep breath and get ready for the road ahead. One that’s hopefully paved with good fortune AND good design! All the best, Pat