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Presentatie G&B

  1. 1. Owners of the young female market
  2. 2. Why Girls & Brands? We believe in girls, their potential and their abilities. We’re convinced brands need girls. We know what they can do for you.
  3. 3. Who we are... •  Karin van den Dool background: marketing, strategy, publishing and research for young people •  Patricia de Leuw background : editorial: magazines, books, digital and online publishing for young people, strategy •  Together we founded Team<21 in 2006 Our main activity is Business Development for kids and youngsters. We research, think and provide consultancy. We sometimes take part in realization. Both of us like research & brainstorming. We love creative blending that leads to innovative strategies and products. •  Roland van Kralingen Our business advisor and partner. Expert in marketing, brands and innovation. Author. Business owner.
  4. 4. How the idea developed… •  Over the years we’ve researched intensively the young people’s market. We developed an intelligent girl’s magazine (9-11 yrs), and were exploring a similar magazine for girls 12+. Talking to loads of girls, we were amazed by our findings. •  We got more and more interested in the girls as a specific target group. •  We decided to do more research to see how and if we could place them in social context. We found out a lot…
  5. 5. We saw that girls... ...are so different than 20 years ago. ...are so different than today’s women are. ...are different than boys. ...totally embrace the new digital/ virtual world. in a changing society, with changing family structures. ...are often victimized by ‘old’ conventions. These girls are the future heads of households in a more feminine society.
  6. 6. Everything changes Girls are multiscreen. They think & act mediumfree. No fear of technology. They are mediasmart, digitally trained and see through things. They Girls feel this, know what’s bullshit and what’s authentic & and have relevant. learned to The digital&virtual world express empowers girls. It’s is themselves gender neutral and freely and unbiased. It doesn’t judge. creatively.
  7. 7. Everything changes Today’s girls are great researchers, they explore the market constantly. They are well educated and critical. Simply because they love to shop they are experienced consumers. They are dynamic, powerful and motivated. They are influential: co-deciders within the family now. Head of household later. Girls are the ultimate consumers, the key holders to the future.
  8. 8. On the other hand: society •  Alas but true: still few women in high positions •  Girls don’t feel not-listened to. They don’t identify with the feminist message. This reinforces their silence. •  Choice of profession for girls is still traditional •  Media is continuous and everywhere, with powerful (and traditional) roll models. Media polarises, confirms and enforces stereotypes. •  Looks and appearance are more important than ever, this enforces girls’ ‘natural’ insecurity. •  The growth of Islam influences the self image of girls, because of its very traditional outlook on women.
  9. 9. On the other hand: brands •  Most brands develop from pre-conceived notions, not from real knowledge of girls. They make things pink instead of good. •  Girls are recognized as a target group (p.e. online girl communities). Alas most companies put their time and energy in misleading girls (“We must make sure that it doesn’t show that we want to make money.”). Girls aren’t stupid! •  Girls are either underestimated or overestimated (films, ads are sometimes plain dumb. At the same time parents and marketeers admire them, because they can multitask... There’s a growing mismatch between brands and girls.
  10. 10. Old conventions and stereotypes Everything and everyone approaches girls from ‘old’ conventions (unconscious) and from -often consciously- created stereotypes. idols/rollmodel father politics media *teachers brands boys mother other girls/peers *Teachers ask girls knowledge questions (non-strategic), they give girls less answering time and fill in the answers.
  11. 11. Girls have a lot of influence… Girls have an enormous influence on the people that surround them in their social network. Alas, beyond that, their voice is fading or ever so often completely ignored. other girls/peers father boys mother idols/rollmodel media brands teachers politics …but it could be so much more.
  12. 12. Things have got to change If it is about product development, strategy or communication... If a brand wants to reach girls, now ánd in the future, it will have to change its ways! Choose for strategy & product-development that makes sense. Choose for communication that’s relevant and authentic. Choose for girls and co-create!
  13. 13. Today’s market asks for Strong ideas, validated with target groups. Clear and workable concepts easily to be adapted by any medium. Short leads, direct Communication (not a layered and hierarchial ad agency).
  14. 14. When we realized the potential of girls, that’s when we decided to build a new company.
  15. 15. The company we’re building Flexible, young & girls-only. Consultancy between brands and advertising. Think tank for the right ideas. creativity insights strategy concepts creative blending connectivity inspiration
  16. 16. Owners of the young female market