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English reviewer

  2. 2. alleviatea__eviate marriage ma__iagecommissionerco__i__ioner referring re__e__ing
  3. 3. exa__e__atdi__iplinediscipline exaggerate eemba__a_embarrass interrupt inter__upt_
  4. 4. accommodatea__o __ odate immense i __ enseattitudea __ i __ ude recommend re __ o __ end
  5. 5. leng __ e __accomplisha__omplish lengthening ing pr __ v __ lcommercialco __ ercial privilege __ ge
  6. 6. disa __apparatusa__aratus disappointment ointmentcommitteesco __ i __ ees presence pre __ ence
  8. 8. A B C Dacquire humorous scene refering D referring
  9. 9. A B C Dweather jealousy aleviate sergeant C alleviate
  10. 10. A B C Dembarass emphasize description schedule A embarrass
  11. 11. A B C Dmedieval narrative become dicipline D discipline
  12. 12. A B C Dsuppress accomodate condemn tremendous B accommodate
  13. 13. A B C Dexcercise attitude rhythm immense A exercise
  14. 14. A B C Dseparate technique lenghtening appearance C lengthening
  15. 15. A B C Dforeigners oppose privelege genius C privilege
  16. 16. A B C Dattire breath confusion gramatically D grammatically
  17. 17. A B C Daparatus committees presence procedure A apparatus
  18. 18. A B C Ddisillusioned hallelujah intelect tyranny C intellect
  19. 19. LET’S HAVE A DRILL
  20. 20. VOCABULARY | List 16 home DOMICILE
  21. 21. VOCABULARY | List 16relieve ALLAY
  22. 22. VOCABULARY | List 16emphasize ACCENTUATE
  23. 23. VOCABULARY | List 16threatening shake or wave BRANDISH
  24. 24. VOCABULARY | List 16 eating CONSUMPTION
  25. 25. VOCABULARY | List 16burdened LADEN
  26. 26. VOCABULARY | List 16dangerous PERILOUS
  27. 27. VOCABULARY | List 16wandering MEANDERING
  28. 28. VOCABULARY | List 16 moral VIRTUOUS
  29. 29. VOCABULARY | List 16prevent OBVIATE
  30. 30. Vocabulary | List 17 unceasing INCESSANT
  31. 31. Vocabulary | List 17joined, link ed ALLIED
  32. 32. Vocabulary | List 17right, powe r JURISDICTION
  33. 33. Vocabulary | List 17 suitable APT
  34. 34. Vocabulary | List 17 lingo JARGON
  35. 35. Vocabulary | List 17countless,abundant MYRIAD
  36. 36. Vocabulary | List 17lively, spiri ted SPRIGHTLY
  37. 37. Vocabulary | List 17similar, like KINDRED
  38. 38. Vocabulary | List 17 uncertain PRECARIOUS
  39. 39. Vocabulary | List 17diminish, l essen MINIMIZE
  40. 40. obey, conform, submit COMPLYVOCABULARY List 18
  41. 41. choke, smother, suppress STIFLEVOCABULARY List 18
  42. 42. sharpen, stimulate heighten WHETVOCABULARY List 18
  43. 43. sharp, biting, sarcastic CAUSTICVOCABULARY List 18
  44. 44. peaceful, calm, quiet PLACIDVOCABULARY List 18
  45. 45. fineness of taste, feel ing, or REFINEMENT thought List 18VOCABULARY
  46. 46. foam, froth SPUMEVOCABULARY List 18
  47. 47. self-satisfied, self- complacen SMUG tVOCABULARY List 18
  48. 48. small rounded hill KNOLLVOCABULARY List 18
  49. 49. warmth,earnestness sincerity CORDIALITYVOCABULARY List 18
  50. 50. VOCABULARY | List 19 covetous, greedy GRASPING
  51. 51. VOCABULARY | List 19 bind, shackle, tie PINION
  52. 52. VOCABULARY | List 19 winding, curving SINUOUS
  53. 53. VOCABULARY | List 19ravenous, greedy VORACIOUS
  54. 54. VOCABULARY | List 19 persistent, long-lasting CHRONIC
  55. 55. VOCABULARY | List 19abnormally lean, haggard-looking GAUNT
  56. 56. VOCABULARY | List 19 dim, dark, gloomy MURKY
  57. 57. VOCABULARY | List 19relevant, related PERTINENT
  58. 58. VOCABULARY | List 19 bank, reef, bar SHOAL
  59. 59. VOCABULARY | List 19 trace, track, sign VESTIGE
  60. 60. VOCABULARY | List 20unbiased by personal interest, impartial DISINTERESTED
  61. 61. VOCABULARY | List 20chain, shackle, confine FETTER
  62. 62. VOCABULARY | List 20state of extreme perplexity or uncertainty QUANDARY
  63. 63. VOCABULARY | List 20 tightlydrawn, tight, te nse TAUT
  64. 64. VOCABULARY | List 20fleshy, fat, obese CORPULENT
  65. 65. VOCABULARY | List 20share, portion, g ain DIVIDEND
  66. 66. VOCABULARY | List 20bizarre, distorted , weird GROTESQUE
  67. 67. VOCABULARY | List 20supreme, unexce lled, unsurpass ed SUPERLATIVE
  68. 68. VOCABULARY | List 20 earthly TERRESTRIAL
  69. 69. VOCABULARY | List 20 clouded,muddy, murky TURBID
  70. 70. VOCABULARYFor sentence completion1. Read the sentence carefully.2. Choose the appropriate word for the sentence.3. Recall the meaning of each word.4. Find key words or clues in the sentence.
  71. 71. Paul encourages us to think in Philippians 4:8to think _________ thoughts. Bladen virtuous perilous meandering A B C D A B C D
  72. 72. The accounting office told me that she had no_______ over student loan approvals, only theprincipal had the authority to decide. Dconsumption domicile jargon jurisdiction A B C D A B C D
  73. 73. The lack of _________ is nothing to be proudof; we should exert effort to attain our fullpotential. Arefinement knoll smug spume A B C D A B C D
  74. 74. Sometimes when a Christian has a _________illness, God uses the persistent affliction to dogood things for that person and for others. Dgrasping murky gaunt chronic A B C D A B C D
  75. 75. Without a map, we sat at the crossroads in a_____________ about which road to take. Ddividend grotesqueness tautness quandary A B C D A B C D
  76. 76. VOCABULARYFor analogy1. Identify the relationship of the given pair of words.2. Choose the pair that has the same relationship with the given pair. It’s important that you understand the meaning of the word.3. Recall the meaning of each word and determine the relationship.
  77. 77. obviate : allowA. incessant : continualB. meandering : wanderingC. precarious : uncertainD. consumption : conservation
  78. 78. Only the grammar topics that wediscussed will be included in theidentifying errors.
  79. 79. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B. Lying under the He discovered ansod, he discovered antique dollar lying an antique silver under the sod. dollar.
  80. 80. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.The brownies with The brownies came the nuts on top from Mrs. Spencer came from Mrs. with the nuts on Spencer. top.
  81. 81. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.I could see the post Looking through my office looking study window, I through my study could see the post window. office.
  82. 82. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.I could envision the Reading the gothic heather on the novel, I could moors reading the envision the heather gothic novel. on the moors.
  83. 83. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.I saw rainbow trout I saw rainbow troutjumping as the sun jumping in White came up in White River as the sun River. came up.
  84. 84. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.I told Mother that I I told Mother on the would be late for telephone that I dinner on the would be late for telephone. dinner.
  85. 85. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.The missionary told The missionary told us he would leave us at the end of the for Borneo at the month he would end of the month. leave for Borneo.
  86. 86. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.Driving around the Driving around the city, many tourist city, the group saw attractions were many touristseen by the group. attractions.
  87. 87. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B. Smashing over the Smashing over the right tackle, he right tackle, his foottripped his foot over tripped over a fallen a fallen lineman. lineman.
  88. 88. ADJECTIVE / ADBERB MODIFIERS A. B.The dog lay down by The dog with a bonea tree with a bone in in its mouth lay its mouth. down by a tree.
  89. 89. 1. and “defenseless” a__eviateA. 2341B. 2431 2. the word silly co__i__ionerC. 2143D. 2413 3. once meant “helpless” ma__iage 4. which today means re__e__ing “foolish”
  90. 90. The worda__eviatesilly, [which todaymeans “foolish,”]once meant “helplessand defenseless”. I + D = Cx
  91. 91. 1 the name deer was once given to a__eviate any four-legged animalA. 3142B. 3241 2. for example squirrels co__i__ionerC. 3421 3. although today a deer is a largeD. 3124 ma__iage on its head animals with antlers 4. and rabbits were once re__e__ing called deer
  92. 92. [Although today a deer is a a__eviate with antlerslarge animalson its head,] the name deerwas once given to any four-legged animal; for examplesquirrels and rabbits wereonce called deer.D + I + I + = CdCx
  93. 93. a__eviate the best 1 consideredA. 4312 2. the best poet of hisB. 3214 co__i__ioner nationC. 4123D. 4213 3. is generally ma__iage re__e__ing 4. Robert Burns
  94. 94. a__eviateRobert Burns isgenerally consideredthe best poet of hisnation. I=S
  95. 95. a__eviate 1 on the gallowsA. 3124 2. was promoted to aB. 3241 co__i__ioner position of powerC. 3421 3. Hamman was ma__iageD. 3142 hanged re__e__ing 4. and Mordecai
  96. 96. a__eviateHamman was hangedon the gallows, andMordecai waspromoted to a positionof power. I + I = Cd
  97. 97. A. to B. of C. on D. with E. at The Prince says that he is going to stay E. at ___the well, but he asks the narrator to go back ___his A. to airplane and then return to the well the nextevening. The narrator honors the request. When he returns to the well the next evening, thenarrator sees the Little Prince sittingC. on ___a __top B. of wall near the well. He seems to be having a conversation _____a creature that the narrator D. withcannot at first see; the creature is the snake thatthe Prince encountered when he first landed on earth.
  98. 98. A. veteran B. profitableC. Perilous D. grand E. experiencedF. bleached G. snowy H. magnificent I. rocky J. rugged It was on the 20th of July, that Captain Bonneville first came in sight of the a D. grand region of his hopes and ? anticipations, the Rocky Mountains. He had been making abend to the south, to avoid some obstacles along the river, and had attained a high, I. rocky ridge, when a ? magnificent ? H.prospect burst upon his sight. To the west, rose the Wind River ? ? Mountains with their F. bleached and G. snowy summits towering into the clouds. These stretched far to the north- northwest, until they melted away into what appeared to be ? faint clouds, but which the E. experienced eyes of the ? ? A. veteran hunters of the party recognized for the J. rugged mountains of the Yellowstone; at the feet of which, extended ? ? the wild Crow country: a C. perilous though B. profitable region for the trapper.
  99. 99. Mount Elbert is the most highest of A Ball the peaks in the Rocky Mountains. C D B
  100. 100. Bryan’s playing is worser A B Cthan his singing. D C
  101. 101. Those kind of birds are A B Ccalled ravens. D B
  102. 102. His voice was as low as A B Cthat of a bull frog. D E
  103. 103. A Christian living in God’s will is the A B Chappiest person on earth. D E
  104. 104. The sun shines more A B Cbright than the moon. D C
  105. 105. It was snowing outside that I couldn’t A B Chardly see across the street. D C
  106. 106. Strawberries grow most A B Cwell in the springtime. D C
  107. 107. Of the two dresses, I believe A Bthis one looks neat, Karla. C D D
  108. 108. Gideon said he was the A Bleast in his father’s house. C D E
  109. 109. 1. Read the question first before the excerpt.2. Try to answer the question without reading the choices.3. Look at the choices and select the BEST answer.4. If not sure, do the process of elimination.5. The answer is on the text. Read the lines or read between the lines.
  110. 110. REMINDERS1.BEFORE THE TEST, you need to review the coverage of the test. Focus on the topics that you find difficult.2.DURINGTHE TEST, you need to read and think before you answer. Follow the instructions and give the answer that is being asked in the questions.3.AFTER ANSWERING THE TEST, go over the entire test paper and review your answers.
  111. 111. “Trust in the Lord with all your heartand lean not on yourown understanding.” -Proverbs 3:5
  112. 112. “I can do all thingsthrough Christ whogives me strength.” -Philippians 4:13
  113. 113. THE END