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Eio training calgary Part One


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Part one of the Emergency Information Training at CEMA in March 2015. Focus on role/functions of the EIO and IMS.

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Eio training calgary Part One

  1. 1. Emergency Information Officer: New tools, new challenges Calgary Emergency Management Agency March 2015
  2. 2. Sensitivity Level 2 Your instructor Patrice Cloutier • Team Lead, Ontario Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services • Team Lead, CanVOST
  3. 3. Sensitivity Level 3 What we’ll look at today • Emergency Management and the role of the EIO/PIO • Social convergence and incident communications • Crisis communications planing and technique (message mapping) • Summary / Concluding Remarks
  4. 4. Sensitivity Level 4 Providing Information During Emergencies • Characteristics of emergency information o informs/helps people keep their families and property safe o persuades people to adopt the behaviour that authorities recommend (evacuation/shelter in place/survival kits) o positions response under best possible light (the PR element)
  5. 5. Sensitivity Level 5 Providing Information During Emergencies • What does emergency information (EI) include? o Processes/procedures and channels in place to communicate accurate and timely information about an emergency, its scope and impact o Information on how organizations are responding to the incident/emergency o Complex interactions and information sharing between stakeholders involved in communicating with the public
  6. 6. Sensitivity Level 6 Providing Information During Emergencies • What are the sources for EI? o Incident commander/EOC manager o Feedback from responders o Feedback from the public and the media o Information gathered through monitoring social media channels o EIOs in the field • Must verify and corroborate source/information • Ensure coordination between all stakeholders
  7. 7. Sensitivity Level 7 Providing Information During Emergencies • Perception is reality o Public’s understanding not all based on facts o Social media “rumour mill” and info channel • Importance of maintaining the public trust o EI needs to address legitimate fears and concerns o Use effective crisis communications techniques o Many responses have been undermined by ineffective communications
  8. 8. Sensitivity Level 8 Incident Management System • EIO/PIO part of command staff • Key advisor on communications/PR to I/C • Manages all EI-related activities during an emergency
  9. 9. Sensitivity Level 9 The EIO Under IMS • The EIO is responsible for the development and release of emergency information regarding the incident to the public. • Command must approve all emergency information that the EIO releases. • During a Complex Incident, the EIO may have others, even a team, to support and perform EI activities.
  10. 10. Sensitivity Level 10 EIO Functions Under IMS Advise Command Coordinate EI with all stakeholders Establish an emergency information centre (EIC) and/or media centre Create key messages Coordinate media relations Coordinate web/social media, public inquiry line Report back to Command any significant information received through public/media sources Monitor media/social media to counter misinformation/rumours
  11. 11. Sensitivity Level 11 The Emergency Information Officer Prior to incident: Drafts and maintains EI plans Practice: response plans should have an EI component Ensures that incident commanders, EOC and Community Control Group members know the plan Ensures that staff are trained to implement the plan Ensures that surge capability exists or can call in outside assistance
  12. 12. Sensitivity Level 12 The Emergency Information Officer In simple incidents, might be the only EIO and handles media, all writing and coordination of public inquiries, social and traditional media monitoring If working shifts, need an EIO for each shift When overwhelmed, implement surge capability and have assistant EIOs assigned specific duties (media, writing, monitoring, etc) Note re. sign-off authority for EI materials—at least two, well identified
  13. 13. Sensitivity Level 13 EI Activities and Products How to get the message out! Media advisories News releases Backgrounder/Fact Sheets Web updates and social media posts Town hall/public meetings News conferences and media briefings Interviews Credible, trusted spokesperson
  14. 14. Sensitivity Level End of part one The EIO: key command function … Coordination role … Link between site/EOC Questions and comments