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  • A master class in blogging is not about the technical, it is about tapping your creativity to create great (and valuable) connections
  • Women make up the majority of bloggers, and half of bloggers are aged 18-34
    Bloggers are well-educated: 7 out of 10 bloggers have gone to college, a majority of whom are graduates
    About 1 in 3 bloggers are Moms, and 52 percent of bloggers are parents with kids under 18 years-old in their household
    Bloggers are active across social media: they’re twice as likely to post/comment on consumer-generated video sites like YouTube, and nearly three times more likely to post in Message Boards/Forums within the last month
    Difficult to be heard hence search terms etc
  • Lets start with the building bricks of your blog, with London as your theme you can choose any number of the things London is good at, such as culture, night life, food, diversity the arts, fitness you name it, choose the subject that suits you as a person. Then you need to look at who will be interested in it, from your perspective it is people back home and across the globe who may be thinking of studying abroad, but are just not sure what it would be like. Aim the content for the right audience. Planning the content could include short videos with you talking with your friends on your first impressions, building a diary as you go through. Whatever it is you need to plan it for continuity.
  • This is one of our bloggers from last year, so you will be writing about London, but you need more than that. You can keep blogging if you are interested so start there with your passions.
  • There is one principle to blogging. It isn't about the tech, nor is about having great copywriting, photography or video skills.
    I am now going to talk you through the basics of setting up a wordpress site. How many of you have blogs already? OK I will keep this bit short.
  • Page – about you, where you live, interesting facts, my passions are etc. The post itself, tags help people find your content, if you are into web optimisation there are links on the last slide
  • Once published though you can continue to Edit
  • You don’t want all that effort to go to waste do you?
  • This way the links are automatically updated if they change their page and it helps with search and finding you!
  • Luip blogging masterclass

    1. 1. Building Blogs Building Blogs an Ambassador’s an Ambassador’s guide to Blogging guide to Blogging
    2. 2. Our credentials
    3. 3. Express Yourself Market or Promote Something Help People Demonstrate expertise Connect with People Like You Make a Difference Stay Active in a Field Stay connected HAVE FUN!!!!
    4. 4. Reading peaks around 10am each day Each day over 3m Blogs are posted
    5. 5. Know your 1Know your subject subject 2 Who’s your Who’s your audience audience 3 Plan your Plan your content content
    6. 6. Start with your Start with your passions passions
    7. 7. Read other blogs Read other blogs Blogging tips from Blogging tips from
    8. 8. Setting up the Setting up the blog blog Think about your spelling Think about your spelling and grammar and grammar Consider your headlines Consider your headlines Choose simple words Choose simple words Publish regularly Publish regularly Keep sentences short Keep sentences short
    9. 9. An interview….what did your friends think of…..what did you think…… Getting noticed….start your headlines with…….. Use listings…help others to find things….make it interesting….. Ask questions…..people can then answer to build engagement……give your opinion….asks others for theirs….carry out your own film reviews…..get creative... Be quirky……think of the key search terms for London….what would other students love to know…..
    10. 10. Think of a snappy title for your blog Give it a name Accessing your blog is always Be quirky……think of the key search terms for London your
    11. 11. PAGE - These house static content for your site that shouldn’t have a publish date such as About Me, or a Contact form. POST - This is the most fundamental type of content that will form the majority of your blog. A post consists of a title, the content text itself, a publish date, a category, tags, and associated attachments (such as pictures). TAGS - Tags should describe the post more specifically than categories, and may be used by search engines to consider page relevancy. CATEGORIES - Generic terms to classify posts. Posts can have one or more categories, use for ease of browsing. WIDGETS are little blocks of functionality that you can add to your blog - generally in the sidebar
    12. 12. Header Images: This is the most prominent part of any website, so using your own images, immediately gives it a personal touch. From the Appearance -> Header section it’s so easy to just upload an image and then crop it to the right dimensions. Background Image: Instead of a plain grey background, you can even customize your site with a background image. Dynamic resizing based upon screen size - it completely negates the need for special mobile sites and ensures a consistent look and feel across devices such as the iPad. Try it now by opening your blog homepage and resizing it to a really thin browser window. The theme includes both dark and light basic styles to start customizing. Choose these from the Appearance -> Theme Options. Support for Tumblr-like image only / quote / “aside” post-types. In cases where you don’t feel a whole blog entry is appropriate, just change the post-type. “Aside” and “Link” type posts can then be shown in your sidebar on the “Ephemera” widget.
    13. 13. Choosing a theme
    14. 14. Header Images: This is the most prominent part of any website, so using your own images, immediately gives it a personal touch. From the Appearance -> Header section it’s so easy to just upload an image and then crop it to the right dimensions.
    15. 15. Quick post Configure, view, then publish Image from Mike Doherty Poetry soft red shoe
    16. 16. Curate content Curate content But do link to where it But do link to where it came from came from But think before you borrow But think before you borrow
    17. 17. LINKING LINKING Connect to ensure Connect to ensure you are read you are read Share out Share out your your content content Keyword Keyword rich rich
    18. 18. Think about Think about when people when people share your share your content content
    19. 19. Connect to fellow Connect to fellow bloggers with a bloggers with a blog roll blog roll
    20. 20. Damned lies and Damned lies and Statistics…… Statistics……
    21. 21. Zzzz…. Zzzz…. That ‘s a lot to do!! That ‘s a lot to do!!
    22. 22. Whatever Whatever happens…… happens…… Make sure you Make sure you have fun! have fun!
    23. 23.