Risk management & compliance with xyea october 2012


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Risk management & compliance with xyea october 2012

  1. 1. Comply with Standards &Minimise Risk using Xyea Pat Reidy, CEO
  2. 2. Solution Components – 5 Modules with ManagementSummary
  3. 3. The Management Dashboard – a Key Element of theSystem CONFIDENTIAL
  4. 4. Management Information – Summarised outputs from Xyea• Inform yourselves, your Board, your staff, your clients & potential clients, funders, standards bodies/inspectors, insurers, other stakeholders…..
  5. 5. Your Organisation & Unit/Division/Dept Structure built-in Organisation Structure• Organisation Structure built-in• Unit/Location Structure included• Individualised User access• Use only what is required• Managers see their staffs activity• Centralised monitoring• Selective drill-down• Extensive search/query/reporting• Customise any form
  6. 6. Quality Improvement Process – An Example
  7. 7. Xyea as an Open Platform supporting the Business
  8. 8. What we do for our clients:Provide a software and services solution that: Delivers know-how and tools to manage risk Implements continuous improvement Devolves responsibility for quality and risk to appropriate level in the organisation Provides complete oversight to Management and HQ Staff – regardless of location, unit/plan, department, level, role, etc. Ensures closure on improvement actions Prepares you to deal with clients/client groups, partners, insurance companies, inspectors, investors – when issues arise Eliminates the many small systems & local databases that take time to update and maintain Implements self-assessment & audit across the organisation consistently Ensures governance at all levels and integration with risk management at the organisational level.
  9. 9. What difference do we make• Reduce insurance cost, having identified and dealt with key risk areas• Reduce cost per unit of service or product, as a result of continuous improvement effort and use of key performance data to drive change*• Gain competitive advantage, as a result of the quality, standards and improvement efforts• Build the reputation of the organisation, by minimising incidents and relentlessly pursuing quality improvement• Implement best practice and continuously assess processes for automation & waste elimination by using our experience across sectors• Re-engineer processes and help with the change management effort (people/process/ systems) as part of the total offering.• Visibility - of overall compliance/risk levels for senior management• Accountability – to the individual unit and staff level• Have a total focus on the outcome, i.e., corrective actions must be completed and the impact measured.• Allow client to gain improvements steadily by starting small and building incrementally.*Management action is key to bringing about change.
  10. 10. What’s the Value to You• Reduce the Risk of something unforeseen happening• Compliance can become part of operational practice• Present better internal controls management to risk assessors & insurers• Dept Heads focus efforts on getting improvement and safer/better service more efficiently (less on local sys creation mgt, maintenance & data analysis)• More substantial and effective backup in the event of an investigation• Visibility - of overall compliance/risk levels for senior management• Accountability – to the individual unit and staff level• Management control – 1 single centrally managed system• Significant cost savings (mgt & staff time, insurance & legal claims, 1 system…)• Protect your reputation• Monitor customer service• Keep a close eye on the error rate and emerging issues• Ongoing monitoring of weak areas• Audit-Self-assessment scheduling & planning (+ one-off audits as needed).
  11. 11. Implementation OptionsXyea offers 2 options for implementing the system:• Internal Implementation – Xyea can install internally on your site on your own internal server (its runs on SQL server and reports are provided in Microsoft Excel)• Cloud-based implementation – Xyea hosts the system on a secure server and the client pays for the software as a service, i.e., pay only for what you need as and when you need it.
  12. 12. Training, Support & Other ServicesXyea provides a range of services:• Practical advice & expertise in doing audits/self-assessment, managing incidents, risk assessments & ratings, improving internal controls, getting follow-up actions closed• Training services for staff, expert users, quality/risk/auditors and management• Process analysis, mapping, change management, KPI design & implementation (See Example in next slide)• Policies & procedures, documentation & records management and help files• Customisation, integration and add-ons• Local system administration and maintenance/editing including updates to standards.
  13. 13. Process Mapping (Sample for Chart tracking) CONFIDENTIAL 15
  14. 14. Xyea system development – based on Best PracticeInternal Control• A risk based approach to internal control is advocated by: – Committee of Sponsoring Organizations Enterprise Risk Management standard. (COSO ERM) – A Risk Management Standard by the Federation of European Risk Management Association (FERMA). – ISO 31000 Risk Management – Guidelines on principles and implementation of risk management. – AS/NZS 4360 Australia/New Zealand Risk Management. – International Internal Auditors Association. The design of the Xyea system was based on assessment of above standards. Xyea concentrates on helping to apply these principles and standards in a practical way to the most acute challenges in the Intellectual Disability Sector and other care settings.
  15. 15. Why work with Xyea• World-class, modern design software supporting international standards• Our business is solution-based, i.e., delivering software, training and ongoing support services to address clients’ ongoing needs• We will work with you to understand your needs and ‘roll up the sleeves’ to implement a customised system that works• Local Irish company managed by local promoters with plans to grow internationally• Good track record with current clients with multi-sector experience including in home and international markets• Xyea owns its own software and all rights associated with it• Software is easy-to-use, modular & customisable, facilitates starting small & scaling up to support substantial organisations• Xyea core strategy is to support Irish-based organisations in care/ healthcare and in the engineering and lifesciences industries.
  16. 16. Further InformationContact: Pat Reidy +353-86-8130066 patr@xyea.com